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Home Style Considerations for New Windows and Doors

New windows and doors certainly contribute to the functionality and practicality of your home. These exterior elements connect you to the outdoors. You can bask in the warmth of warm Mesa, AZ breezes and extend your kitchen space through elegant patio doors. They also protect your home against unwanted pests, intruders, and weather elements. Yes, doors and windows are useful, but also largely dictate the style of your home. Don’t make the mistake of fitting the wrong windows and doors in your style of home.


This type of home is a mixture of several classical and simple architectural styles. These include Colonial, Georgian, and Cape Cod. Constructed often of brick and stone, these homes have a classic appeal. Usually they have front facing gables and symmetrically placed windows. For your traditional style home you should consider multi-paned windows. You want either single or double-hung, with shutters. You might also add the grids to accentuate the geometry. For your patio continue that symmetry with classic French swinging or sliding doors. And a timeless entryway door is usually made of wood or treated to look like wood.

Spanish and Mediterranean

These are a common mix of styles influenced by the region of Spain, France, and Italy. Often they blend unobtrusive colors, vast balconies, stucco finishes, and flat clay tile or terra cotta roofs. Older homes in this style have large doors and small windows topped with arches. The curves compliment the other lines and patterns of the home. You will want window walls, arched windows, and maybe even wrought-iron grills to take it all the way. Again, to keep the look traditional, you should consider French style doors. They will maintain the design and provide sturdy functionality. As for the grand entry, think about the dark colors and richness of Old World elegance. Double doors with high arching windows made of wrought-iron or wood will best suit this style of home.

Ranch or Split-Level

These types of homes, built to accommodate larger families, became most popular after World War II. These types of homes often come with two stories, a basement, and large patios. The most popular choices are large windows and sliding glass doors. The large areas of glass open the expansive views and let in the most amazing natural light. Grids, if you use them at all, should be simple to lend to a more contemporary look.


Speaking of the here and now, these homes get classified by more asymmetrical design and clean lines. Unlike boxy modern styles, contemporary homes often have multilevel roof-lines and a neutral exterior colors. The interiors of these homes of often bathed in sunlight. So think skylights as well as fixed, sliding windows, or casement windows. These unembellished window choices in simple geometric shapes will make great focal points in every room. Entryways should also be unadorned, and instead remain chic and sleek. Consider a simple wood or fiberglass door in a warm tone to keep it from feeling to sterile or cold.

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