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Home Improvements to Make With Your Tax Return

If you are not an accountant or CPA, then you probably do not look forward to tax season. But a tax return is something to look forward to because it can help you finally afford some of those home improvements you have been itching to tackle. While it probably isn’t enough to fund a major renovation, there are still plenty of upgrades you can do that will have huge impact. To help boost the mood, here are a few smaller home projects you can do with your tax return.

  1. Replacing Your Entry or Patio Doors

This small home improvement can go a long way towards boosting the curb appeal of your home and improving energy efficiency. There are several styles and materials to choose from that will accent your home’s architectural style and accentuate the beauty of your entryway. Even if you just re-paint your door and install new weather stripping, it would be money well spent.

  1. Organization

Because tax refunds usually come in April, you can easily tie your improvement project in with spring cleaning. Use some of the money to invest in home storage. Shelves, bins, baskets—you can mix and match or choose more uniform solutions. You can use them to organize the garage, the office, or the linen closet.  It is a good way to pare down the non-essentials and start the season off right.

  1. Lighting

Most homes come with a standard set of options for lighting and none of it is that attractive. You know exactly which light fixtures we are talking about. One fun way to use your tax return is to upgrade the lighting in your major living spaces. Not only can you make lights more purposeful, but you can aesthetically dress up your home to better suit your unique tastes. And if you upgrade to LED lights, you can even save on energy expenses.

  1. Flooring

Have you been wanting to replace your flooring for a while? This is one of those projects many homeowners want, but few ever get around to. Instead, they wait to upgrade until they absolutely have to or are getting ready to sell their home. Well, if you have a decent tax return, you can think about this upgrade. There are a lot of quality products on the market and all kinds of materials. Best of all, if you are looking to sell, you can get a return up to two times the cost, making it a worthy investment.

  1. Replacement Windows

Drafty, old, leaky windows can really compromise your home’s value—not to mention all the money you lose due to leaks and heat transfer. When you get replacement windows, you can enjoy lower energy bills, more sunlight, less noise pollution, and better security. And with most homeowners getting up to a 75% return on their investment, this improvement will boost the value of your home.

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