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Help Prevent Break-Ins with Replacement Windows

Choosing replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ takes a lot of thought. There are so many things to consider like style, color, material, and glazing technologies. Narrowing down the options can be a bit of a challenge. But have you taken the time to consider your home security? Windows are one of the most vulnerable parts of your home and burglars know what to look for. If you have old windows with broken latches, cracks, or warped frames they might be an easy target. Here are some of the ways replacement windows can improve the security of your home:

Frame Material

Stronger frame materials make for stronger, more break-in resistant windows. The leading frame materials for strength and durability are aluminum and fiberglass. Both of these materials hold up well against impacts and will not warp, rot, fade, or degrade due to exposure from the elements.

Window Style

Different window styles perform better for home security. Picture windows do not open and close, making them perhaps the most secure option. But casement windows are also a great option. These feature locks and latches inside the home and are almost impossible to pry open from the outside when closed and locked. Awning and hopper windows feature similar designs. Other good options for security include sliding, single hung, and double hung windows. These are classic styles that feature indoor locks for safety.

Number of Panes

First, the number of panes will contribute to the level of security. Most intruders want to break in without making a sound. Breaking a window with multiple panes of glass generates quite a bit of noise. Two panes are the standard and will help deter robbers. Three panes of glass will be even more difficult to break silently.

Glazing Options

Laminated or safety glass helps prevent a window from breaking into large, dangerous shards. Impact resistant glass has an interlayer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) that the glass adheres to, keeping it largely intact even when broken. Both of these technologies improve the strength of windows and make the more difficult to break into. You should also consider privacy glass. Most burglars like a target they can see in. Patterned or etched glass will give you more privacy and help to dissuade most intruders from breaking inside.

Locking Systems

You can also boost the locking systems on your windows. You can add hooks, bolts, locking pins, or any other variety of products to your windows to make them even more secure. Hopefully, the supplementary locks would delay or deter intruders.

The time to think about your home security is now, especially if you want replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. Contact Freelite Inc. to talk about boosting your home security with new windows. One of our experts can walk you through the pros and cons of all our window options and help you find the right products to keep your home safe. For more information you can stop by 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003. Or to set up a consultation contact us at (602) 233-1981.