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Phoenix AZ replacement windows

Indoor/Outdoor Living with these Replacement Windows

So many homeowners are looking to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. It gives the home a fresh and airy feel. It also helps bring in daylight to make the home more welcoming with the impression of spaciousness. And expensive windows work to improve curb appeal. What are the right types of Phoenix, AZ replacement windows for indoor and outdoor living? Here are some of the popular window styles to keep in mind.

Picture Windows

Picture windows come in almost any shape and size. But if you are looking to blur the lines between the inside and the outside, then bigger windows are almost always better. They are great for showing off the views of the backyard landscape and opening up the home to more natural light. Picture windows also pair well with other window styles so you can get all the form and functionality you want. And with the right glazing technologies, you can still have expansive windows and protect the home against energy losses.

Bay or Bow Windows

These multi-panel windows are popular for good reason. Bay windows feature three windows set on a 30 or 45 degree angle. Bow windows are similar, but feature four or more windows set in a more curvilinear arrangement. Both windows really open up a panoramic view and catch light from different angles throughout the day. They also add a little extra square footage inside the home because they project beyond the exterior wall. They are perfect if you want to add a little nook with a bench seat.

Oversized Awning Windows

Awning windows are a great way to create a pass-through option for back decks or patios. So many new homes have little bars and stools set up against the outside of the house with an awning window attached to the kitchen. This makes it so easy to host parties and keep both the inside guests and outside guests in contact with one another. They are such a fun and modern addition to the home, and really can bring the outside in or the inside out.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are wildly popular. They are the perfect blending of a window and a door. They can provide plenty of light, offer up ventilation, and function as a way in and out of the home. The most popular option for sliding glass doors is two sashes with one panel that moves back and forth to open and close. But another option would be four sashes where the two middle panes slide open from the center. These are such an elegant addition to the home and are certain to make a statement.

Still not sure what kind of Phoenix, AZ replacement windows you want for your home? You can stop by our showroom and visit with one of our design experts today. They can walk you through all of our top-quality products and help you pinpoint the right options for your style and budget.

Phoenix, AZ windows

Why Do I Want Vinyl Windows?

Did you know that vinyl windows were introduced on the market over thirty years ago? These products have really come a long way. Before vinyl windows, wood and aluminum window frames were the most popular. But now vinyl is taking over and is one of the most popular options for replacement windows. Here are a few reasons why you will want to look more closely at vinyl for Phoenix, AZ windows.

Color and Style Options

Vinyl windows come in every size, shape, and style. Their versatility makes them such a popular option for many homes. Most manufacturers provide vinyl windows in a range of neutral colors with a few bolder options for contrast. You are sure to find the type of window you are looking for.

Weather Resistant

Vinyl windows do not warp, rust, rot, corrode, or fade. These windows hold up well against the elements and are known for their excellent performance. Vinyl windows are also UV resistant, which is important for the local climate.

Energy Efficient

Older windows leak and become inefficient. New vinyl windows help to prevent heat transfer and improve the efficiency of the home. Rooms are more comfortable and the heating and cooling system do not have to work as hard to maintain set temperatures.


Because vinyl windows are made from a construction-grade polyvinyl chloride (PVC) they are built to last. The manufacturers put their products through a series to test to make sure they are only releasing the best products at the right price point. With routine maintenance, most vinyl windows can last about fifteen years or more.

Easy to Clean

Maintenance can be a major chore on older windows, especially when you are looking to find a replacement part or make repairs. Old windows are a lot of work. New, vinyl windows take very little maintenance. And most of the newer window styles feature tilt-in or removable window sashes for easy cleaning both inside and out.

Better Soundproofing

Vinyl windows do more than block heat. They can also stop sound transmission. This is important in areas where noise pollution is a common issue.


Did you know vinyl windows are some of the most affordable products on the market? It is one of the main reasons why vinyl has become so popular over the years.

Quicker Installation

One of the reasons why vinyl windows are so affordable is because of the window installation. Vinyl replacement windows are lighter-weight and more versatile. They are easier for installation crews to anchor in place. Crews can work faster and you can save money on your installation fees as well.

Improves Aesthetics

Want a home to look newer? Replacement windows are one way to improve the aesthetics of the home—making it more attractive. And new vinyl windows have come a long way. They are no longer the bulky frame that looks out of place. These new windows have a slimmer profile and often get mistaken for higher-end windows.

