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5 Ways Replacement Can Save You Money

Eventually, old windows will deteriorate. And though you might not notice the signs at first windows will develop leaks, sustain damage, and reach a point where they no longer perform as they should. At this point, you will need to consider replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. That said, a lot of people put off the project. It is a big investment, but people don’t realize how much old windows could be costing them. Here are just a few of the ways new windows can save you money:

Energy Savings

Old windows are prone to leaks and can account for up to 30 percent of energy losses. Over the years that can add up to hundreds of dollars. Modern windows feature better technologies that improve insulation. A few of the upgrades include high quality frame materials, multi-paned glass, inert gas fills, and laminated coatings. Together these elements combine to provide you with even better energy savings so you can keep money in your pocket.

Stronger Seals

Air leaking through old windows is not the only concern. Broken seals can also mean moisture leaks. You might only notice leaks or condensation on rainy days. That may not seem like a huge concern, but eventually, the gaps will widen and leaks will get worse. Water damage may start as simple discoloration or peeling paint, but it can progress to rot, mold, or sustained damage to the substructures of your home. Repairs for extensive damage would be costly. With new windows, you wouldn’t have to worry about leaks.

Low Maintenance

Old windows take more time and money to clean and maintain. Finding parts for repairs can be difficult and expensive. Today manufacturers make some windows with tilt-in panes so you can clean all surfaces from inside. New window materials are also easier to care for and only need water and mild detergent to keep them clean, saving you money and time.

Improved Safety and Security

In the past windows didn’t have safety features like laminated glass and reinforced frames. The glass could shatter into sharp fragments or the frame could be easily damaged. These are safety and security risks that could cost you. New windows will remain largely intact when broken keeping you and your property safe.

Increased Home Value

Old windows will start to look run down and outdated. This can bring down the value of your home if you intend to sell it. It might be time to upgrade to new windows. This is a home improvement project that brings excellent returns on your investment. They will also help grab the attention of prospective buyers.

If you need to get replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ don’t put your project off too long. Every year you wait could be costing you money. To get the ball rolling talk to one of our experts at Freelite Inc. They can help you find the best products for your home that will save you the most money. For more information call us at (602) 233-1981 or stop by 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003.

10 of the Most Common Window Problems

Homeowners need windows to perform many important tasks in the home. They provide light and ventilation. They protect against energy losses and unwanted intruders. They also have a big impact on aesthetics. But as windows age they start to break down and may not perform some of these vital tasks. At some point it will be necessary to get replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. Here are just a few issues to watch out for:

Physical Damage

An obvious sign windows need to be replaced is broken glass or damaged frames. The moment they notice extensive physical damage homeowners should get repairs or replacement windows.


Homeowners might notice a significant temperature difference in certain rooms or close to certain windows. This often indicates gaps in the assembly that allow air to readily pass through.

Moisture Leaks

Gaps in the assembly could also lead to moisture leaks and water damage. If left unrepaired a moisture leak could cause extensive damage that would be expensive to repair.

Noise Pollution

Old windows let in more than just air and moisture. They also allow more noise to transfer through. This stems from a lack of modern window technologies that help reduce noise pollution. This is especially important for homes located near busy streets or airports.


Fogging between the panes of a window is more than just a minor annoyance. This indicates the seals on the insulated glazing unit (IGU) have failed which significantly decreases the efficiency of the windows.

Cracked, Warped, or Rotted Frames

It is important to keep in mind that windows are exposed to the outside elements. As such they can crack, chip, bend, rust, warp, and rot. Wood is especially vulnerable and requires regular maintenance.

Difficult Operation

Windows should operate smoothly, opening and closing with little effort. But when windows start to warp and break down they will start to stick inside the frame.

Faulty Cranks, Locks, and Latches

The hardware on windows can also wear out and break from use. It might be easy to get replacement parts on new windows. On older windows finding the right parts could prove more difficult.

Poor Safety and Security

Old windows do not have the same upgrades and technologies new windows have. Safety glass is a good example. If old windows break they shatter into large, dangerous pieces. Laminated safety glass breaks into small pieces. And impact resistant glass has an interlayer that keeps glass largely intact if it gets broken.

Damaged Screens

While not a huge concern, broken screens are still another problem for old windows. After years of exposure to the elements, they can rip and tear. Fortunately, screens are fairly easy to replace.

If you have windows that are 20 to 30 years old you might start noticing some of these issues. As time goes on the problems will only get worse and you will need replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. Call Freelite Inc. for a hassle-free quote. You can reach us at (602) 233-1981 or 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Unique Disadvantages of Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl windows are some of the best-selling products on the market, averaging 20 million sold per year across the country. And that trend does not seem to be changing. These products offer great value. They are weather resistant, energy efficient, and come at a reasonable price most homeowners can afford. But along with all the benefits, vinyl windows do have some unique disadvantages. If you are looking at vinyl replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ here are a few things to be aware of:

Wide Frames

A leading complaint from homeowners is that vinyl window frames are too bulky. Because this material is not as strong and durable as fiberglass and aluminum, the manufactures have to use more of it in frame construction. And unfortunately, the wider frames can appear cheap. They also compromise the view and limit the amount of natural light entering the home. As far as disadvantages go this one is fairly minor, but if a homeowner insists on thinner frames they will have to choose a different material.

Fewer Color Options

Another style concern is the lack of color options. Wood, aluminum, and fiberglass windows come in a vast array of colors—practically any hue under the sun. But vinyl windows typically come in just a handful of neutral colors. While they are meant to complement almost any home style, the options might seem too bland for someone looking to add style and interest to their home with more vibrant windows.


