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How Long Will Builder-Grade Windows Last?

When investing in a brand new home you would expect all the materials and products to be the highest quality. But that doesn’t always happen. In fact, most builders get good deals on using certain brands and products. And to save money, they install some products that are not always top quality. This may be the case with builder-grade or new-construction windows. While they may look like any other window, these installations are usually lower quality. As a result, problems can start to show up early. So if you are wondering if you already need replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ here are the things to know about new-construction windows:

What are Builder-Grade Windows?

Some builders do allow clients to upgrade windows, but the cost of customization can be so exorbitant most homeowners won’t choose the option. Instead, they stick with builder-grade windows without really understanding what they are committing to.

Most manufacturers provide products in three tiers: high-end, mid-grade, and builder-grade windows. New-construction windows are usually a stripped-down version of the mid-grade windows. Often these windows are not made from the same quality material and do not have the same features and upgrades as higher level products. Builder-grade windows also come in standard styles and sizes so builders can save money.

In addition to the lower quality, builder-grade windows are often installed by the framer instead of a window-specific professional. This is another way builders try to maximize profits. Unfortunately, the result may be windows that are not properly leveled, squared, sealed, and insulated. For these reasons, builder grade windows do not have the same life expectancy as other products. They tend to develop leaks and drafts early and before you know it you need replacement windows.

How Long Do These Windows Last?

There are a lot of factors to consider when determining the longevity of a window. You have to consider installation, climate, quality, maintenance, and use. That said, most builder-grade windows last anywhere from five to 15 years. That might sound fine, but higher quality products will last up to 30 years or more. Also, when builder-grade windows fail they may not be covered under the warranty and as a homeowner you are required to shell out the money for replacements.

When is it Time for Replacement Windows?

In a few short years, you might start to notice your builder-grade windows beginning to fail. Signs include difficult operation, condensation between the panes, broken hinges or latches, and energy losses. Any one of these issues could indicate it is time to start thinking about replacement windows.

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