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replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Finding Replacement Windows that are Child-Safe

Windows do more than provide light and ventilation. They are also an important feature when it comes to safety and security. Few people realize just how dangerous a window can be until the unthinkable happens. Windows are especially dangerous for young children. And when choosing replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ for a child’s room or playroom it is important to keep safety in mind. Here are a few ways the style, placement, and glazing options you choose will make windows child-safe.

1. Window Style and Size

Egress windows in bedrooms have to be able to act as an escape route in case of emergency. This means these windows have to meet certain height, width, and placement requirements to be considered up to code. Unfortunately, this can also mean these windows may be dangerous for children if you don’t take the proper precautions. Certain window styles are safer for children. The more popular options include sliding windows, casement windows, and single-hung or double-hung windows.

2. Placement

Window placement is also important. For windows in a child’s room or playroom, you want to make sure they are high enough on the wall that they are not easily accessible. This also means you should avoid putting furniture under windows that could put them in a child’s reach.

3. Locks and Latches

Most modern windows come with some type of locking system. The most common is a simple switch attached to the moving pane where you slide it one way to latch and slide it the other to open. You can get stronger and more sophisticated locking systems, which would reduce the risk of children getting the windows open without your knowledge.

4. Safe Ventilation

Ventilation is important, especially in areas where children will spend a lot of time. But even with screens, leaving a window open isn’t always safe. Double-hung windows are a good option. They allow you to leave the top portion of the window open while the bottom remains locked and secured. Another option might be windows with multi-point locking systems. This allows you to open the window just a few inches and lock it in place, so the space isn’t wide enough for a child to climb through or fall out of.

5. UV Protection

Another protection windows can offer is UV protection. Low-E windows are meant to reduce unwanted solar heat gains and keep energy bills in check. But an added bonus is these windows block the harmful UV rays from the sun.

6. Impact Resistant Glazing

Impact resistant glass isn’t just for areas that suffer from severe storms. It is also a good safety and security feature. Impact glass has a special interlayer that makes the glass stronger and less likely to break. It also helps keep the glass largely in place, even if it does crack.

7. Additional Childproofing Products

If you want to take childproofing the windows one step further, there are plenty of additional products you can find. Extra locks, grilles, grates, and stops can all help keep children safe and reduce the risk of window-related accidents.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

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