Vinyl is susceptible to temperature fluctuations. And once it distorts it does not go back to the original shape. So prolonged exposure to extreme heat can cause vinyl windows to fade and warp. This is not the best news for homeowners in Phoenix, AZ. Fortunately, most manufacturers use special additives to make the material more heat resistant. That way vinyl windows can still be a good option for warmer climates. Temperatures would have to consistently reach 130 degrees Fahrenheit or higher to cause permanent damage.

Premature Seal Failure

Compared to glass, vinyl material expands more in the heat and contracts more in the cold. In fact, it expands seven times more than glass with each degree in temperature. This can lead to early seal failure on these windows. The resulting air leaks could cost a homeowner hundreds of dollars per year on their energy bills. To avoid these unnecessary expenses it is important to regularly test your windows for leaks and seal up any gaps as soon as possible.

Stripped Cranks

Casement and awning windows are some of the most energy efficient styles. This is because the sash closes tight against the frame when locked in place. Homeowners often think using the crank to pull the windows tighter before locking them will create an even better seal. What they don’t realize is this strips the crank, especially with vinyl windows. To avoid this problem simply use the multipoint locking system to pull in the sash and lock it in place.

Interested in more information about vinyl windows and whether or not they are a good choice for your home? Contact Freelite Inc. at (602) 233-1981 or 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003. Our experts can help you find the perfect replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ.

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Nine Reasons to Consider Aluminum Replacement Windows

If you are looking at replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ you may have written off aluminum as an option. Aluminum conducts heat, right? Wouldn’t that make for a terrible window frame material? Not exactly. There are several reasons why you should consider modern aluminum windows.

1. Strength and Durability

These are some of the most valued benefits of aluminum windows. The material is strong and aluminum can hold larger amounts of glass on smaller frames. It is also very lightweight and resistant to the elements.

2. Maintenance

It does not require a lot of care and maintenance to preserve the performance of aluminum windows. With just water, mild detergent, and a sponge, you can wipe the frames clean and keep them looking new. And because of the pre-manufactured colors, there is never a need to touch up or repaint the finish on your aluminum windows.

3. Energy Efficiency

Aluminum windows have better energy performance than you might expect. This is because these window frames are now made with thermal breaks. They easily reduce heat loss through windows by 60 percent.

4. Noise Reduction

When it comes to reducing noise aluminum windows outperform both wood and vinyl windows. It has more mass and delivers high acoustic performance. When paired with laminated glass you can easily reduce the amount of noise pollution entering your home. This can be valuable if you live on a busy street, near a school, or close to the airport.

5. Versatility

Aluminum is easy to manipulate. For this reason, aluminum windows come in a wide range of design schemes and finishes. You can get an aluminum window in any size or shape. You can also choose from a vibrant array of colors that run almost the entire spectrum.

6. Aesthetics

The thin frames of aluminum windows provide a sleek, modern design. If you like the minimalist style then you should consider investing in these windows that create clean lines and more expansive views.

7. Cost

When it comes to window frames vinyl is the most economical. That said, aluminum windows are a close second. In fact, they provide better value when you compare these products long-term.

8. Home Value

When it comes to home improvements replacement windows can get you some of the best returns on our investment. Aluminum windows will increase the market value of the home and can be a top selling point for prospective buyers.

9. Sustainability

Aluminum is an environmentally sustainable material and has one of the highest recycling rates. This sets it apart from other framing materials if you are specifically looking for eco-friendly products.

Choosing aluminum frames for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ is just the beginning. There are so many other options to consider like size, style, color, and glazing options. For help finding the right combination for your home contact the experts at Freelite Inc. You can stop by 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003 or call (602) 233-1981.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Do I Want Vinyl Replacement Windows?

If you have started shopping for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ then you know just how many options are available to you. Navigating the advantages and disadvantages of the different materials can be overwhelming. How do you know which will be the best option for your home and your budget? To help you out here is some useful information about one of our most popular frame materials—vinyl.

What are Vinyl Windows?

These window frames are made from a top quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) often used in other construction supplies. The material used for windows has special additives and compounds like titanium dioxide and organic tin. These ingredients help make the vinyl strong, durable, and resistant to ultraviolet rays.

Advantages of Vinyl Windows

Here are just a few of the benefits of purchasing vinyl replacement windows:

  • Vinyl windows require very little when it comes to upkeep. They do not need to be sanded and repainted to stay looking new. Instead, all you need is a little water and mild detergent to wipe away dirt and debris. They are also weather-resistant and will not rust, rot, mold, or peel.
  • Vinyl window frames are manufactured with interlocking chambers. The hollow insides trap dense air and insulate the frame to reduce heat transfer. Vinyl is also a great insulator, making these windows some of the most energy efficient options on the market.
  • Vinyl windows have welded corners. This not only strengthens the assembly and improves durability, but it also prevents air leaks around the frame and sash.
  • Vinyl windows are faster and easier to manufacture compared to other window materials. The material is also highly versatile so windows can be made to fit an opening exactly, down to the 1/8th of an inch. This also means faster and easier installation. All of this adds up to savings because vinyl windows are so reasonably priced.

Disadvantages of Vinyl Windows

Along with the advantages come a few drawbacks like:

  • Vinyl windows cannot be painted. The color you choose is the color you get for the longevity of your windows.
  • Vinyl is made from petroleum-based plastic. So while it is a highly recyclable material, many argue it is still less eco-friendly than fiberglass.
  • Vinyl windows can appear synthetic, which can translate to cheap and utilitarian. This is why some homeowners and contractors tend to shy away from these products.
  • Vinyl windows are strong and durable, but they can warp or become yellow with prolonged exposure to the sun. That is why it is important to find quality products.
  • Vinyl windows expand and contract due to temperature fluctuations. This can wear out the seal between the frame and glass. And unfortunately the bigger the sash the faster the seal tends to fail.