Increases Home Value

Replacement windows don’t just make the home look nice, but can also help increase the value of the home. This home improvement gets you one of the highest returns on your investment when you decide to sell your home.

For more information about vinyl Phoenix, AZ windows, stop by our showroom. You can ask questions and visit our design experts to choose the best products for your home.

Phoenix, AZ replacement windows

6 Cost-Saving Advantages of Replacement Windows

So many homeowners are hesitant to get replacement windows because of the cost. And while it is true that new windows are a large investment, they come with so cost-saving advantages. And from month to month, those savings will continue to add up. So if you are looking for Phoenix, AZ replacement windows, here are some of the amazing benefits you should keep in mind.

1. Provide Energy Savings

The main reason why homeowners start looking for new windows is to improve the insulation in the home. Old windows develop leaks and drafts. And the inefficacy can account for approximately 30% of the energy bill. That is a lot of money, literally flying right out the window. But when upgrading with replacement windows, the insulation technologies are better than ever. The frame material, glazing options, and seals will help protect the home and increase energy savings. It will also mean less wear and tear on your HVAC system.

2. Require Less Maintenance

Old windows can be difficult to keep clean. And oftentimes the operation will start to fail. What happens when they break down and you can’t find the parts for repair? With new windows, maintenance is so easy. Most window frame materials are weather resistant and will not warp, fade, mold, or corrode. Homeowners only need to routinely clean the frames with water and mild detergent. And the modern designs often include removable sashes or tilt-in sashes so homeowners don’t even need to pull out the ladder.

3. Improve Safety and Security

The safety features on old windows are almost non-existent. The frames are flimsy, the glass shatters easily, and the locks and latches are broken or inoperable. New windows can change all of that. They can help secure your home with reinforced window frames. Laminated glass makes the windows stronger and less likely to break on impact. And the locks and latches are even more secure. Replacement windows can help protect your property and your loved ones.

4. Supply Natural Light

Natural light is another major benefit of new windows. Not only does this reduce dependence on artificial lighting and cut costs in that way, but also makes the home feel larger, more spacious, and more attractive.

5. Offer UV Protection

Homeowners often notice the couches, future, rugs, and flooring around the windows start to fade and break down due to exposure to the sun. Harmful UV rays can do a number on the furnishings in the home. But homeowners can upgrade to UV-resistant glazing options that will protect their furnishings so they last even longer.

6. Boost Home Value

For homeowners looking to sell their home, replacement windows can be a good investment. Not only do new windows make the home more attractive to potential buyers, but also increase the value of the home. They are one of the few home improvements that can provide over a 75% return on investment.

There are just some of the cost-saving benefits of Phoenix, AZ replacement windows. For more information about new windows and which ones will work best in your home, visit our showroom today.

Phoenix, AZ windows

6 Things to Consider When Choosing New Windows in the Bathroom

Choosing new windows can be fun and exciting, but it is also a lot to think about. This is especially true when choosing Phoenix, AZ windows for the bathroom. Bathroom windows come with some specific considerations you might not worry about in any other area of the home. Here are the top considerations to keep in mind when you start shopping for replacement windows:

1. Window Material

You want a window frame material that can withstand moisture and humidity. Just think of all the steam you generate from the shower and bathtub. You don’t want it to warp or rot your new windows. Four popular window materials include vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, and wood. Any one of these options could work. But perhaps the best option for water resistance is vinyl. Vinyl windows will not rot, warp, rust, or corrode when exposed to high levels of moisture.

2. Window Size

The size of the window will determine the amount of natural light and the size of the view you can enjoy. But it will also limit the amount of privacy you have. When choosing windows for the bathroom, most homeowners go with smaller sizes that allow them to maintain more privacy while still getting some light and some ventilation. Smaller casement, awning, hopper, and single-hung windows are widely popular in the lavatory.

3. Window Style

Window style is also important to think about. Do you want windows to stay closed? Or do you want them to open and shut? A lot of homeowners want extra ventilation in the bathroom and choose windows that open and close. Some windows perfect for expelling humidity include casement windows, awning windows, and sliding windows. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look at other options for your windows.

