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replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Choosing the Right Colors for New Windows

Color choices on new windows will set the tone for the rest of the exterior and interior design. This is why choosing the right color for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ is such an important decision. Unfortunately, after all the other decisions homeowners have to make about replacement windows they start to feel overwhelmed at this point. So here are some of the main guidelines you should use when choosing the colors on your new windows.

Use Color to Enhance

If you want your new, beautiful windows to stand out you can use color as a way to draw attention. This is especially elegant on homes with architectural interest and windows meant to draw the eye. Bolder hues will showcase the windows in a way neutral colors might get lost. There is something to be said about going a different direction and choosing an option that is a little bit different from everyone else. So if you aren’t afraid of a little color, go ahead and go bold.

Work With Architectural Style

Does the exterior of your home tend to be more traditional in appearance? If so, you will want to consider window trims that contrast with the rest of the home. But if you have a more contemporary home you want to go with widow frames that blend in and look less busy against the surrounding wall color.

Choose Bold Hues Wisely

Not everyone appreciates bold hues for home windows. It is often wise then, to choose a paintable window frame material. These include most aluminum, fiberglass, and wood window frames. The paintable surface means you can mix things up and change the color of the window frames whenever you like. Vinyl is not paintable, and once you choose a color for vinyl windows you are stuck with it. So be wise in your color choice if you decide to go with vinyl window frames.

Consider Neutrals

Up until just a few years ago, tan and beige were considered the go-to neutrals for window frames. Now, cooler hues have become much more popular. Grey is such a handsome neutral to consider for replacement windows. Navy and black are also having their moment. And most window brands also feature a series of metallic colors like silver, bronze, and copper that can look amazing as a neutral hue.

Think about the Climate

The climate and local environment is also something to think about when choosing colors for replacement windows. If you live in a relatively hot and sunny area, you might consider lighter tones for your new windows. These will help reflect the light and heat rather than absorb it. And if you have a dry, or dusty climate, you want colors like grey or sandstone that will not show the dirt.

Work Within Certain Hues

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the color choices at your fingertips? Don’t worry too much. There is one foolproof way to coordinate your window frame with the rest of your home. Simply choose a color that is either a shade lighter or a shade darker than the exterior of our home. This will still make the windows pop, but guarantee the color will complement the rest of the home. You can also work within a palette of warm or cool tones.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Get Design Assistance

Need help finding the right color for your replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ? Don’t hesitate to ask one of our design experts for help.