Still not sure if vinyl replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ are the best option for you? Other options include aluminum, fiberglass, and wood windows. To find out more contact Freelite Inc. You can stop by 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003 or call (602) 233-1981 to set up an appointment.

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Choosing Shaped Picture or Fixed Replacement Windows

Don’t be a square! If you want to add dimension and drama to the design of your home you can start by incorporating specialty shape replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. Fixed windows are some of the most versatile products on the market when it comes to customization. Most manufacturers offer fixed or picture windows in almost any geometric shape you can imagine.

What are Fixed Windows?

Fixed windows do not have any moving parts and do not open for ventilation. As the name suggests, they are simply a picture of the scenery outdoors and a way to get more natural light into the home. This also makes them some of the most affordable options on the market depending on the size and shape. But that doesn’t mean they have to be plain or simple.

Benefits of Fixed Replacement Windows

There are several reasons to consider picture or fixed windows for your home. Fixed windows are:

  • Airtight
  • Energy efficient
  • Noise reducing
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • More affordable
  • Great for views and natural light
  • Come in way more design options

Types of Shapes for Fixed Replacement Windows

If you are interested in making your home more unique to suit your tastes here are just a few of the shapes you might consider:

Round Windows

Round windows or portholes are often smaller windows. These types of windows are perfect for letting extra light into smaller spaces like bathrooms or laundry rooms.

Circle Top Windows

A circle top window arches at the top. It can either be the shape of a half-circle or with extended legs to create an arch. Homeowners often put these types of windows above doors or stacked on top of other windows for added height and elegance.

Ellipse Windows

These are another type of arched window, but instead of a half-circle, these feature a more elongated curve.

Cathedral Windows

Both sides of these windows curve to a point at the top. The classic option works best in homes with high vaulted ceilings and more classical aesthetics.

Oval Windows

These are like circular windows, only elongated either horizontally or vertically. They are another very elegant shape that harkens back to a classical aesthetic.

Triangle Windows

Sometimes homeowners don’t want curves, they want angles. A triangle window might be a place to start. Again, homeowners usually stack triangle windows on top of rectangular windows to extend the view and get more natural light.

Pentagon, Hexagon, or Octagon Windows

If you are looking for something more geometric you might try one of these shapes. Pentagon windows have five sides, hexagon windows have six sides, and octagon windows have eight. You can even elongate these windows vertically or horizontally with extended legs.

Custom Shape Windows

Still can’t find what you are looking for. Some manufacturers give you the ability to customize your windows with unique shapes and pairings. It will cost more, but you can get the exact shape you want.

To learn more about these specialty shape replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ contact Freelite Inc. You can stop by our showroom at 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003 or you can call us at (602) 233-1981.

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Ways to Reduce Heating Costs this Winter

While colder temperatures may seem far away, now is the time to start planning for winter. Dealing with the chill isn’t usually a major concern in Arizona, but winters in the desert can be colder than you think. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on your heating bills. And with some of these tips you will be able to reduce your heating costs even more. From replacing weather-stripping to getting replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ, here are a few tips to try this season:

Replace Worn Out Weather Stripping

With age and use the weather stripping and caulk sealing your windows and doors will start to wear out. This leaves gaps in the assembly where air and heat can easily travel through. To test for these leaks you can close all the exterior windows and doors in your home, run the exhaust fans, and then pass an incense stick around all the window and door frames. If the smoke pulls towards you then there is probably a leak you need to seal off.

Adjust the Thresholds on Your Doors

Have you ever noticed daylight coming in beneath your door? That is an obvious problem for several reasons. Not only does this let in a ton of bugs and crawlers, but it is another gap where heat can escape and cold can get in. If possible you can try to adjust the height of your door and close off the threshold. Otherwise, you might consider using a door snake to stop up the gap.

Insulate Windows with Thicker Curtains

There are several window coverings you can use to stop heat transfer. Some of the more popular options include cellular shades and drapes made with thicker material. Closing them at night will help keep the heat inside.

Let the Sun Warm Your Home

In the winter time, you should capitalize on free heat from the sun. If you have south and west facing windows, keep the curtains open during the day. This promotes solar heating to help keep your home warm without any additional cost.

Invest in Replacement Windows

If your windows are more than 15 years old and beyond repair, they can be a huge drain on the efficiency of your home. You may start to notice noise pollution, difficult operation, water leaks, and damage. These signs indicate it is time for replacement windows.

If you want to get replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ fall is the best time. The temperatures are mild, the schedule for the installation crews are more flexible, and you can seal up your home before winter arrives. Where is the best place for top of the line products? Freelite Inc. To schedule a free consultation with one of our window experts visit us at 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003. Or call (602) 233-1981 to set up an appointment.

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Best Investments to Boost Curb Appeal

Fall is around the corner, and with the cooler weather you will probably start thinking about the exterior upgrades you couldn’t get to in the heat of the summer. This is especially true if you are looking to put your home on the market. From fresh paint to replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ, here are some of the best upgrades to boost the curb appeal of your home and draw the attention of prospective buyers.

1. Wash Everything

Before getting too involved in redoing the entire outside of your home, start with a simple power wash. You might be amazed by how much this simple project can improve the exterior of your home. After all, living in a desert area means dust is everywhere. And you can’t always count on the rain to show up and rinse things off. Just be sure you avoid pressure washing the windows. Doing so could break the seals and cause water leaks. Instead, power wash the siding and clean your windows by hand.

2. Apply a New Coat of Paint

Turns out, the home improvement shows are right. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way in boosting the curb appeal of your home. You can update your door, whitewash the fence, or simply touch up the trim around your home without breaking the bank. And complimentary colors will give the exterior a little extra pop and set your home apart when prospective buyers come knocking.