4. Window Placement

Where do you want to put your windows? Again, it is important to consider the layout of your bathroom and the best possible location for your replacement windows. Most builders place a window above a bathtub or shower. They also tend to put windows higher up on the walls so the occupants within can maintain some level of privacy.

5. Window Glazing

Insulation is important, especially in the bathroom. That is why it is still a good idea to invest in the right type of glazing to help seal and insulate the room. It will keep the space more comfortable to help increase energy efficiency.

6. Window Transparency

The opacity of the windows in the bathroom is something else to consider. More window manufacturers provide options for etched glass to help obscure the view both inside and out. It is a great option if you want to install larger windows in the bathroom for more daylight, but still want to maintain your privacy.

Need some help choosing the best Phoenix, AZ windows to use in your bathroom? Stop by our showroom to check out our top-quality products and talk to some of our design experts about what options might be best for your home.

Phoenix AZ replacement windows

Popular Windows to Choose From

When shopping for Phoenix, AZ replacement windows, perhaps the most exciting part of the entire project is choosing the style for your new windows. There are so many options at your disposal, and each style is so unique and comes with distinct advantages and disadvantages. Here is a brief rundown of each window style and why you might want to put them in your home.

Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows have a very traditional window style. These feature two sashes hung vertically within the frame. Typically, the upper sash is fixed and the lower sash moves up and down. But some homeowners decide to flip the orientation, especially for safety on upper-story windows. Single-hung windows are a good investment if you want simple windows that are easy to operate, easy to dress and provide some ventilation.

Double-Hung Windows

These are the next level of single-hung windows. Basically, double-hung windows also have two sashes hung vertically within the frame. But with these windows, both sashes move up and down. This means, double-hung windows might look just like single-hung windows, but you can open both the top and the bottom for more natural ventilation.

Horizontal Sliding Windows

Horizontal sliding windows have a simple design and easy operation. As such, they are a staple in many home designs. These windows are affordable, easy to install, easy to open and close, and great for both natural light and ventilation.

Casement Windows

Now we are branching into a new kind of window design. Instead of sashes sliding within the frame, the entire sash swings outward on casement windows. They look and function a lot like a door. Typically, these windows hinge on one side. And they open and close with latches and a hand crank. One consideration for these windows is they do require some extra space outside to open and close.

Awning Windows

Awning windows also swing outward to open, but these windows hinge at the top. They have a more modern design. And the awning created by the window pane makes them perfect to open on rainy days.

Hopper Windows

Hopper windows take the design of awning windows and flip them upside down. These windows hinge at the bottom of the sash. And you can choose hopper windows that push out to open or pull inside. These are not as common as awning windows, because they tend to catch a lot of unwanted debris.

Bay Windows

Bay windows feature multiple window panes arranged as a single unit. These have three panels arranged at certain angles. As such, these windows project outside, giving you a little extra square footage for a nook, benches, or storage.

Bow Windows

Bow windows are similar to bay windows, but have four or more window panes. And the windows are set on more of a curve. These make a statement, but can be difficult to dress.

Garden Windows

As the name suggests, garden windows are meant to house plants. It is like attaching a little greenhouse to your home with a roof, sides, and even shelves made of glass.

Do you need help choosing the right Phoenix, AZ replacement windows for your home? Contact our design experts for a consultation.

Phoenix, AZ windows

8 Serious Dangers of Window Leaks

Leaky windows should always be cause for concern. Not only do air leaks cost you a lot in energy efficiency, but those small gaps often pave the way for bigger problems. If you have moisture leaks you will want to consider new Phoenix, AZ windows. Otherwise, you could be looking at some of these serious dangers.

1. Musty Odors

The first sign of a moisture leak is often musty smells or stale odors, like those you might notice on a new construction building before the work is complete. This is because water is coming in contact with the dry materials. The stale smell will only get worse over time and indicates you need to inspect your windows for leaks.

2. Stains & Discoloration

Signs of moisture leaks will start small. Discoloration, for example, will be hardly noticeable unless you know what to watch for. It might start as spotting or some yellow or brown discoloration. Eventually, the patch will spread and get darker and more noticeable.

3. Peeling Paint

Peeling and bubbling paint or wallpaper is another indicator of a window leak. The moisture seeps into the drywall and the paint loses adhesion. It will bubble up at first, but then, as it dries out the paint will start cracking and flaking.

