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replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Glazing Options on New Replacement Windows

When it comes to getting replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ choosing the right options for the glass is just as important as choosing the right window style and frame material. The glass is what provides the majority of the insulation on your windows. It also contributes to protection, safety, noise resistance, and natural light. So before making a final decision on new windows, these are the glazing options to keep in mind:

Number of Panes

Single pane windows are an option of the past. They were fragile, inefficient, and didn’t do much to protect the home. That is why the standard for modern windows is two panes of glass sealed together to make up a single insulated glazing unit (IGU). These provide better strength, insulation, and protection. But manufacturers don’t stop there. Homeowners can also choose replacement windows with three or even four panes of glass. More glass often means more insulation and protection, but it comes at a cost. Finding the right number of panes largely depends on the local climate.

Types of Safety Glass

Another thing to keep in mind when shopping for replacement windows is the safety glass. Modern windows can have tempered glass, laminated glass, or impact resistant glass. Tempered glass is cut to size, heated, and rapidly cooled to improve tensile strength. It is more difficult to break, and if it does shatter it breaks into small, less harmful pieces of glass. Laminated glass is two sheets of glass bonded to a thin layer of vinyl that holds the glass together and in place. Impact resistant glass often combines these two technologies for a safe, resistant glass designed to resist impact from blunt force.

Inert Gas Fills

IGUs are more than just glass. Between the glass manufacturers use inert gas to improve insulation. The most common gasses in use today include argon, krypton, and xenon. Argon is the most common and most readily available. It has good energy performance on windows with larger gaps between the panes. Krypton glass is not as available and has a bit more density. It has better energy performance in thinner spaces, like those on triple-paned windows, but it is more expensive.

Tinted Glass

Colored window tints are one way to reduce the transmittance of visible light and help reduce some solar heat gains. Most often tints come in blue, grey, green, or bronze. While some tints can block as much as 45% of solar radiation, these are still not as efficient as Low-E coatings.

Reflective Low-E Coatings

Low-E coatings are especially valuable in warmer climates. Low-E glazing has an ultra-thin metallic coating applied to certain surfaces of the window panes. These help block unwanted heat transfer to help improve insulation and reduce energy expenses.

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