3. Update Fixtures and Hardware

Most builders use generic hardware on the exterior of the home. But it turns out, the traditional styles of exterior lights, mailboxes, fixtures, and home numbers can really date a home. Swapping them out for more modern designs can produce a dramatic effect at a fairly low cost. Bronze or black fixtures are particularly popular, as well as sleek, modern designs. If you are looking for an easy, affordable upgrade—this is it.

4. Refresh the Landscaping

Overgrown landscaping has a negative impact on the curb appeal of a home. That is why keeping the yard clean and neatly trimmed is important. Make it a weekly ritual to stay on top of weeds, trim the grass, and keep the flowerbeds well stocked. You might also consider small additions like curbing, flower planters, and patio furniture. And consider adding exterior lighting. Dimly lit walkways and patios are uninviting. People are attracted to light. And in addition to making the home more appealing, extra light can also improve safety and security.

5. Replacement Windows

If your home is more than 20 years old, one thing you can do to attract potential buyers is to replace the old widows. Not only are dilapidated windows a bit of an eye-sore, but they are also inefficient. Prospective buyers will know they will have to upgrade the windows themselves, and that will drive down the value of the home. But getting replacement windows can give you up to an 85% return, which is why it is one of the best investments you can make if you are planning on selling.

Need to talk to a window professional about replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ? Contact Freelite Inc. Call us at (602) 233-1981 or stop by 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003.

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5 Common Signs of Water Damage around Windows

Windows are meant to protect your home and the last thing you want to see is water coming through the assembly. It is a problem that can cause extensive structural damage that is costly to repair. It is why it is important to spot leaks and get replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ before the damage gets worse. But do you know how to spot water leaks? Here are a few of the early signs to watch for:

1. Musty Odors

Turns out you might be able to smell a leak before you can see one. When building materials get wet they emit a distinctive odor. That musty smell is often the first sign of a problem. It may not be strong at first, but with time the smell will get worse and eventually you will start to notice other signs of a leak. So if you start to notice that odd, damp smell you will want to investigate and see if you can pinpoint the source of the leak.

2. Discoloration

Stains and discoloration are other signs of a leak. At first, a spot might appear slightly yellow. But with time and water accumulation, it will spread and darken, turning brown or copper. Discoloration might fade and reappear with sun and rain, or the stain may be permanent. You might try to clean the spot away, but if it stems from a leak it is likely to reappear. The only real way to get rid of it is to find the leak and eliminate it.

3. Mold Growth

When it comes to water damage, mold is a major concern. Bacteria thrive in warm, damp areas. And when bacteria grow into mold, it produces airborne spores that can impact health and well-being if they get into your lungs. So if you start to spot mold growth around your windows, it isn’t something you want to ignore.

4. Peeling Paint

Peeling paint and wallpaper is another sign of water damage. When drywall gets wet the paint and wallpaper will bubble up and lose adhesion. At some point the materials will start to flake off and quickly become an eyesore.

5. Warping

Eventually, if you continue to ignore a serious leak the building materials will get saturated with water. And because water seeps to the lowest point the substructures of the home are likely at risk. With prolonged exposure to moisture they will soften, sag, and eventually start to warp and buckle, putting you and your home at risk. It isn’t worth it.

The moment you start seeing signs of a leak around your windows you need to determine how much damage there is. And if the window leak is serious you need to consider replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. Contact Freelite Inc. for a hassle-free appraisal on new windows. They can give you a quote for top of the line products and professional installation so you don’t have any more problems with window leaks in the future. Call (602) 233-1981 to set up a consultation. Or stop by 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003.

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How Long Will Builder-Grade Windows Last?

When investing in a brand new home you would expect all the materials and products to be the highest quality. But that doesn’t always happen. In fact, most builders get good deals on using certain brands and products. And to save money, they install some products that are not always top quality. This may be the case with builder-grade or new-construction windows. While they may look like any other window, these installations are usually lower quality. As a result, problems can start to show up early. So if you are wondering if you already need replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ here are the things to know about new-construction windows:

What are Builder-Grade Windows?

Some builders do allow clients to upgrade windows, but the cost of customization can be so exorbitant most homeowners won’t choose the option. Instead, they stick with builder-grade windows without really understanding what they are committing to.

Most manufacturers provide products in three tiers: high-end, mid-grade, and builder-grade windows. New-construction windows are usually a stripped-down version of the mid-grade windows. Often these windows are not made from the same quality material and do not have the same features and upgrades as higher level products. Builder-grade windows also come in standard styles and sizes so builders can save money.

In addition to the lower quality, builder-grade windows are often installed by the framer instead of a window-specific professional. This is another way builders try to maximize profits. Unfortunately, the result may be windows that are not properly leveled, squared, sealed, and insulated. For these reasons, builder grade windows do not have the same life expectancy as other products. They tend to develop leaks and drafts early and before you know it you need replacement windows.

How Long Do These Windows Last?

There are a lot of factors to consider when determining the longevity of a window. You have to consider installation, climate, quality, maintenance, and use. That said, most builder-grade windows last anywhere from five to 15 years. That might sound fine, but higher quality products will last up to 30 years or more. Also, when builder-grade windows fail they may not be covered under the warranty and as a homeowner you are required to shell out the money for replacements.

When is it Time for Replacement Windows?

In a few short years, you might start to notice your builder-grade windows beginning to fail. Signs include difficult operation, condensation between the panes, broken hinges or latches, and energy losses. Any one of these issues could indicate it is time to start thinking about replacement windows.

If you are looking for better quality windows built to last then contact Freelite Inc. We meet a higher standard of excellence. Our replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ are top quality products. And we offer you a no-hassle, no-pressure way to buy new windows. For more information on the brands and products we carry, contact us at (602) 233-1981. Or stop by our showroom located at 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003.