4. Sagging Drywall

Paint provides a small layer of protection for the drywall. But if paint peels away and the drywall seeps up too much water it will begin to sag and fall apart. So in addition to replacing the window, you might also have to replace part of the wall.

5. Warping Frames

Wood frames are especially susceptible to moisture damage. Old wood frames will start to warp with too much moisture. And there isn’t anything homeowners can do for repairs aside from getting a new window.

6. Mold, Mildew, & Rot

Speaking of rot – moisture and warm conditions often produce mold and mildew. If a window leak lasts long enough, the mold can travel behind the walls and out of sight. And with the growth of molds also comes the production of mold spores that can impact the health and well-being of occupants in your home.

7. Shifting Flooring

Moisture moves downward, flowing towards the lowest possible point. So a leak that originates at the window will eventually progress down the walls and into the floor. So you might notice damage to carpets, vinyl, linoleum, hardwood, and more.

8. Damaged Foundations

Once water passes the flooring, it seeps into the substructures of the home. This could cause serious damage that will result in costly repairs. And this is just another reason why should not wait to replace leaky windows.

Window leaks are dangerous. Not only do you have to worry about discoloration, peeling paint, and mold, but also damage to flooring or rotted foundations. If you notice signs of a window leakc, you will want to get new Phoenix, AZ windows as soon as possible.

Phoenix, AZ replacement windows

9 Signs You Need Replacement Windows

Phoenix, AZ replacement windows might not be at the top of your to-do list. But if you are looking to transform your home, new windows will go a long way. New windows will add more light and ventilation. They will update the aesthetics of your home. They will save you money on energy bills. So while you could put off this home improvement, here are some signs it might be time for new windows:

Your Frames are Weathered & Cracked

If you inspect your window frames, you might see rust, rot, cracking, warping, or other signs of damage. Dilapidated window frames will make your home look older and more run down. New windows will refresh the exterior of your home, like giving your house a facelift.

You Can’t Open & Close Them

As windows age, the operation can get a little sticky. In some cases, you can clean and lubricate the operable parts for easier operation. But if a window is warped or has fallen out of the square, replacement windows are the only way to restore easy window operation.

You Feel a Draft

Air leaks are a common problem for old windows. And drafty rooms in the home are often the result of leaky windows. No matter how hard your HVAC system works, these areas will never be as comfortable as they should be.

Your Energy Bills Skyrocket

As your HVAC system works double-time, you will notice your energy bills shooting through the roof. Not only do you have to worry about paying your bills, but it will also cause more wear and tear on your heating and cooling. With excessive use, you will face more HVAC breakdowns and repairs.

You Have Fogging Between the Glass

Intermittent condensation on the exterior surfaces of your windows isn’t a concern. But fogging between the glass indicates a loss of the inert gas. These windows will no longer insulate as they should.

You Notice Moisture Leaks

Is water coming in through your windows? This is a major cause for concern. You might only notice slight discoloration at first. But without repair, the leak will eventually peel paint from the ways, dampen the drywall, seep down into the floors, and compromise the substructures of your home.

You Need Better Soundproofing

Do you live in a noisy area or on a busy street? The sound can be obnoxious. But with replacement windows, you have the unique opportunity to improve the soundproofing of your home.

You Lack Curb Appeal

Does your home just look old? This could be the direct result of outdated windows. Upgrading to more modern products will boost curb appeal and make your home more appealing.

You Need to Increase Home Value

Are you hoping to list your home in the next couple of years? One of the best improvements you can make is replacement windows. This project will attract prospective buyers and get you a great return on your investment.

Ready to take a look at some new windows? Contact our experts for the best Phoenix, AZ replacement windows.

Phoenix, AZ windows

Top Considerations for Replacement Windows

Replacement windows are an important home improvement. Old windows can leak. They can be difficult to operate. They can be a nightmare to clean and maintain. They can let in a lot of unwanted moisture. Any one of these issues could indicate it is time for new Phoenix, AZ windows. And if you are ready to start the process, there is a lot to think about. Here are some of the most important features to consider when you begin shopping for replacement windows.

