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replacement windows Phoenix, AZ

Get Your Home Ready for New Windows

You have made the decision to invest in replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. You have purchased your products and they are on the way from the manufacturer. Now it is installation day! What should you do? Here are a few steps you can follow to prepare your home for window installation and help the project run smoothly.

Deactivate Your Alarms

This is an important step a lot of homeowners forget. But the first thing you want to do is call your security provider and deactivate any alarm systems you have. You can call to have them reactivated when the project is complete.

Trim the Landscaping Where Needed

Take a look around the exterior of your windows. Do you have any plants, bushes, or branches that could get in the way? You don’t want your landscaping to get completely trampled. So take the time to trim the hedges and perhaps transplant any of your prized petunias during the installation.

Plan a Workspace

The crew is going to need an area to set up shop. This often means a place for their tools and access to an electrical outlet. The driveway is usually a great area. But you may want to make room in the garage if there is a chance of rain.

Clear the Way for Installers

Remove anything around the windows to help give the installation crew easy access. This includes furniture, rugs, plants, and any other items in close proximity to the work areas. You also want to clear a path around your home. Make sure all cords, rugs, and furniture are out of the way so there is nothing to trip over.

Remove Window Coverings and Wall Decorations

Part of clearing the workspace should include removing all window coverings and wall décor. If you plan to reuse your window treatments, store them in a clean area out of the way. You also want to take down anything fragile that is in proximity to the windows. During window removal, you don’t want anything accidentally falling off the wall and breaking.

Decide What to Cover with Drop Cloths

Discuss this aspect of the job with your window contractor. The window installation team will likely plan to bring some drop cloths to use in the immediate workspace. But if you have other furniture or areas you want to cover, go ahead and put those down. It will help limit the dust on your furniture items and make clean-up go that much faster once the project is done.

Keep Children and Pets Away

Make a plan for your children and your pets so they are not underfoot during installation. This is for the safety of both the crew and your loved ones.

replacement windows Phoenix AZ

Have any questions? Talk to your window contractor about the replacement process and all that it entails. Prior to installation, you might want to plan a walkthrough to discuss preparations and ask for some suggestions. Then you will be completely ready for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ.