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Features of a High-Quality Patio Door

Patio doors can deliver both function and style. When you are looking for a replacement patio door in Mesa, AZ it can be hard to navigate all of the choices. At Freelite we offer French doors, entry doors, security screens, and folding and multi-sliding doors. They come in wood, vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass. There are also several colors and finishes you can choose from. We have a variety of options so you can find exactly what you are looking for, but it can get a little overwhelming. How do you know if you are picking a quality patio door? All of the brands we work with offer only the best. Here are a few things we look for specifically in patio doors:

Long Lasting Materials

You want to find patio doors that will withstand the test of time. Our products will stand up year after year without swelling, peeling, cracking, expanding, or warping. At Freelite we offer doors in vinyl, fiberglass, wood, and steel/aluminum. Each product is subjected to rigorous testing to ensure materials will hold up under even the most extreme circumstances.

Insulating Frames, Doors, and Glass

You want patio doors that will protect you and your home against the arid Mesa, AZ heat. Efficiency should be a top priority. Our products all provide optimal thermal insulation. You can choose from different types of glass and glazing. Double pane glass with an inert gas fill and Low-E coatings all combine to create an energy efficient patio door. You also want to see quality weathers stripping at all meeting stiles to eliminate air leaks.

Durable and Functional Hardware

What good is a patio door if it doesn’t function properly? You want to be sure the hinges, tracks, and handles are well built. You also want to test the operation of the door. It should move freely, with very little effort.

Safety and Security

In addition to multiple lock points, a quality patio door might also feature laminated safety glass or internal steel inserts. These help deter unwanted intruders and will keep you and your family safe.

Sturdy Screens

If you choose to add them, you want quality door screens that will allow ventilation in and keep pests out. A sturdy screen will have a rigid aluminum alloy frame. It should also have loaded suspension so the screen will not jam or derail.

Benefits of New Patio Doors

Replacement patio doors can be both functional and beautiful. They also:

•    Enhance curb appeal

•    Improve home’s functionality

•    Provide energy savings

•    Let in more natural light

•    Easy access to outdoor living space

•    Open up your view

Choose Freelite for New Patio Doors

Why should you choose Freelite over other companies in Mesa, AZ? We don’t subcontract any of our work. All of our installers and trained and certified in the manufacturers we offer. We have the skills and workmanship other companies simply cannot match.

To learn more about our patio doors Phoenix, AZ, and other products we offer, call us today at (602) 233-1981 or visit us at 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003. We would love to hear from you!