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replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Keeping Privacy in Mind While Shopping for Replacement Windows

When choosing replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ most homeowners tend to want larger installations. These will provide more natural light and ventilation, really opening up the home to make it feel more contemporary, spacious, and welcoming. And with the new energy saving technologies on modern windows, the larger styles will still block unwanted heat gains and harmful UV rays to reduce energy costs. But what most homeowners forget to consider is maintaining the right levels of privacy for different parts of the home. Here are some tips that allow homes to still get plenty of light and ventilation from larger windows while maintaining privacy:

Window Treatments

The simplest solutions for privacy and light control are usually window treatments. The most common options include curtains, drapes, blinds, shades, and window shutters. Each one of these windows treatments will provide some degree of privacy depending on the thickness and opacity of the material. Homeowners can also choose to cover just the lower portion of a window. That will allow plenty of light to filter through the top while maintaining privacy for portions of the room that are on eye level. But unfortunately, window treatments can also be cumbersome to operate, difficult to clean and maintain and detract from the interior design of the space. And it isn’t always easy to add treatments to certain window styles, like bay and bow windows.

Glass Features

Most glazing on windows is clear and transparent. This is what allows homeowners to get a view of the outside and capitalize on natural light filtering inside. But that isn’t always ideal for rooms that require a higher level of privacy. Bathrooms are often the most difficult. It is nice to have plenty of light and ventilation, but privacy is a top concern. Unfortunately, the humidity and moisture of this space could damage most window treatments. Glass features are a way to get the best of both worlds. Etched or decorative glass means homeowners can still get large window installations with plenty of natural light while obstructing the view from outside. Manufacturers often provide different types of etched or decorative glass so homeowners can find a style that compliments the aesthetics of their home.


Dark or reflective tints are another way to add privacy and security to the home. Manufacturers can add special laminate or metallic coatings to different surfaces of the windows to reflect visible light and keep people from seeing inside the home. But the leading drawback of these window technologies is they also tend to block much of the natural light. So while they might be a good option in private bedrooms or media rooms, window tints may not be ideal for other parts of the home where natural light is more of a necessity.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Between Pane Treatments

Glazing technology has come a long way. Most windows feature two or three panes of glass sealed together as a single unit. And between the panes of different technologies like special coatings or inert gas. But homeowners can also choose to get operable window treatments like shades or blinds installed between the panes for ultimate privacy and design.

If you live in a busy area, and privacy is important to you, make sure you mention that during your consultation for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. The design professionals will be able to help you to find the right products to balance the need for natural light and ventilation with privacy and security.