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Choosing the Right Patio Doors for Your Home

When it comes to the beautiful Phoenix weather, one important element in your home is your patio door. Patio doors set the stage to welcome family and guests to enjoy outdoor spaces while controlling the amount of lighting and privacy you allow for your home. The right patio doors can easily blend in with the existing décor of your home or add an additional touch of class. However, many homeowners in Phoenix may have a difficult time deciding which patio doors are the right choice for their home. To help with the shopping process we have created this short guide that reviews some of the most popular patio door options currently on the market.

French Doors: French doors are perfect for homes looking for a classic and elegant look. The panels of the doors are typically glass, with one or both panels of the door swinging outward. French doors have similar hardware to traditional doors making them a wise option for those concerned about security and locks. While you can choose how much glass is shown in these windows, there is typically some type of frame involved meaning at least part of your view will be obstructed. However, when fully opened, patio doors can create a clear and open space that can expand whatever room they are connected to.

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Gliding Doors: Gliding (also known as sliding doors) are a more traditional that are typically the option pre-installed in homes. Sliding doors involve one glass panel sliding behind another to create the entrance to your outdoor space. Sliding doors are recommended for homes with less wall space available for patio doors. Sliding doors also typically incorporate a simple latch system, so they are best used on doors that are not accessible to the public.

Folding Patio Doors: Folding patio doors are similar to French doors in the sense that when opened, they create a completely clear entrance to outside your home. Instead of opening outward like French Doors, Folding doors neatly fold away “accordion style” into your wall. Homeowners looking to showcase an impressive view or completely open up a wall space should consider the use of folding patio doors in Phoenix, AZ for their dramatic effect and ability to create a clean entry between your indoor and outdoor living space.

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