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How to Spot Top Quality Vinyl Windows in Phoenix, AZ

Vinyl windows in Phoenix, AZ have come leaps and bounds in the last couple of decades. No longer is the material prone to warping or becoming brittle in the sun. These all-weather windows can withstand both extreme heat and freezing cold. They do not rust, rot, or scratch. They can withstand moisture damage. And because the material is so versatile, manufacturers can manipulate vinyl into almost any window shape and style. But you have to know how to spot quality.

Frame Color
In the past vinyl window frames with a blue tint meant better insulation capabilities. The material turned blue because of certain chemicals. But manufacturers caught on and started adding just a blue tint. So don’t be fooled into thinking a bluish tint on vinyl windows means better quality. You have to pay attention to the ingredients.

The Right Compounds
Each manufacturer uses their own set of compounds to formulate the vinyl. There are certain ingredients you want to see for strong, durable windows. You should expect to see fillers, plasticizers, chemicals, and pigments. But a couple of key compounds include organic tin and titanium dioxide. A lack of these ingredients can compromise the durability and cause the color of vinyl windows to fade or yellow over time.

Thicker Material
If you look at a cross section of a vinyl window frame you should take note of a couple things. The first is checking the thickness of the vinyl material. Thicker materials mean more strength and durability. Vinyl windows built with thicker frames are more likely to retain their shape for years to come.

Multiple Interlocking Chambers
It might surprise you, but the inside of a vinyl window frame is hollow. Installers will fill the spaces with foam insulation for higher energy savings. So while looking at the cross section another thing to check is the number of interlocking chambers. There should be varying sizes, and more chambers means more strength, better insulation, and higher quality.

Quality Assembly
Manufacturers assemble windows in two common ways: brackets and screws or welding. The problem with mechanically fastened window frames is the weak seams. If the window is twisted or dropped in transit it can break the caulked seams and the window will leak. With welded seams manufactures heat the vinyl and bond the seams together. This means it one solid piece of material that is less likely to break and leak.

Premium Energy Ratings
Another way to compare Phoenix, AZ vinyl windows is checking the NFRC energy labels. These ratings give you a direct comparison of products and better energy ratings mean better windows.

Cost doesn’t always determine quality, but when it comes to vinyl windows you should expect to pay a little more for quality products. Phoenix, AZ vinyl windows are one of the most economical and popular choices. Call Freelite today at (602) 233-1981 or stop by 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003 to get a free quote and consultation.