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The Different Types of Vinyl Windows

If you’re looking to update your windows with replacement models, or are looking for the right kind of windows for your new construction home, look no further than vinyl windows.

Vinyl windows are an excellent choice for both replacement and new construction windows in the Phoenix, Arizona area for a long list of reasons. Read on to learn more about the different types of vinyl windows, and why they are a great option for you and your Phoenix home.

Vinyl Windows Basics

Vinyl windows are made from PVC, a rigid synthetic plastic that is ideal for window use as its hard, strong and highly insulating. Vinyl windows stand strong in the face of severe climates. Extreme heat, like we have here in Phoenix, wont warp or rot the vinyl frames. Vinyl windows are also highly insulating and don’t have high rates of heat transference. This means that the hot, Arizona air stays outside while your cool air-conditioned air stays inside.

One of the best things about PVC, and therefore vinyl windows, is that it requires little to no maintenance. Vinyl windows never need to be repainted, resealed or sanded. Clean vinyl windows with mild soap and water to remove light dirt buildup and you can enjoy beautiful windows for years to come.

Basic Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit your home and your preferences. There are four basic types of vinyl windows, however, that are most commonly scene in both new construction and replacement projects:

  • Vertical Slider – Vertical slider vinyl windows open vertically on sliding tracks. These are the most common vinyl windows as they are unobtrusive in design and are energy efficient.
  • Horizontal Slider – Horizontal slider vinyl windows are similar to vertical slider, except they open horizontally rather than vertically. These vinyl windows are most commonly used for basement openings.
  • Casement—Casement vinyl windows crank outward, and are lauded for their energy efficiency and streamlined appearance.
  • Awning – Awning vinyl windows are generally used for attics or basements as they provide a tight seal against the elements.

Specialized Vinyl Windows

There are an almost limitless number of window shapes and sizes beyond those four basic types of vinyl windows. It’s easy to create or customize vinyl windows to suit your exact home design preferences with projection and geometric shapes. Some other types of vinyl windows include:

  • Garden Windows – Garden vinyl windows are usually used in kitchens, and can make a room seem larger by extending outward in the outdoor space. Garden windows often come with a glass roof, side venting panels, and a shelf for plants or knick-knacks.
  • Bay and Bow Windows – Bay and bow windows are similar to garden windows, except they project outward at angles rather than with 90 degree lines. Bay windows typically have a center picture window frames with an angled casement or vertical windows on each side called flankers. Bow windows are generally made up of four or more separate window panels.
  • Geometric Shapes – Vinyl windows are easily customizable into various geometric shapes like arched, trapezoidal, square or rectangular.

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