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An Introduction to Patio Doors

Selecting the right patio doors has a significant impact not only on the exterior, but the interior of your home. While patio doors of the past came laden with concerns like heating and cooling loss, security and leakage, today’s patio doors are a new and improved product. If you have been considering adding patio doors to your home, consider these helpful tips to select the patio doors that will be the best fit for you.

First, determine what you want from your patio doors. Consider the available space that surrounds the door. Is there an abundance of room? If so, you have a wide range of options. If you are running short on space, however, it’s best to get patio doors with a single swinging door, or even sliding doors, which take up practically no room at all.

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Patio doors with large glass panels increase the amount of natural light that enters your home, which saves on electricity costs and provides extra warmth to the atmosphere of your house.

When selecting the material for your patio doors, you should match them to the overall color scheme and style of your home, but also choose material that is durable and requires the least amount of maintenance. Wood is the popular choice among well-do-do home-owners, and provides a traditional look, but it can be costly and requires a good deal of maintenance over the long term. Patio doors made from vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass however, guarantee practically zero maintenance.

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The glass you choose for your patio doors has a direct and dramatic effect on your home’s overall energy efficiency, and choosing the right patio doors can add both style, privacy, and performance benefits to your home. The three main glass packages for patio doors are Low-E, HP and Solar Cooling. If you get patio doors that are Energy Star certified, you are guaranteed superior insulation and a savings of up to 15% on your utility bills. Low-E glass has a thin coating that allows the sunlight to pass through the glass, while at the same time reflecting the heat back, which will reduce your energy usage and protect your interior furnishings from UV damage. HP (High Performance) glass combine Low-E glass with argon gas fill and warm edge spacers, providing your patio doors with high performance insulating glass. HP patio doors are also available with SC (Solar Cooling) glass, which is excellent for providing glare reduction and the optimum indoor cooling. IGUs (Insulated Glass Units) are patio doors consisting of two-plus glass panes, which trap a layer of air or gas trapped inside. While krypton gas provides superior energy efficiency and savings, argon gas is cheaper upon initial purchase.

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