We are OPEN for business! Call today to schedule a consultation!
We are OPEN for business! Call today to schedule a consultation! Call For A Free In-Home Consultation (602) 233-1981

FREE From Pressure.
FREE From Hassles.
FREE From Regrets.
Welcome To The "EASY & FREE" Way To Buy Windows, Doors, & Skylights in Phoenix, AZ

Let’s face it; the home improvement industry doesn’t have the most sterling reputation. In fact, according to BBB statistics, it’s the #1 most complained-about industry—period. We’ve built Freelite Inc from the ground up to be a customer-centric company: We got rid of all the things that aggravate customers and added all the things you want and like:

FREE From Sales Pressure

Nobody wants to feel pressured into buying anything—especially a significant investment like windows, doors, or skylights! That’s why we NEVER use any kind of high pressure techniques whatsoever. We DO NOT send our sales people to “sales bootcamps” where they learn various “closing techniques” and arm twisting maneuvers. We’ll give you a firm, fair price—and an option to get a discount for cash payments (instead of financing) and then let YOU decide what to do. Totally, completely FREE FROM PRESSURE.

FREE From Lengthy Sales Pitches

Believe it or not, many window salesmen will sit in your home for 2 or 3 HOURS trying to get you to buy their products (within the industry this is called “dropping anchor). Our appointments usually last less than ONE hour, which includes a simple needs analysis, a discussion of options, product demonstration, measuring and questions. We LEAVE OUT all the crazy antics (heat lamps, jumping on windows, etc.), boring technical talk, ridiculous price drops to get you to “buy now”. In a word, our presentations are EASY.

FREE From Hassles

We make buying our products EASY—everything from scheduling appointments (at YOUR convenience) to having a strict “Punctuality” commitment, to helping you arrange financing if you need it. Think of us as a concierge: whatever information, instructions, education, arrangements you need, we’re here to help. After all, YOU are the customer, and you’re spending YOUR money. Don’t you want to be treated in a respectful, hassle-free way? It’s what you DESERVE.

FREE From Regrets

All MILGARD products come with a lifetime warranty, and Freelite Inc provides a 3-year labor warranty. This means that you can rest assured that your investment will last “as long as the building is still standing” without having to worry. You can also be sure that the price we quote you for a job is the price you’ll actually pay—no surprises later on when the final bill gets there. Never having to second guess your purchase is just one more way doing business with Freelite Inc is FREE & EASY.

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