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How to Get an Accurate Quote for Windows and Doors

Replacement windows and doors are an investment. And unfortunately, getting a quote for these home improvement projects can be confusing. You will get prices all over the map once you start doing research. There are so many factors that go into the cost—like products, material, special features, and installation. How can you possibly get an accurate quote? The best advice is to go in prepared. Here is some information to have on hand:

1. Your Home Style

You want your new windows and doors to compliment your home. So do you have a Southwest, Ranch, or Mediterranean style home? Or a more classic Spanish Colonial or Tuscan architecture? These styles should dictate, at least in part, the types of widows you choose. You can pick geometric shapes, projection windows, or add arches.

2. Your Choice in Materials

Vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum windows all come with their own set of pros and cons. Read over the descriptions and get a good idea of which material will suit your needs and style. Vinyl is an affordable, malleable, and thermal resistant. However, it usually comes in stock colors you will have to match. Fiberglass is the best thermal insulator, is stronger, and can hold large panes of glass. It is usually the most expensive material for both windows and doors. Aluminum is a standard for strength and simplicity. Unfortunately, as a metal alloy, it doesn’t have a high thermal resistance.

3. Must Have Energy Savings

One important feature that impacts the price on new windows and doors is energy savings. This is especially important in Phoenix, AZ where you want to keep your home cool and comfortable. When investing in replacement windows and doors, consider the options you have that will keep you comfortable and lower your energy expenses. For windows, you want at least double pane glass with either krypton or argon fillers between the panes. You will also want to consider special coatings that cut down on heat transfer and harmful ultra violet rays. All of that will add to the price of your quote, but will be well worth it when you start cutting costs on your energy bills.

4. Esthetic Features

Along with general style and material, there are also some aesthetic options you can choose for your new windows and doors. Would you like mullions (gridlines), special hardware, stained or patterned glass? These are all things to consider that can impact the price of your new installations.

5. Precise Measurements

Window and door replacement is both an art and a science. The measurements for your new windows must be exact. Not only will this help you get an accurate quote, but it will also make installation smooth and problem free.

How can you get the most accurate price quote for new windows and doors in Phoenix, AZ? By requesting a free, in-home consultation with one of our Freelite experts. We will come out, look at your home, take measurements, and provide you with fair pricing for our outstanding products.

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