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What are the Top Replacement Windows for Small Homes?

Living in a small home has advantages. It usually means less cleaning and maintenance and a smaller carbon footprint. It also means more intimate and communal living. But one thing you don’t want to feel in a small home is claustrophobic. And without the proper window styles, a small home can feel tight, dark, and stuffy. Luckily you aren’t stuck with the windows your home came with. You can get replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ to open up your small home and make it feel more welcoming. Here are the window styles to consider:

1. Single or Double Hung Windows

These are more traditional windows. Single hung windows have one pane that slides up and down over a fixed pane. And double hung windows feature two operational panes that slide up and down inside the frame. The reason these types of windows are so great for small homes is that they are usually installations and can catch more light. They also foster natural air circulation. And because they do not project outside you don’t have to worry about leaving room for the outswing. Homeowners usually install these windows in living areas and bedrooms.

2. Horizontal Sliding Windows

These are another standard window style in many homes because of the simple design. These are much like single hung windows, except the pane slides back and forth in the frame. They don’t project outside and again, there is no outswing. These are often wider installations, which is great if you need more ventilation in the home. They are also easy to clean and maintain. Homeowners often install these windows in living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.

3. Awning Windows

These windows are also great for small homes. Awning windows hinge at the top of the frame. They push out to open which creates a small roof over the opening. This means you can open windows, even on rainy days. The reason we recommend these for smaller homes is you can install awning windows a little higher up on the wall. That way they can still provide plenty of daylight and ventilation without taking up precious wall space. Installing them above eye level also helps preserve privacy. Homeowners often choose awning windows for bathrooms, utility rooms, and bedrooms.

4. Transom Windows

Speaking up installing window above eye level, if natural light is a major concern you might try getting creative with fixed windows. These come in a range of sizes and styles, and they can work almost anywhere. When you install windows up near the ceiling you can get sunlight into the home without compromising privacy. And with modern glazing technologies, you don’t have to worry about these installations compromising the efficiency of the home. Homeowners often choose to install these types of windows in bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, and above cabinets.

Still wondering which replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ might be best for your small home? Contact the experts at Freelite Inc. During a design consultation, we help you find the best styles at a fair price. For more information on upgrading your windows call (602) 233-1981 or stop by 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003.

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Ways Old Windows Cost Money

Most homeowners don’t pay too much attention to their windows unless something goes wrong and they need replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. They often forget widows perform several valuable functions in the home. They keep out the elements, prevent heat transfer, and protect against intruders. They also let light and ventilation into the home. And if they wear out and break down, old windows can actually cost homeowners a lot of money. Here are just a few examples:

Energy Losses

This is often the first thing homeowners think about when it comes to windows costing money. Most people understand how inefficient windows can drive up the cost of heating and cooling. As heat transfers through the windows, the HVAC system has to work harder to keep rooms at the set temperatures. But homeowners often forget to account for the cost of wear and tear. If the HVAC system has to cycle more often it can lead to premature breakdowns and emergency repairs. The heating and air conditioning are the most expensive appliances in the home, and not something homeowners want to replace if it wears out too soon.

Moisture Leaks

Windows leaks are costly, and not just because of heat transfer. Old windows can also develop broken seals where moisture can seep through. Signs of a leak can start small. Homeowners might notice discoloration, peeling paint, or condensation between the panes. But if a leak is not repaired it can cause more extensive damage like warping, rot, mold, or structural damage. This is why it is so important to routinely check the windows during maintenance.

Maintenance and Repairs

Speaking of maintenance, as windows age they can require more time and more work to keep in top shape. Frame materials can fade, warp, and chip. Old glass coatings can scratch and peel. Frames can warp and windows become difficult to open and close. And finding the right parts and components to fix old windows will become difficult and expensive. Many homeowners don’t account for these costs, and they can add up fast. Replacement windows are much easier and more affordable to clean and care for.

Lower Home Value

Curb appeal is important, and old windows can have a huge impact on the aesthetic of the home. This is especially important if homeowners intend to sell in the near future. Prospective buyers don’t want to see old, dilapidated windows. With the right replacement windows, homeowners can boost curb appeal and get a great return on their investment.

These are just a few of the ways your windows may be costing you. If you have had enough and want replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ contact the experts at Freelite Inc. We can walk you through the pros and cons of our different products and help you find the right solutions for your home. Want more information? Stop by 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003 or call (602) 233-1981 to set up a hassle-free consultation.

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Popular Styles for Replacement Windows

Because there are so many style options and technologies, choosing the right replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ can feel overwhelming. How can you find the right window style for your home that adds to the aesthetics but also maintains efficiency, security, and functionality? To get you started, here are some of the most common window styles we recommend:

Picture Windows

Picture windows are a standard in almost every home. These fixed windows come in a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes. They do not open and close, so you may need other windows specifically for ventilation. But picture windows are great for natural light and opening up a view of the yard, landscape, or cityscape.

Bay Windows

Looking for windows to make more of a statement. Bay windows feature three panes, usually a larger picture window flanked by two smaller, operable windows. The side windows are set on an angle so the entire unit projects outside. These installations add extra space to the inside of the home which would be perfect for a breakfast nook or window seat. They also make a room feel larger and more luxurious because of the natural light.

Bow Windows

These are another style of statement windows. Bow windows have four or more windows placed together to create a slight curve. Homeowners generally install bow windows to add architectural interest to their home. These are the best options for any arched or circular walls.

Sliding Windows

While they may seem simple, sliding windows are still a great option for almost any home. One pane slides horizontally across a fixed pane. The wider design of these windows is great for natural light, and the easy operation is good for ventilation. And because they do not require any extra space to open, these windows are ideal to install along areas with outdoor patios or walkways.

