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Phoenix, AZ patio doors

Do I Want French Doors or Sliding Patio Doors?

Patio doors, especially in Phoenix, AZ, play an important role in the home because patio weather exists year round. These installations seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor living so you can have easy access o your deck, pool, or patio. These doors need to be stylish, functional, and energy efficient. Usually when it comes to patio doors in Phoenix, AZ the choices often come down to options: sliding glass or hinged doors. Both are great, but which one is better for your home? Here is what you need to consider:  


When choosing patio doors aesthetics are important. Both options are distinct and unique and come in a variety of materials, colors, and style options. French doors are elegant, traditional, and can elevate the style of any room. The more classic look is often a better match for older, statelier homes. Sliding doors are more streamlined and minimal. They feature larger panes of glass that fill the room with an inspiring view and plenty of natural light.   

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Functionality is also important. Traditional French doors feature two operable sides that swing open from the center. You can choose an inswing or outswing configuration. This means you get a double-wide opening that is not only great for hosting family and friends, but also moving larger pieces of furniture in and out of the home. Sliding doors give you more light and view, but this configuration will only ever open halfway. Of course, you need to take great consideration in choosing the right door configuration for your home. Always think the inswing vs outswing benefits on the exterior and overall appeal to your home.

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When choosing inswing, outswing, or sliding patio doors you need to account for space. If you have furniture or planters these items could obstruct hinged patio doors. This is why many homeowners opt for sliding doors because they do not open into the space. Instead, they move from side to side, leaving plenty of room to design a space both inside and out without limitations.   


Both sliding doors and French doors are easy to operate, at least they should be. You should be able to open and close both styles smoothly with the use of one hand. But easy operation isn’t the only consideration. You also have to account for the threshold. Sliding patio doors require a track to slide on, which occupants will need to step slightly over when entering or exiting. Changing from a French door to a sliding door could impact existing flooring, which is definitely a consideration.   


In Phoenix, AZ you may not have to consider piles of drifting snow. But you do need to think about the moisture of monsoon season, the heat, and the high winds in certain areas. Hinged doors could blow open or closed with gusting winds while sliding doors will not blow shut. As for efficiency, both sliders and hinged doors can be susceptible to air and moisture leaks without proper weather stripping and maintenance.   

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