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Replacement windows are expensive and many homeowners decide to keep limping along with their old windows. They making countless repairs and patches in an effort to save money. What they don’t realize is that while replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ are an investment, they also offer many cost-saving benefits. Here are just three of the main ways new windows could save you money:

Boost Efficiency

As windows age they start to break down, often starting with the seals. And when gaps develop in the assembly windows can no longer protect the home against air and moisture leaks. Heat readily passes through and the HVAC system has to work extra hard to keep the home feeling comfortable. This can have a dramatic impact on energy bills and is one of the leading reasons why homeowners finally come around to getting replacement windows.

Replacement windows not only have tighter seals, but also other improved technologies to boost energy efficiency. A few include insulated glazing units with multiple panes of glass, spacers, inert gas fills, and special coatings. All of these combine to reduce the transfer of radiant heat. The home stays more comfortable and the air conditioning doesn’t need to work nearly as hard, which saves you money.

Improve Safety and Security

Did you know old windows can be a safety hazard in your home? Hinges that don’t open, locks that don’t latch, or windows that get stuck in the frame could prove dangerous in the event of an emergency. Some of these problems you can repair, but eventually, replacement parts will become impossible to find at a reasonable price. It is better to get replacement windows that are safe and functional than risking your safety.

Old windows are also easy targets for burglars. They are not as strong, durable, or secure as new windows. Instead, they break or bust open easily and intruders can get in without any fuss or notice. New windows have impact resistant frames and glass. This does not make them impossible to break in through, but it does make the job much more difficult.

Increase Home Value

Last, but not least, replacement windows help your home present better. This is important if you are looking to sell your property in the next couple of years. New windows boost curb appeal and will help catch the eye of potential buyers.

Replacement windows also increase your home value. In fact, getting replacement windows is one home improvement project that can bring you a great return on your investment. You can get back as much as 70 or 80 percent.

While it is true getting new windows is an investment, but it is one worth making. For more information or to get a quote on replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ contact Freelite, Inc. Our experts want to help you find quality products at a fair price. For more information you can stop by 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003. Or to schedule a consultation call us at (602) 233-1981.