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What to Expect from Professional Window Installation

When getting replacement windows in Mesa, AZ you want to get the job done right the first time. This isn’t a project you want to take on by yourself. There are so many variables to account for, and so many things that could go wrong. Really, a professional job is one of your best options. And here is what you can expect when you get replacement windows through Freelite.

In-Home Consultation

One of our experts will come to your house for an evaluation. They will look at your current windows, assess your needs and wants, and talk with you about certain product offerings. You will choose what you want and you will get a precise quote for the products and services you choose. You want to ask all the questions you can so you get exactly what you are looking for. Then the professionals will get your products ordered and schedule your installation date based on the delivery of your replacement windows.

Touch Base

A few days before your scheduled installation one of our staff will contact you with an update. They will let your know your product has arrived and confirm the time for installation. They will also give you a few instructions on how to prepare your home for the installation crew. You will probably want to remove any blinds and drapes, as well as any furniture that is in close proximity to your windows. This will speed up the installation process. If you have any more questions about your replacement windows, you can get those answers.

Pre-Project Walk Through

On the day of installation the job foreman will walk through your home, going over each window to be replaced. This is where we can catch any potential errors and verify the right products for the job. If you have concerns or notice any discrepancies, you should bring them up now with the project manager. It isn’t common, but problems can arise and we will take measures to resolve them right away.

Site Preparation

Next the installation team will prep your home for installation, taking care to keep the area safe and as clean as possible. Window removal requires a bit of demolition, so they will put down tarps and drop cloths to mitigate mess. They will also set up any scaffolding or ladders they might need for the project.

Window Removal and Replacement Installation

As a team, the installers will work from one room to the next, removing and installing one window at a time. This limits the exposure of your home. Once the old window is out the crew will ensure proper fit, level the new window with shims, and secure it in place. They then use insulation and caulking to seal the window around the frame. Finally they clad the exterior. Typically a team of five or six people can replace five to ten windows in a day. If the job has more windows it will roll over into a second day.

Finish and Clean Up

Once the final window is in, the team will remove all their tools, scaffolding, and ladders and clean up the job site. The only thing they will leave behind are your new replacement windows. Before calling it a day the project manager will do a final walk through to make sure all windows meet your expectations and perform as they should. They will also answer any questions you might have now that your windows are in place and review the warranty on products and services.

Where to Get the Best Replacement Window Installations in Mesa, AZ

Call Freelite if you want window contractors Mesa you can trust to get the job done right. You can reach us at (602) 233-1981 or visit 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003.