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How to Find the Best Company for New Windows and Doors

When looking for new windows and doors, you don’t start with the products. You start by finding a reputable company. Because there are so many options and you want the job done right, this takes some serious consideration. You don’t want to find out later that your windows and doors are failing because they were not properly installed. Here are a few tips to help you find the right window and door company for the job:

1. Focus on Window and Door Professionals
A general contractor can work on your window and door project. But the service will not compare to window installers who handle replacements every day. You should focus on companies that work exclusively with windows and doors.

2. Look at Their History
You want a local company that is well established and does a lot of business in the area. As you might guess, more mature companies come with less risk. Also, locals will know the current building codes and the best materials and products for where you live.

3. Read Reviews
Go online and read some testimonials and reviews. Social media can be a valuable resource for narrowing things down. Another thing you want to do is get a list of references from the company, anywhere from five to ten names. That way you can find out if customers are happy with the installations they received. Some might even let you stop by to see the work first hand. This will be valuable information when making your decision.

4. Verifying Insurance and Licensing
You don’t just want a skilled installation team, but one that has gone through the process of acquiring an applicable business license and insurance. Get the business address, contact number, website, and tax identification number. Then you can use that information to check resources like the Better Business Bureau.

5. Know Where the Windows and Doors Come From
A lot of installation companies purchase products from a third party, instead of manufacturing windows and doors themselves. At Freelite we do our research and only sell products from companies we can stand behind.

6. Get a Detailed Bid
You want more than just pricing. The bid you receive should outline the products and materials as well as the services and labor that is included (or not included) in the price. It should also list the predicted start and finish dates for your project. The more specific the bid is, the less likely chance of a misunderstanding from either side.

7. Ask About Site Preparation and Clean Up
You want to be sure about what you are responsible for and what the company will take care of during installation. You also want to hire someone who will treat your home as if it were their own.

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