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Phoenix AZ replacement windows

Indoor/Outdoor Living with these Replacement Windows

So many homeowners are looking to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. It gives the home a fresh and airy feel. It also helps bring in daylight to make the home more welcoming with the impression of spaciousness. And expensive windows work to improve curb appeal. What are the right types of Phoenix, AZ replacement windows for indoor and outdoor living? Here are some of the popular window styles to keep in mind.

Picture Windows

Picture windows come in almost any shape and size. But if you are looking to blur the lines between the inside and the outside, then bigger windows are almost always better. They are great for showing off the views of the backyard landscape and opening up the home to more natural light. Picture windows also pair well with other window styles so you can get all the form and functionality you want. And with the right glazing technologies, you can still have expansive windows and protect the home against energy losses.

Bay or Bow Windows

These multi-panel windows are popular for good reason. Bay windows feature three windows set on a 30 or 45 degree angle. Bow windows are similar, but feature four or more windows set in a more curvilinear arrangement. Both windows really open up a panoramic view and catch light from different angles throughout the day. They also add a little extra square footage inside the home because they project beyond the exterior wall. They are perfect if you want to add a little nook with a bench seat.

Oversized Awning Windows

Awning windows are a great way to create a pass-through option for back decks or patios. So many new homes have little bars and stools set up against the outside of the house with an awning window attached to the kitchen. This makes it so easy to host parties and keep both the inside guests and outside guests in contact with one another. They are such a fun and modern addition to the home, and really can bring the outside in or the inside out.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are wildly popular. They are the perfect blending of a window and a door. They can provide plenty of light, offer up ventilation, and function as a way in and out of the home. The most popular option for sliding glass doors is two sashes with one panel that moves back and forth to open and close. But another option would be four sashes where the two middle panes slide open from the center. These are such an elegant addition to the home and are certain to make a statement.

Still not sure what kind of Phoenix, AZ replacement windows you want for your home? You can stop by our showroom and visit with one of our design experts today. They can walk you through all of our top-quality products and help you pinpoint the right options for your style and budget.