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replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Comparing Window Styles: Awning Replacement Windows

The window replacement process can be complex with so many products and options to choose from. Many homeowners feel overwhelmed by all the new features and technologies. All of the styles start to blur together and it is difficult to differentiate one style from another. So to help break things up, this article focuses on just one window style—awning replacement windows. Here are the basic features of these amazing windows and a few pros and cons to keep in mind when shopping for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ.

What are Awning Windows?

Awning windows are best suited for openings that are wider than they are tall. These windows hinge at the top of the sash and push outward to open. The window sash helps create a small roof over the window opening, like an awning. These windows often operate on a crank system. They also latch and close tight against the frame.

Awning Window Pros

Awning windows are great for ventilation, especially during seasons of rainfall. This is because you can open the window and still keep rain and debris outside. And because awning windows often operate with a crank system, they are perfect for hard to reach places like above the sink or higher up on the wall. As long as homeowners can reach the crank they can open these windows with very little effort. Awning windows also seal tight against the frame, and when the wind blows against these windows it works to make the seal even tighter. And because awning windows have a single sash with no dividers they are great for an uncompromised view and plenty of natural light.

Awning Window Cons

There are some drawbacks associated with awning windows. One of the big ones is the size limitation. While these windows are often wider than they are tall, the installation cannot be too big or the weight will compromise the hinges. If you want larger windows you might need a different style. It is also possible to over-torque the crank system and deform the sash so the window no longer closes and locks tightly. Awning windows are more difficult to clean and maintain. The exterior surface must be cleaned from the outside, which would make these a less than ideal option for second story windows. And because these open outward, they require room outside and will take up space along walkways or patios. As such, they are not the best option to install along heavy traffic areas.

Where to Install Awning Windows?

Awning windows have a more modern design aesthetic and work well with modern and contemporary style homes. But because they have a simple design, they also work well in more traditional style homes. Many homeowners choose to install awning windows in the kitchen where they require ventilation no matter the weather. As stated, awing windows work well above the kitchen sink. They are also a great installation if you want to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Want a pass-through window or outdoor bar connected to the kitchen? A large awning window is a perfect solution.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

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