Single and Double Hung Windows

These are much like sliding windows, but instead, the operable sash moves up and down inside the frame. Single hung windows have one operable sash and double hung windows have two. These types of windows look very traditional. And because they are not as wide as sliding windows, they work especially well in areas where there isn’t as much available wall space.

Awning Windows

These classic windows are making a comeback. Awning windows hinge at the top and push outside to open. The glass makes a small roof over the opening, hence the name. These windows come in a variety of sizes and can be installed at chest height or even higher up on the wall.

Casement Windows

Casement windows hinge at the side and open outward with a hand crank. These windows are great for natural ventilation, but homeowners need to account for the outswing before committing to this window style.

Choosing replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ is tough. That is why it is important to sit down with a professional to make sure you understand all the pros and cons of different styles. Call Freelite Inc. for a free window consultation. Our experts can help you find the right windows for your home at the right price. Call us at (602) 233-1981 or stop by 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003.

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Factors that Contribute to the Cost of Replacement Windows

One of the leading questions we get asked is “how much do replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ cost?” There is no straightforward answer until homeowners sit down with a window professional for a consultation. Why? Because there too many factors to consider that influence the bottom line on new windows. Here are just a few of the variables that determine the cost:

Window Quality

Not all windows are created equal, which accounts for such a large variation in price. New windows can cost anywhere from $175 to $1,000 or more per unit. Even within a brand, there are different design tiers like builder-grade, mid-range, and high-end windows. These are often differentiated by levels of quality, and that will contribute to the cost.

Frame Material

Frame material largely dictates the price on new windows and is one of the first things homeowners struggle with. There are so many options, and each has unique pros and cons. Vinyl windows are weather resistant, versatile, and energy efficient. They are also some of the most affordable products on the market. That said, vinyl windows have more limited style options and do not last as long as the other window materials. In contrast, fiberglass windows are strong, durable, stylish, and long lasting. Unfortunately, they are also some of the most expensive products on the market and many homeowners are not sure the cost is with it.

Window Style

Style is also a major factor when it comes to determining the cost of replacement windows. Simpler window styles in standard sizes come at a lower price point than larger, more elaborate windows. As a result, many homeowners tend to shy away from the larger window installations, even though they would add more natural light, ventilation, and aesthetic interest to their home.

Glazing Technology

Window glass has come a long way in the last couple of decades. Insulated glazing units (IGUs) on replacement windows feature multiple panes of glass, inert gas fills, safety glass, and special coatings designed to reflect radiant heat or reduce visible light. Each one of these technologies adds to the cost of replacement windows.

Professional Installation

In an effort to save money some homeowners try to install new windows on their own. What they don’t often realize is that they are paying for more than just an installation. The installation process is meticulous work that requires skill, training, and special tools. Paying for professional installation means ensuring the job gets done right by trained professionals. It also keeps the warranty on new windows intact, so in case something does happen and windows fail prematurely the cost doesn’t come out of the homeowner’s pocket.

Each of these factors is something to consider when deciding on replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. For more information on these products and to get a hassle-free quote contact Freelite Inc. Our experts can help you find the right products to suit your needs and budget. Call us at (602) 233-1981 to set up an appointment or visit 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003 for more information.

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Solve These Common Household Problems with Replacement Windows

Homeowners often put off replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ as long as possible. They not only worry about the cost but also get intimidated by all the options on the market and worry the investment will not be worth it. What many people tend to forget is all the benefits that stem from getting replacement windows. They do so much more than simply spruce up the home. Here are just some of the common household problems homeowners can solve with replacement windows:

Poor Energy Efficiency

One of the leading reasons why homeowners upgrade to new windows is to save money on their energy bills. It is true, replacement windows can make a home more energy efficient. But are the savings worth it? The truth is window technologies have come a long way, even in just the last ten years. With the right window style, frame material, and glazing technologies homeowners can save hundreds of dollars on their energy bills per year.

Lack of Natural Light

Natural light has many benefits. It improves health and well-being and makes a home appear larger, cleaner, and more welcoming. So many homeowners use replacement windows as an opportunity to get more light in their homes. Options include getting larger windows or strategically placing windows to capitalize on daylight. And because of the energy saving technologies, homeowners get the natural light they want without the radiant heat.

Noise Pollution

In addition to blocking heat and the elements, windows also help put a damper on outside noise. This is something many homeowners take for granted but proves to be a significant feature if a home is located near a busy street, school, or airport. New windows can include different features to block even more noise.

No Natural Ventilation

Fresh air is essential, but not all homes have adequate ventilation. In some cases, this is because of improper window styles and placement. Upgrading to replacement windows can remedy the problem. Some of the best styles for natural ventilation include sliding, single hung, double hung, and casement windows. Strategically placing these windows throughout the home will increase natural ventilation and improve the indoor air quality.

Time Consuming Maintenance

As windows age, they tend to break down and get harder to clean and maintain. Not to mention the difficulty and expense of finding replacement parts on old windows. With replacement windows, the tasks of cleaning and maintenance do not have to be such a chore. Instead, it only takes mild detergent, water, and a soft cloth to keep windows looking new. And with proper maintenance homeowners can prolong the life of their replacement windows.

Insufficient Security

Dilapidated windows can pose a threat to safety and security. In fact, windows more than 30 years old could be missing crucial safety features like stronger locks, reinforced frames, and laminated glass. Replacement windows can do a better job of keeping a home and property safe and secure.

If you are familiar with some of these common problems and want replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ contact the experts at Freelite, Inc. We are happy to sit down and walk through the pros and cons of new window technologies so you can make the right choice on replacement windows. Contact us today at (602) 233-1981 or visit 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003 for more information.

