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Is Now the Best Time For New Phoenix, AZ Windows?

Timing your window installation is just as important as choosing the right windows. But is right now the best time for new Phoenix, AZ windows? If you are thinking about getting replacement windows, here are the factors to consider so you can time your window installation perfectly.

Spring Window Installation

Spring is the “Goldilocks” season for many reasons. It isn’t too hot. It isn’t too cold. Oftentimes the temperatures and weather are just right for window installation. And so many homeowners plan their home improvements for the spring. But that comes with some drawbacks. Because it is such a popular time for new windows, it can be nearly impossible to schedule convenient window installation. The dates fill up quickly and you will be stuck with whatever day and time you can get. It also means the manufacturing and delivery of any customized products will take longer to arrive.

Summer Window Installation

There is nothing like late summer in Arizona. And while it might be easier to get leave from work, not many homeowners choose to get new windows during this season of the year. It is simply too hot and they don’t want to endure prolonged exposure to the heat during window installation. The extreme heat can also make the caulk less effective, and the seals on the windows might not last nearly as long as those installed during other times of the year. So of all the seasons, we would say summer installation can work out if it is necessary, but it is probably the least effective for new window installation.

Fall Window Installation

Fall is another more moderate time of year when it is good for window installation. Temperatures and weather return to a more mild, more predictable pattern. And a lot of homeowners want to renew the efficiency of their home before the colder months of winter. The milder temperatures are perfect for caulk adhesion, and because it is not the most popular time of year for new windows, it is a little easier to get on the schedule for installation.

Winter Window Installation

While most other areas of the nation have a dramatic drop in temperature come winter, it is the season most Arizonans wait for all year long. This time of year often features the most beautiful weather. And because it is the end of the fiscal year, a lot of brands and products drop prices to get rid of any stock. So this makes winter another great time for window installation. And it is even easier to get your products delivered and get your installation on the schedule.

In all honesty, professional window companies can install new windows any time of year. They come prepared with tarps and sheeting to help keep the elements out. And they work quickly enough so the home is only exposed to the elements for as short a time as possible. But some seasons are certainly better than others. To figure out the best timing for your home improvement project, contact our professionals today. And we can help you find the best time for new Phoenix, AZ windows.