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replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Choosing the Right Replacement Windows Room by Room

Windows play a critical role in home design. First, they contribute to the overall aesthetic and appearance of your home both inside and out. Second, windows allow in natural light and capture views to make a connection between the inside and outside. Third, windows provide insulation or ventilation to help keep the home comfortable and control energy costs. Fourth, they are an important factor in both safety and security. As such, you want to be sure to choose replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ that work well for each room. Here are some tips to get you started.

Kitchen Windows

Because the kitchen is where most people gather to work, cook, eat, and hang out, you want to be sure the windows you choose can meet all of your needs. Natural light is a must and so is ventilation. But sliding windows above the sink are difficult to open and close. A better option is a casement window. These are easy to operate in hard-to-reach spaces and are good for both light and ventilation.

Dining Room Windows

Unlike the kitchen, the dining room is often a more formal space set apart for parties and family meals. Because most dining rooms are used at night, there isn’t a huge need for large windows with nothing to see. This is why more homeowners are putting dining rooms in areas with few or even no windows. Instead, they rely on unique lighting and framed art to bring interest into the space.

Bedroom Windows

Bedroom windows admit light and open up the view, but larger concerns are usually privacy and ventilation. Casement windows have the most operable area for ventilation. Awning windows can remain open, even with light rain. And double-hung windows open at both the top and the bottom to foster natural ventilation. Any one of these window styles would work well in the bedroom.

Bathroom Windows

In the bathroom, privacy is critical. But so is natural light and ventilation. Matching new windows to those needs can prove difficult. Skylights or transom windows higher up on the wall are a great way to admit light while still maintaining privacy. And if you do want to choose windows with lots of glass, you can use etched glazing to maintain privacy.

Living Room Windows

The living room is often the largest in the home and thus can accommodate the larger window installations. Many homeowners choose to combine different window styles to meet the needs of this unique space. Partnering picture windows with sliding windows or single-hung windows will create a sense of openness that makes the space seem large and more welcoming. That said, these larger installations only work if there is something nice to look at.

Basement Windows

You still want light and ventilation in your basement. But windows on the lower levels of the home have a unique set of obstacles that windows on the upper levels don’t have. It is important to choose sizes and styles that meet local building codes but also provide the light and ventilation you need.
replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ
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