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Replacement windows are expensive and many homeowners decide to keep limping along with their old windows. They making countless repairs and patches in an effort to save money. What they don’t realize is that while replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ are an investment, they also offer many cost-saving benefits. Here are just three of the main ways new windows could save you money:

Boost Efficiency

As windows age they start to break down, often starting with the seals. And when gaps develop in the assembly windows can no longer protect the home against air and moisture leaks. Heat readily passes through and the HVAC system has to work extra hard to keep the home feeling comfortable. This can have a dramatic impact on energy bills and is one of the leading reasons why homeowners finally come around to getting replacement windows.

Replacement windows not only have tighter seals, but also other improved technologies to boost energy efficiency. A few include insulated glazing units with multiple panes of glass, spacers, inert gas fills, and special coatings. All of these combine to reduce the transfer of radiant heat. The home stays more comfortable and the air conditioning doesn’t need to work nearly as hard, which saves you money.

Improve Safety and Security

Did you know old windows can be a safety hazard in your home? Hinges that don’t open, locks that don’t latch, or windows that get stuck in the frame could prove dangerous in the event of an emergency. Some of these problems you can repair, but eventually, replacement parts will become impossible to find at a reasonable price. It is better to get replacement windows that are safe and functional than risking your safety.

Old windows are also easy targets for burglars. They are not as strong, durable, or secure as new windows. Instead, they break or bust open easily and intruders can get in without any fuss or notice. New windows have impact resistant frames and glass. This does not make them impossible to break in through, but it does make the job much more difficult.

Increase Home Value

Last, but not least, replacement windows help your home present better. This is important if you are looking to sell your property in the next couple of years. New windows boost curb appeal and will help catch the eye of potential buyers.

Replacement windows also increase your home value. In fact, getting replacement windows is one home improvement project that can bring you a great return on your investment. You can get back as much as 70 or 80 percent.

While it is true getting new windows is an investment, but it is one worth making. For more information or to get a quote on replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ contact Freelite, Inc. Our experts want to help you find quality products at a fair price. For more information you can stop by 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003. Or to schedule a consultation call us at (602) 233-1981.

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7 of the Best Replacement Windows for the Home

Deciding on replacement Windows in Phoenix, AZ can be overwhelming. How do homeowners know which styles and technologies are right for the home? There are so many options to consider. This is why working with a professional window contractor is important. Here are eight of the most popular window styles we often recommend to our clients:

Picture Windows

These windows are a standard in most homes. Though they do not open and shut, picture windows still provide natural light, a view outside, and can easily become the focal point of a room or space. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are some of the most energy efficient products on the market. Even expansive installations will not overheat the home if homeowners choose the right glazing technologies.

Horizontal Sliding Windows

These are basic windows installed in almost every home. The operation is simple. One pane slides back in a track while on the other side one pane stays fixed. Because these are wider installations and offer a larger view and more natural light. And because they open they are also useful for ventilation.

Casement Windows

Casement windows open outward, hinged to one side. Usually, they operate on a hand crank located inside. They are great for hard to reach places behind couches or a kitchen sink because people can easily open them with just one hand. And because the full window opens and the design can catch sidelong breezes, this is one of the best styles for ventilation.

Awning Windows

Awning windows were once very common. They went out of style for a bit, but are making a come-back. The windows hinge at the top and push outward. The pane of glass then creates a small roof over the opening to keep out weather and debris.

Bay Windows

These projection windows create some extra square footage inside. Bay windows usually feature a larger central window flanked by two smaller windows set at an angle, thus creating the projection outside. These options are great if homeowners are looking to add a cozy breakfast nook or reading seat to a room.

Bow Windows

These are similar to bay windows, but bow windows feature four or more windows set on a curve. These are more aesthetic features homeowners install around architectural additions or corners. They open up an expansive view, allow for cross breezes, and fill the home with natural light.

Custom Windows

Sometimes homeowners can’t find what they are looking for, even with so many style options on the showroom floor. Luckily there are custom options so you can get the oversized or custom shape windows you are looking for.

When it is time to get replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ you should go to the experts at Freelite, Inc. They will sit down and help you choose the best products and technologies for your home at a price to fit your budget. You will also be able to get all your questions answered to your satisfaction. Call us today at (602) 233-1981 or visit 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003.

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Keep Your Replacement Windows Clean This Summer

Clean windows allow more natural light to filter through, amp up the appearance of the home, and prolong the life of your windows. Dirty windows often accomplish the opposite. They block natural light, make the home appear run down, and can shorten the life of new windows. This is why it is so important for homeowners to properly clean and maintain their windows. But in the summertime with excessive dirt, heat, and heavy pollen this can feel like even more of a chore. Luckily there are a few things you can do to keep replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ clean all summer long. Here are a few tips:

Know When to Wash Your Windows

Few homeowners realize when it comes to washing windows, timing is everything. Cleaning windows in the middle of a bright, sunny day is counterproductive. More often the heat will dry out cleaning products before homeowners can wipe them away. This often leaves behind streaks and grime. It can also result in scratches on the glass or window frames. It also means more heat entering the home, driving up the cost of air conditioning. So instead homeowners should avoid the heat and put off window washing until early morning or late evening when temperatures are cooler.

Use Proper Cleaning Products

Not all window cleaning products are created equal. Sure, it is ok to use more powerful products on older windows that have more dirt and stubborn stains. But newer windows should not require as much in the way of cleaning and maintenance. On replacement windows, homeowners should be able to simply use mild detergents, generic glass cleaner, and soft brushes or cloths to clean away dirt and debris.

Dry With the Right Materials

Most people have a unique method they claim as the best possible way to dry windows without leaving streaks, lint, or smudges. Some might say drying windows with a newspaper is best. Others claim paper towels. And still, others claim microfiber cloths as the best way to clean the glass for a streak-free shine. All of these are possible options, but ultimately homeowners should test different methods on their own windows and find the solution that gives them the best results.

