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How to Ensure Replacement Windows Retain their Allure

Windows play an important role in the home. They let in light, provide ventilation, offer protection, and help insulate against the elements. This is why cheap or aging windows can have such a dramatic impact on your daily routines. That said, replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ are a big investment. You don’t want them to wear out too quickly. And the only way to make sure they retain their allure is with regular and effective maintenance. Here are a few tips and steps to follow that will keep replacement windows looking new for years to come:

1. Cleaning

Dirt is the leading enemy for home windows. Dirt collects on window tracks and window sills, and it leeches into the cracks and crevices where it can cause damage. With sliding windows, it is especially important to make sure the tracks don’t contain any grime, dead bugs, cobwebs, or debris that make the windows difficult to open. Clean windows at least once a month with a vacuum, dust cloth, or soft bristle brush. It is also important to clean the frame and the glass. Avoid using abrasive tools or harsh chemicals that can dissolve or damage the finish. A mild detergent, water, and soft cloths will be sufficient.

2. Drainage

The weeping system on new windows is aptly named. It is what allows moisture to escape through weep holes instead of gathering and collecting on the tracks or inside the frame. But it is important to check the weep holes every few months to make sure there are no obstructions.

3. Weather Stripping

Without sufficient weather stripping the windows cannot properly insulate your home. It could make certain rooms uncomfortable and drive up heating and cooling costs. So during routine cleaning and inspection, double check the weather stripping. And if necessary, purchase some supplies from the hardware store or hire a professional to reinstall the weather stripping on your windows.

4. Hardware

Another important step is inspecting and cleaning the hardware and accessories on replacement windows. The sash locks and operators are what make your windows easy to use, but also provide security and protection against break-ins from the outside. It is vital to replace these components at the first signs of damage.

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5. Condensation

Condensation is normal on replacement windows. This is because windows that used to breathe because of leaks and damage are now airtight. After a couple of months, the climate of the home should regulate and condensation will only occur on occasion. However, if condensation is still a persistent problem after a couple of months you will need to take action to decrease the humidity inside your home. Otherwise, the heavy moisture in the air can start to cause damage and increase health risks.

By following these guidelines, your replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ will continue to provide peak performance and make your property as attractive as ever. For more information about regular window maintenance or to get a quote on new windows contact the experts at Freelite Inc.