1. Frame Material

The frame material is one of the most important decisions you will make when choosing new windows. The material you choose will impact strength, durability, insulation, and longevity. The four most common window materials include vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, and wood. And each material comes with a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. For example, vinyl windows are some of the most affordable and are great insulators. But vinyl windows do not last as long as other window materials and might wear out faster than you would like.

2. Functionality

What do you want your windows to do? If you just want to filter in some light and take advantage of an expansive view, then you might want to look at a picture window. But if you need replacement windows in an area of the home that needs ventilation, then you should think about operable windows that open and close. And if windows are located in a bedroom or other living space, then building codes might require the installation of an egress window.

3. Energy Efficiency

Insulation is one of the main reasons why you might be looking to upgrade your windows. Old windows develop gaps and leaks that could be costing you a lot of money. Updating to products with better energy ratings will help keep your home comfortable and reduce the need for heating and cooling from the HVAC system.

4. Safety & Security

The safety and security features of new windows often get overlooked. But they are not features you want to forget about when you are shopping for new windows. A few things to consider include reinforced window frames, laminated safety glass, and stronger locks and latches. Each of these upgrades will improve the strength and durability of your windows. And they will also help protect your home and keep intruders out.

5. Local Building Codes

When choosing new windows you want to be sure all of the windows you choose fit within the requirements of your local building codes. This is especially true of windows going into bedrooms or living spaces. Local building codes will outline which windows need to function as an escape in case of emergency. These egress windows have a certain size and functionality requirements. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to work with professionals when shopping for new windows.

Ready to get some professional help finding the right Phoenix, AZ windows? Contact our experts today for a no-obligation consultation. We can help you find the right products for your home at the right price for your budget.

Phoenix, AZ replacement windows

Choosing Timeless Replacement Windows

Timeless means choosing products that can withstand the test of time. That is exactly what you should look for when searching for Phoenix, AZ replacement windows. You don’t want windows to be too trendy or too customized. Otherwise, the appeal might wear off and you are left with products you are not one hundred percent happy with.

1. Choose Simpler Window Styles

Looking for new windows with long-lasting style? Choose new windows with simpler designs. Casement windows and sliding windows have been popular for decades and will continue to be a staple in homes for years to come. These windows have simple designs but offer outstanding functionality. And they work in almost any room with almost any type of architectural style. Just because they are basic does not mean they have to be boring. You can easily dress these windows up with unique window treatments that will draw the eye and complement your interior design.

2. Select Classic Colors

With updated technology and materials, windows now come in more colors than ever. Aluminum and fiberglass windows get special powder coatings that come in almost any color under the sun. You can paint wood windows any color you choose. And now even vinyl windows have a range of options to choose from. You might be tempted to go with a bold and brave color like red, green, or orange – but those choices might not hold up for years to come. Classic, neutral colors are safer choices, especially if you are hoping to sell your home in the near future. You don’t want your new windows to be a deterrent for prospective buyers because the color is too bold.

3. Research Energy Efficient Glazing Options

Energy ratings are one of the main reasons why homeowners choose to upgrade their windows. And luckily, energy efficient windows never go out of style. That said, it is important to find the options that are most beneficial to the area where you live. There is no point in paying for technologies that will not provide you with a sufficient return. For example, modern windows come in double-pane and triple-pane configurations. While triple-pane windows do provide more insulation, the savings are usually not worth the cost of that extra pane of glass.

4. Make Safety and Security a Priority

Safety and security used to mean adding ugly bars to the windows as a means of keeping intruders out. Today, security is a lot more covert. Reinforced window frames and safety glass are all features that help boost the strength of these products without drawing unnecessary attention. The same can be said for more robust locking systems and window stops.

Phoenix AZ replacement windows

5. Don’t Get Customized Windows

So many homeowners think they want a wall of windows here or an octagon-shaped window there. Or they want etched privacy glass in ornate designs. All of these customizations might appeal to them now, but will they be able to say the same ten, fifteen, or twenty years down the road? Most high-quality replacement windows can last 30 years or more with the proper care. Imagine paying extra for customized products, and then coming to hate them just five years in. That would almost defeat the purpose of getting Phoenix, AZ replacement windows.

Phoenix, AZ windows

What are Some Challenges to Getting New Windows?

Shopping for new Phoenix, AZ windows can be fun and exciting. Many homeowners look forward to the prospect of upgrading their home and enjoying all the benefits that new windows have to offer. But some homeowners are more resistant to the entire process. They are worried about all the challenges that might arise with replacement windows. Here are some of their biggest worries, and why you shouldn’t let these stop you from getting new windows when you need them.

