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How Do Replacement Windows Improve Home Security?


Homeowners replace windows to improve energy efficiency, aesthetics, or boost the value of their home. They often forget replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ can also improve safety and security. Old windows can make your home vulnerable if they don’t fit properly, don’t open and close, and become damaged. Signs of this increased risk often include broken glass, corroded metal, rotted wood, or other damage. These signs can make you a target for an intruder. But replacement windows can help reduce the risk and improve the security of your home. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Secure Window Designs

Different window designs offer varying levels of security. The most secure are often picture windows because they don’t open and close. Intruders would need to shatter the glass to get in, and that is often the last resort because it is a major disturbance. The next best option for security is often casement windows. These pull closed against the frame and latch in place. Because all the locks and handles are inside they are virtually impossible to force open.

Reinforced Frames

Modern windows are also made from stronger and more durable materials. Wood and vinyl windows hold up well enough, but if you are looking for the most security you should consider impact resistant materials like fiberglass and aluminum.

Glazing Technologies

As you might have guessed, the glass is often the most vulnerable part of the window. Untreated glass shatters into large, dangerous pieces with very little effort. But the glass on modern windows is different. Impact resistant glass has a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer fused between two panes. So when the glass breaks it adheres to the membrane and remains in place. And most windows feature two or three panes of glass, which is a major deterrent for intruders.

Privacy Options

Another thing you can do with new windows is to keep unwanted eyes from peering inside. There are special coatings that can tint the glass or reflect visibility. Or homeowners can choose decorative etching on the glass to completely obscure the view inside. Privacy glass is especially useful for bedroom and bathroom windows where you want natural light, but don’t necessarily need a view of the outdoors.

Stronger Hardware

Not only is the hardware on existing windows stronger and more functional, but you can also invest in supplementary locking systems. These can deter or delay unwanted guests from trying to break in. But the type of locking system you can use depends on the window design. For example, you can add a device like a door-bolt to casement windows or a locking pin to single or double hung windows. Just be sure you get supplementary locks from the same manufacturer so they will be compatible with your new windows.

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