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Five Things to Ease your Mind When Buying New Windows

With the hottest time of the year rapidly approaching, it is common for homeowners to start wondering how to keep their homes cooler without jacking up the energy bills. Replacing windows with more energy efficient products is usually top of the list, but a lot of people hesitate to take this step because it is an expensive and often complicated solution—not to mention all the stress. Windows are pricey and there is a lot to consider. Don’t worry! The professionals of Freelite can help. Here are just a few things to keep in mind that will ease your mind about getting replacement windows:

1. Old Windows Will Wear Out
Windows do not last forever and older windows have about a 20 year lifespan, even less in more extreme climates. The heat in Phoenix, AZ is especially damaging and can cause any number of problems for your windows. If you live in an older home, you might want to start paying close attention. Your windows will give you signs that it is time for replacement. A few signals include air leaks, higher energy bills, and difficult operation. You might also notice warped or damaged frames, worn out screens, or broken seals. These are clear indicators that your windows are on their last leg and you can feel confident in your decision to upgrade. And best of all, new windows have an even longer lifespan.

2. New Windows Offer Energy Savings
A lot of window companies claim that new windows will pay for themselves. What they don’t tell you is how long this will actually take. The truth is replacement windows are an investment, and you can only get a return on your investment if you know what to look for. Energy efficiency is key. In Phoenix, AZ new windows should have insulating frames, double-glazing, and low-e coatings if you want the best energy savings. The return you get on these windows in our desert climate will be greater than most other areas across the nation.

3. You Get Several Other Benefits
It isn’t just about energy savings either. With replacement windows you can also upgrade aesthetics with sleek, modern window styles. You can improve safety and security with laminated glass. You can enjoy a quieter home with the reduction of unwanted outside noise. If you are looking to sell your home, you can get the added advantage of boosting curb appeal and increasing the value of your home. Replacement windows are one of the best investments you can make if you are looking to get a return.

4. You Have Options
When it comes to choosing replacement windows you never have to settle for less. By working with a professional design consultant you can find products that suit your needs, style, and budget. From frame material to window style we can walk you through the process and help you make a choice you can feel confident in.

5. Professional Installation Guaranteed
Last, but not least, when you work with Freelite professionals to purchase and install new windows Phoenix, you can rest assured you get the best service techniques on the market. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you do have premature window failure, the warranty covers both products and installation.

Don’t make window replacement more complicated than it has to be. Call Freelite today at (602) 233-1981 to schedule a consultation. We can come to you, or you can stop by 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003.