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How to Find the Best Deal on Replacement Windows

We all like a good deal, but few people know how to look for great windows at an even better price. Instead, they rely on the first window dealer they approach with the project. That simply won’t do. If you want to save money on replacement windows, here is what you need to know.

1. Look for Contractor or Builder Grade
Builders typically look for lowest cost commodities. So if saving money is your primary concern, then you should follow suit. Replacement windows labeled as “architectural grade” will likely be the most expensive options. These are customized options designed with artistry and functionality in mind. Anything designated as “contractor grade” or “builder grade” will not cost as much. Granted, it also means you get a fairly basic product. At Freelite, we routinely work with contractors and commercial builders. As such, our products meet industry standards, but at more affordable prices.

2. Avoid Extra Features
We all like having extra features. We do it with our cars, phones, computers—you name it. And when it comes to windows, there are several add-ons you can choose from. You can get things like between-glass shades, integrated grilles, custom hardware, and laminate finishes. But you can bet these added options will drive up the price. So consider which features you really need and which ones are not necessary.

3. Cheaper Materials Make for Better Deals
Wood windows are the most expensive on the market. Sure, they are beautiful and energy efficient, but they also require the most work and will be expensive to maintain. Next up is fiberglass. These will hold up for years and need little to no maintenance, but many clients can’t justify the initial cost. The cheapest window options available are usually vinyl. Now, cheaper materials don’t mean cheaply made windows. This construction grade material is still durable, long lasting, and highly energy efficient. If you do want to save money, then you have to decide if you really need wood windows, or if vinyl will suffice.

4. Avoid Custom Made Windows
We do offer some customized window shapes like curves, hexagons, and circles, but these windows can get expensive. They are beautiful and add an aesthetic piece of interest in almost any room. But custom windows are expensive. Bay and bow windows also drive up the price. To get the best deal on replacement windows, you want to stick with the standard styles like single-hung, double-hung, sliders, and casements.

5. Avoid Dealers Who Offer Just One Brand
Competition helps you find better prices. Dealers who offer one brand narrow your options and the limited competition means you end up paying more. At Freelite, we offer several lines from Milgard and Pella. They meet our strict criteria for looks, performance, and energy efficiency. They also provide windows in almost every price range. You are sure to find an excellent product to match your budget.

That said, price should never be your only measurement when purchasing replacement windows. You also need to consider energy efficiency, the best material for the climate, and the cost of maintenance. All these add up to getting you the best deal on replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. Still have questions? Contact Freelite at (602) 233-1981 or 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003.