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What to Consider When Buying New Windows & Doors

Many Phoenix homeowners are taking the time to update the look and feel of their home. One major factor in this process is selecting the windows and doors that meet the needs of their home and family. While shopping for new windows and doors can be a fun and creative process, there are important factors to consider prior to making any purchases. To help simplify the shopping process we have put together a short list of things to consider when buying new windows and doors.

  1. Be Aware of Your Budget. Chances are you have a number in mind for what you would like to spend on your windows and doors, but have you considered all the factors required to get to that number? When it comes to setting a budget for new windows and doors it’s important to consider factors such as security hardware, material, glazing, and any UV protecting technology you may want added on. Being aware of exactly what you are looking for in your windows and doors will help you determine how much you are willing to pay.
  1. Consider the Maintenance Required. Different materials come with different levels of durability and required maintenance. While you may have a specific look in mind for the type of window and doors you want, it’s important to consider how much maintenance will be required for the material type. If you aren’t up for scraping, sanding, or repainting your windows and doors to maintain their look, then some materials may be ruled out from the beginning.
  1. Know the Size of Your Spaces: While there are a wide variety of styles and sizes available when it comes to windows and doors, not all styles are available in every size. Measure the space you have and make sure that the fit and functionality of the style you favor is compatible with the space you need to fill.
  1. Don’t Forget About Energy Efficiency: Your windows and doors play a major role in the energy efficiency of your home. In fact, the type of doors and windows you choose can either increase or decrease your monthly energy bill. Look for window and door models that do a quality job of insulating your home, and come with a high energy rating. This choice alone can save you money and add onto the resale value of your home.

With so many factors to consider, it’s no wonder so many homeowners find it difficult to choose the right windows and doors in Phoenix, AZ. By speaking directly with a windows and doors professional you can rest assured that you will be going home with windows and doors that fit the needs of you and your family. At Freelite, our highly trained team of window and door experts are ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have throughout the buying process. To speak with one of our experts and receive a free in-home consultation, give us a call at 602-233-1981 or visit us in person at 331 West McDowell Rd, Phoenix, Arizona 85003.