Never Use Power Washers, Harsh Cleaners, or Abrasives on Replacement Windows

Knowing what NOT to use on replacement windows is almost as important is knowing the right products. With new windows cleaning methods should be as thorough, but as gentle as possible. Using power washers, harsh cleansers, or abrasives on replacement windows can break the seals, scratch glass coatings, and damage windows beyond repair. There is no reason homeowners need to go this far.

Using these tips will help keep your replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ looking new all summer long. For more helpful tips on cleaning and maintaining your new windows call Freelite Inc. With over 30 years of experience in the business, we can help your windows last for years to come. Stop by 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003 or call (602) 233-1981 if you have any questions about window maintenance.

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8 Sure Signs you Need Replacement Windows

Windows are one of the most important features in the home. They let in natural light and fresh ventilation. They protect the home by keeping out the elements and intruders. They also help insulate the home and improve energy efficiency. But as windows age and start to break down they stop performing some of these vital functions. When that happens it might be time for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. Here are some of the most common signs to watch for:

1. Broken Glass

This is one of the most obvious signs homeowners need to get replacement windows. For the most part, people notice a cracked pane of glass right away and understand they need to get the window replaced. That said, sometimes a crack is only on one pane and homeowners don’t believe such a minor flaw warrants replacement. What they do not realize is even if only one pane is broken the window is still compromised and needs to be replaced.

2. Other Signs of Damage

In addition to a broken pane, window frames are also prone to damage. Homeowners might notice scratches, chips, or breaks in the assembly. Damaged frames look dilapidated and can drive down the perceived value of the home. If this is the case it might be time for a facelift.

3. Rot or Decay

Moisture is not as big of a problem in Arizona, but it can still cause window problems. Rot, decay, and mold go hand in hand with excessive moisture or humidity. This is why homeowners need to frequently check the windows in bathrooms or utility rooms where moisture is more likely to occur. And if there are signs of rot or mold there are things homeowners can do to eliminate it and repair the damage before it gets much worse.

4. Warping

Moisture can also lead to warping. So does excessive heat or extreme temperature fluctuations. The result is often broken seals on a window or sashes that no longer operate inside of the frame. Homeowners shouldn’t have to struggle to open a window. It should slide smoothly in the track with little effort. Otherwise, it becomes a safety risk in case of an emergency.

5. Outdated Technologies

Old windows have old technologies. They will not insulate or protect the home as well as updated products. There are so many new technologies to consider. If windows are more than 20 years old then homeowners are really missing out.

6. Leaks or Drafts

Leaks and drafts are another concern with old windows. If homeowners should not notice a draft or significant temperature difference around windows. It clearly means windows are not performing as they should. Instead, heat transfers easily and the lack of efficiency costs homeowners more money.

7. Climbing Energy Bills

Speaking of money, if homeowners notice steadily climbing energy bills it is often because of old windows. Getting replacements could greatly reduce the amount of money homeowners spend keeping the home comfortable.

8. Noise Pollution

This isn’t something homeowners often consider, but another sign that it is time for replacement windows is unwanted outside noise. Yes, windows should insulate against heat transfer and also noise pollution. This is especially vital if a home is located on a busy street or near an airport.

If you happen to notice any of these signs and your windows are more than 20 years old it is time to start looking for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. Call the experts at Freelite Inc. We understand what customers like and dislike about the window buying process. That is why we strive to meet the highest standards of excellence and provide a hassle-free quote. Call (602) 233-1981 or visit 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003 for more information.

Help Prevent Break-Ins with Replacement Windows

Choosing replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ takes a lot of thought. There are so many things to consider like style, color, material, and glazing technologies. Narrowing down the options can be a bit of a challenge. But have you taken the time to consider your home security? Windows are one of the most vulnerable parts of your home and burglars know what to look for. If you have old windows with broken latches, cracks, or warped frames they might be an easy target. Here are some of the ways replacement windows can improve the security of your home:

Frame Material

Stronger frame materials make for stronger, more break-in resistant windows. The leading frame materials for strength and durability are aluminum and fiberglass. Both of these materials hold up well against impacts and will not warp, rot, fade, or degrade due to exposure from the elements.

Window Style

Different window styles perform better for home security. Picture windows do not open and close, making them perhaps the most secure option. But casement windows are also a great option. These feature locks and latches inside the home and are almost impossible to pry open from the outside when closed and locked. Awning and hopper windows feature similar designs. Other good options for security include sliding, single hung, and double hung windows. These are classic styles that feature indoor locks for safety.

Number of Panes

First, the number of panes will contribute to the level of security. Most intruders want to break in without making a sound. Breaking a window with multiple panes of glass generates quite a bit of noise. Two panes are the standard and will help deter robbers. Three panes of glass will be even more difficult to break silently.

Glazing Options

Laminated or safety glass helps prevent a window from breaking into large, dangerous shards. Impact resistant glass has an interlayer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) that the glass adheres to, keeping it largely intact even when broken. Both of these technologies improve the strength of windows and make the more difficult to break into. You should also consider privacy glass. Most burglars like a target they can see in. Patterned or etched glass will give you more privacy and help to dissuade most intruders from breaking inside.

Locking Systems

You can also boost the locking systems on your windows. You can add hooks, bolts, locking pins, or any other variety of products to your windows to make them even more secure. Hopefully, the supplementary locks would delay or deter intruders.

The time to think about your home security is now, especially if you want replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. Contact Freelite Inc. to talk about boosting your home security with new windows. One of our experts can walk you through the pros and cons of all our window options and help you find the right products to keep your home safe. For more information you can stop by 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003. Or to set up a consultation contact us at (602) 233-1981.