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replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Increase Safety and Security with Replacement Windows

Homeowners want their place to be safe and secure, and will often go to great lengths to make it so. Some of the most vulnerable areas are the windows. Outdated windows are a huge risk and they should be the main focus if you are looking to improve security. Here are some of the safety and security benefits of upgrading with replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ.

Robust Window Frames

The frame materials on older windows are not as robust as modern products. Today manufacturers go above and beyond to make sure window frames are strong, durable, and impact resistant. So the first thing to think about is what your new windows will be made of. Aluminum and fiberglass frames are probably the most secure. These products will not rust, rot, dent, or corrode. They are also incredibly strong and will protect your home for thirty years or more with the proper maintenance.

Secure Window Design

Certain window styles offer more security than others. Perhaps one of the most secure options is the picture window. It does not open and close and there are no vulnerable moving parts. For an intruder to get inside they would have to go straight through the glass. The next most secure options would be awning, casement, and hopper windows. The entire sash closes and locks tight against the frame. And because the locks and hinges are located inside the home, these windows are particularly difficult to pry open from the outside.

Durable Locks and Latches

Along with more secure frames and window styles, manufactures have also been able to improve the locks and latches on new windows. Locking systems feature stronger hardware designed to resist break-ins. There are also supplementary locking systems you can consider that will add another layer of protection to your windows.

Safety Glass

Another useful modern window technology is safety glass. Manufacturers have different methods for treating window glass that help improve strength and durability. Tempered glass is heated to an extreme temperature and then rapidly cooled to improve the tensile strength so windows do not shatter easily. Another option is to adhere to panes of glass to a polyvinyl interlayer. This way, if the glass does break, it will remain largely intact. Both of these advancements go a long way towards improving the safety and security of new windows.

Privacy Glass

Designer glass is another option to keep in mind. When you think about it, privacy has a lot to do with security. Most intruders want to know what is inside before they make an effort to break-in. Most homeowners use window coverings for privacy, but this can impact the amount of natural light in the home. Another option is etched glass. Most manufactures offer a range of designs from simple to ornate. You can find frosted glass that compliments your home and use it to stave off prying eyes.
replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

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