1. Expense

New windows are an investment, and not something to be taken lightly. But as with most investments, finding the right windows will come with so many benefits. You can enjoy energy savings, more natural light, better security, and improved safety in your home. And if you invest in high-quality products you can get windows that will last for 30 years or more with proper care and maintenance. So yes, this home improvement project is an investment. But it will provide long-term value.

2. Time

Some homeowners worry about all the time it will take to get new windows. It is true, it takes time to find the right company, research the right products, and then wait for those windows to arrive from the manufacturer so the installers can get to work. But every minute you invest in this project helps reduce the risk of getting something wrong. And trust us, this is a project where you want to take your time and get things done right.

3. Mess

Is a replacement window project messy? The answer is yes, and no. Window removal does require some demolition to get the old window out and put the new window in. There will be some dust and debris involved. That said, professional installers come prepared. They lay down sheeting and drop cloths to protect the surfaces of your home. They will take extra care when working inside. They will also clean everything up when the project is complete. The only thing that gets left behind are your beautiful new windows.

4. Exposure

It is easy to worry about the empty holes in your walls when your old windows come out. But the good news is the holes are not empty for long. Installers actually work window by window. They will remove one old window and immediately replace it with the new one. It depends on the size and style of the window, but it takes most teams an hour or less to get the old window out and the new window in. That does not leave your home open to the elements for very long. And crews use sheeting to protect the opening in cases of inclement weather.

Phoenix AZ windows

5. Changes

Some homeowners are resistant to change. They like their old windows just fine and don’t want to deal with learning the ways of new products. Good news! There are so many different windows on the market, you are sure to find something that is a close match to the types of windows you already have. So if you are attached to the aesthetic and operation of your old windows you can still find Phoenix, AZ windows to match that design.

Phoenix, AZ replacement windows

Windows to Promote Better Ventilation

When choosing new windows for the home it is important to keep ventilation in mind. When the home has sufficient natural ventilation you will enjoy a fresher and more comfortable interior. It will help save energy bills, improve air quality, and keep the interior environment from getting too humid. Not sure which Phoenix, AZ replacement windows you need for better ventilation? Here are a few of the top styles we recommend.

1. Bow or Bay Windows

Both of these projection windows feature multiple panes set at an angle. Bow windows have four or more panels set on a curve. Bay windows have three panels set at angles. Either way, these types of windows can catch breezes from different directions. That way you can open both sides and catch cross breezes to foster some natural circulation. These windows are also eye-catching additions to any room and will fill it with both fresh air and natural light.

2. Awning Windows

These window designs are amazing when you stop and think about it. The sash on these windows hinges at the top of the window frame. You push the sash outward to open it for ventilation, and the glass creates a little awning over the opening. This means you can open awning windows even if it is raining outside. So many people choose to install awning windows in their home in rooms where ventilation is necessary, like in the kitchen, bathroom, or utility room.

3. Casement Windows

These window styles are a lot like awning windows. Unfortunately, these do not get a little roof over the opening. Instead, these windows hinge at the side of the frame. They operate on a hand crank and open and close much like a door. While not as nifty as awning windows, casement windows still have a valuable place on the market. These windows can open just a crack or swing fully open for ventilation. And these windows are unique in that you can benefit from the entire window opening, not just half of it.

4. Double-Hung Windows

Thinking you need more traditional window styles? It doesn’t get any more traditional than double-hung windows. These windows perform on a system of springs and balances that allow you to move and adjust both of the sashes up and down inside the frame. That means you can open both the top and the bottom at the same time, creating natural air circulation. Humid, stale air escapes out the top of the window. Cool, fresh air comes in through the bottom opening. With these windows, you will rely even less on your ceiling fans and HVAC system to move the air.

5. Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a standard in almost every home. This is because the simple design allows for larger, wider windows making more light and ventilation possible. Horizontal sliding windows open just a crack or open all the way, and don’t require any extra space outside to open.

Phoenix, AZ replacement windows

Ready to get more ventilation in your home with Phoenix, AZ replacement windows? Contact our experts today for a consultation.

