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replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Choosing Shaped Picture or Fixed Replacement Windows

Don’t be a square! If you want to add dimension and drama to the design of your home you can start by incorporating specialty shape replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. Fixed windows are some of the most versatile products on the market when it comes to customization. Most manufacturers offer fixed or picture windows in almost any geometric shape you can imagine.

What are Fixed Windows?

Fixed windows do not have any moving parts and do not open for ventilation. As the name suggests, they are simply a picture of the scenery outdoors and a way to get more natural light into the home. This also makes them some of the most affordable options on the market depending on the size and shape. But that doesn’t mean they have to be plain or simple.

Benefits of Fixed Replacement Windows

There are several reasons to consider picture or fixed windows for your home. Fixed windows are:

  • Airtight
  • Energy efficient
  • Noise reducing
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • More affordable
  • Great for views and natural light
  • Come in way more design options

Types of Shapes for Fixed Replacement Windows

If you are interested in making your home more unique to suit your tastes here are just a few of the shapes you might consider:

Round Windows

Round windows or portholes are often smaller windows. These types of windows are perfect for letting extra light into smaller spaces like bathrooms or laundry rooms.

Circle Top Windows

A circle top window arches at the top. It can either be the shape of a half-circle or with extended legs to create an arch. Homeowners often put these types of windows above doors or stacked on top of other windows for added height and elegance.

Ellipse Windows

These are another type of arched window, but instead of a half-circle, these feature a more elongated curve.

Cathedral Windows

Both sides of these windows curve to a point at the top. The classic option works best in homes with high vaulted ceilings and more classical aesthetics.

Oval Windows

These are like circular windows, only elongated either horizontally or vertically. They are another very elegant shape that harkens back to a classical aesthetic.

Triangle Windows

Sometimes homeowners don’t want curves, they want angles. A triangle window might be a place to start. Again, homeowners usually stack triangle windows on top of rectangular windows to extend the view and get more natural light.

Pentagon, Hexagon, or Octagon Windows

If you are looking for something more geometric you might try one of these shapes. Pentagon windows have five sides, hexagon windows have six sides, and octagon windows have eight. You can even elongate these windows vertically or horizontally with extended legs.

Custom Shape Windows

Still can’t find what you are looking for. Some manufacturers give you the ability to customize your windows with unique shapes and pairings. It will cost more, but you can get the exact shape you want.

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