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Factors that Contribute to the Cost of Replacement Windows

One of the leading questions we get asked is “how much do replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ cost?” There is no straightforward answer until homeowners sit down with a window professional for a consultation. Why? Because there too many factors to consider that influence the bottom line on new windows. Here are just a few of the variables that determine the cost:

Window Quality

Not all windows are created equal, which accounts for such a large variation in price. New windows can cost anywhere from $175 to $1,000 or more per unit. Even within a brand, there are different design tiers like builder-grade, mid-range, and high-end windows. These are often differentiated by levels of quality, and that will contribute to the cost.

Frame Material

Frame material largely dictates the price on new windows and is one of the first things homeowners struggle with. There are so many options, and each has unique pros and cons. Vinyl windows are weather resistant, versatile, and energy efficient. They are also some of the most affordable products on the market. That said, vinyl windows have more limited style options and do not last as long as the other window materials. In contrast, fiberglass windows are strong, durable, stylish, and long lasting. Unfortunately, they are also some of the most expensive products on the market and many homeowners are not sure the cost is with it.

Window Style

Style is also a major factor when it comes to determining the cost of replacement windows. Simpler window styles in standard sizes come at a lower price point than larger, more elaborate windows. As a result, many homeowners tend to shy away from the larger window installations, even though they would add more natural light, ventilation, and aesthetic interest to their home.

Glazing Technology

Window glass has come a long way in the last couple of decades. Insulated glazing units (IGUs) on replacement windows feature multiple panes of glass, inert gas fills, safety glass, and special coatings designed to reflect radiant heat or reduce visible light. Each one of these technologies adds to the cost of replacement windows.

Professional Installation

In an effort to save money some homeowners try to install new windows on their own. What they don’t often realize is that they are paying for more than just an installation. The installation process is meticulous work that requires skill, training, and special tools. Paying for professional installation means ensuring the job gets done right by trained professionals. It also keeps the warranty on new windows intact, so in case something does happen and windows fail prematurely the cost doesn’t come out of the homeowner’s pocket.

Each of these factors is something to consider when deciding on replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. For more information on these products and to get a hassle-free quote contact Freelite Inc. Our experts can help you find the right products to suit your needs and budget. Call us at (602) 233-1981 to set up an appointment or visit 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003 for more information.