Phoenix, AZ windows

Most Common Causes of Leaky Windows

There are so many reasons why your Phoenix, AZ windows might leak. The most common problem is faulty installation. But it could also mean the window is worn out or has worn-out parts. If a window is leaking, you need to take it seriously. If not addressed immediately, a small problem could end up damaging the substructures of the home. Here are some common causes of window leaks to help you figure out the problem and get things fixed.

1. Faulty Installation

When getting replacement windows, installation is such an important facet of the process. Window installation takes time, training, and the proper tools to get the job done right. Many homeowners try to DIY the project and in short order, they end up with leaky windows.

2. Windows Not Plumb or Level

Another common cause of leaks is a window that is not plumb or level. Again, this traces back to the installation and making sure measurements are exact. Otherwise, a window that is not properly leveled will begin to collect and accumulate water.

3. Poor Seals on Windows

Expanding foam is one of the most common ways to seal windows. If used correctly, the expanding foam helps avoid leaky windows. But too little foam could leave air channels that open between the window and the wall. These will eventually allow water to come through.

4. Unsecured Caulking

Caulking serves as the initial barrier against leaks. The material needs to be intact. But with time and weather exposure, caulking can wear out and break down. And you might start to notice it peeling away from the windows, leaving them unsecured. If the caulk is damaged, broken, or missing you should try to reseal the area as soon as possible.

5. Neglected Paint Seal

A paint seal is another way to enact an initial barrier against moisture leaks. This means the paint overlaps slightly onto the glass. The continuous membrane will create a seal to stop water penetration and ensure moisture protection. Professional painters know and practice this.

6. Poor Glass Seal

Have you noticed a collection of condensation between the panes of glass on your windows? This means the seals on the insulated glazing units have failed. The inert gas has likely leaked out and these windows are no longer working at peak performance. A bad glass sea is not something you can fix without getting a replacement window.

7. Lack of Proper Overhangs on the House

Home design can also contribute to window leaks. Windows need a proper overhang to protect against water draining off the roof.

8. Problematic Fascia Boards

Fascia boards are another aspect of home design that need to be properly angled to direct water away from the windows. If they are not angled right, this can cause leaks.

9. Defective Products

While less common, defective products can be a cause of window leaks and should not be disregarded. Nothing is more frustrating than getting new windows in place only to discover you already have cracked glass or a leaky frame.

Phoenix AZ windows

10. Possible Wall Leaks

Have staining around your window? Maybe it isn’t a window leak, but a wall leak. Check the walls before sealing any cracks and gaps.

Do you have leaky Phoenix, AZ windows? This problem won’t solve itself. You need to figure out the cause of the leak and address it as soon as possible if you want to protect your home.

Phoenix, AZ windows

Window Buying Mistakes to Avoid

If you buy a fall sweater and you don’t love it, then you can return it. But the same can’t be said for new Phoenix, AZ windows. When it comes to buying new windows you want to be sure that you don’t regret your purchase. So here are some of the most common window buying mistakes you will want to avoid.

Replacing a Window with the Exact Same Style

When shopping for new windows, you don’t always have to go with the exact same style you already have. In fact, getting replacement windows is the perfect opportunity to finally get the windows you really want. So take the time and get educated about the different window styles and frame materials. This will help you discover all the different options at your disposal so you can choose new windows that you will really love.

Not Considering Price vs Cost

Many homeowners are tempted to get the cheapest windows they can find. But in an effort to save money they do not realize that the builder-grade windows they chose will only last about five years before needing to replace them again. It is better to spend a little more money upfront on a higher quality product that will last longer and provide you with a better, long-term value.

Forgetting Building Codes or HOA Requirements

Do you know the local building codes or HOA requirements for your neighborhood? If not, it is time to get familiar. While most window companies will help with this kind of research, it is better to go in knowing the restrictions so you don’t make the mistake of purchasing the wrong type of window.

Ignoring Security and Maintenance

Security and maintenance are both important features of new windows. You want to make sure your new windows will help protect your home and make it a safer place to live. You also want to be sure that maintenance on your new windows isn’t going to cost you more than the products themselves. Fortunately, most modern windows are made of reinforced material that is durable, weather resistant, and does not warp or corrode with time.

