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How to Childproof Your Windows at Home

Young children are largely unaware of the risks around them, and windows can be especially dangerous. You want to be able to keep your children safe, especially at home. But you also don’t want to turn your home into a fortress either. Fortunately there are several small things you can do to make windows safer and protect the youngest members of your family. These are just a few ideas to consider:

1. Remove Furniture and Other Objects
You don’t want your young children to have easy access to the windows, especially those on the upper levels of your home. So be sure you remove anything they can climb on to reach windows. Bookshelves, beds, tables, chairs—try to keep all of these items on opposing walls instead of directly beneath a window. This is especially true if you know you have a little climber. You should also think about getting rid of light, stackable items your child might try to use as a ladder.

2. Consider Window Guards
If you have a baby or toddler in your home, then you have probably considered getting a baby gate to block off the stairs. Well, they have similar products for windows. There are grille-type protectors you can install in lower windows to limit your child’s access. These protective products can help prevent dangerous falls while still giving adults the ability to open and close windows.

3. Install Window Stops
Another window security product to consider are windows stops. These products limit how much you can open sliders and single hung windows. That way you can still get some ventilation, but not worry about the opening being wide enough for your child to slip through.

4. Childproof or Security Window Locks
One of the best ways to protect children from dangerous falls is to keep windows closed and locked. Some window styles already have permanent locks installed that require a key to open and close them. This will ensure security and protection. If you don’t have security locks there are other options, like childproof locks, that you might consider installing on your windows.

5. Safe Shades or Blinds
Another hazard of windows are corded shades and blinds. Those dangling cords are a huge temptation for children, but also can cause strangulation. There are so many cordless options today that will eliminate this type of threat. You might also consider shutter coverings for your windows, especially if you want to help block unwanted heat transfer.

6. Laminated Glass
Safety glass is another way you can protect your children from the hazards of windows. Accidents can happen, and broken glass is so dangerous. The glass in older windows will break into large, dangerous shards. Laminate glass largely remains intact, even due to blunt force. By upgrading your windows to safety glass you can have that extra peace of mind.

If you are looking to upgrade your window installation Scottsdale there are a lot of benefits. You can improve energy efficiency, security, and childproofing. For more information about child safe products set up a consultation by calling (602) 233-1981. The experts at Freelite can walk you through some of the best products and give you a hassle-free quote on new windows. For more information you can stop by 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003.