Choosing Aesthetics over Functionality

Sure, you want your new windows to look good. But you do not want to sacrifice functionality for looks. A good window will look good and provide you with the type of natural light and ventilation you need for your space. There are a variety of window styles and colors to choose from. You are sure to find something to suit your needs and budget.

Not Understanding What Voids a Window Warranty

When shopping for replacement windows you want to be sure you talk to the window company about warranty coverage. You can tell a company stands by their products and service when they offer true lifetime coverage on their windows and their installation. You will also want to ask all the questions you can about what will void the warranty, so you don’t end up having to pay if the windows break down prematurely.

Hiring Inexperienced Installers or Choosing DIY Installation

Proper installation is a key component of replacement windows. If the job isn’t done right, the window will fail. So you want to make sure you are working with window professionals who receive training directly from the manufacturer. They will get the job done right.

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7 Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Windows

When it comes to the protective exterior envelope of the home, windows are often the weakest point. It is true that most burglars gain access to the house through an unlocked door. But damaged, broken, or unprotected windows can also make the home vulnerable. Security on Phoenix, AZ windows should be taken seriously. And here are some tips you can use to help burglar-proof your home.

1. Keep Windows in Good Working Order

With time windows will wear out and break down. This can attract the attention of would-be home invaders and put you and your loved ones at risk. So you want to inspect your windows at least once a month and make sure all of the components are in good working order. And if anything wears out or breaks down you will want to get that window repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

2. Pay Attention to Areas around Windows

You also want to make sure the areas around your windows are left visible. This could mean trimming back any tree branches or bushes that obstruct the view from the street. This will make intruders much warier of burglarizing the home.

3. Upgrade the Window Locks

Old windows do not have the same locking technologies as newer windows. They were made of flimsy material that is not likely to withstand the test of time. But upgrading to a more reliable window lock will go a long way towards protecting the home and your possessions.

4. Upgrade the Glazing

Glazing on new windows comes with several different upgrades that can improve safety and security. Tempered glass is more durable and difficult to shatter. Laminated glass can shatter, but the film on the glass keeps the window largely intact. And impact-resistant glass is extremely difficult to break so you don’t have to worry about the typical smash-and-grab.

5. Ensure Windows Work with the Security System

Do you have a home security system? This can do a lot to help protect your home. But you want to be sure your windows are connected to your security system. That way you can receive alerts any time a window opens or closes.

6. Don’t Forget the Basement Windows

Basement windows are often out of sight and out of mind. This makes them especially vulnerable. You will want to make sure the locking and security features on these windows are even more robust. That might mean installing new locks or investing in other security upgrades.

7. Consider Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting is another way to protect your windows and your home. Intruders like to hide in dark corners of the yard and around the home. Illuminating these areas with exterior lights can help scare them off. And if you don’t want lights on all the time—consider installing them on motion sensors.

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What do you think? Are you ready to implement some of these upgrades to help burglar-proof your Phoenix, AZ windows? Contact our window experts today to see what you can do to make your home safer and more secure.

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Questions to Ask Your Windows Salesperson

Getting new Phoenix, AZ windows is a large investment. And you want to do all you can to get the job done right. This includes getting answers to all of your questions before deciding to work with a specific company. Here are a few questions you should have on hand to ask your window salesperson.

How Long have you Been in Business?

When it comes to replacement windows, experience is everything. When working with a young company you run the risk of something going terribly wrong. Or them bolting as soon as they have their money. You want to find an established company that has been in the business for 20 years or more. This will significantly reduce your risk as a customer.

Do You Have a List of References?

Any experienced window provider should have a long list of happy clients. Not only should they be able to provide you with photographs of their work, but also provide you with a list of customers you can contact upon request. These references will give you a good idea about the quality of service as well as the finished product you can expect.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

Legally, all window companies should be licensed and insured. This means they have passed the examination to operate in the area and will also be able to cover any on-the-job accidents or miscalculations.

What Brands and Products Do You Offer?

There is no reason to move forward with a company that cannot offer you the brands and products you are looking for. Luckily, most window companies offer a wide selection of window styles from different manufacturers and in different materials. You are sure to find something that works perfectly with your home and budget.

Is there a Showroom?

Ask the salesperson if there is a showroom you can visit. This will allow you a chance to interact with products in person. It will also give you the opportunity to speak with other employees and get a feel for the type of customer service you can expect from the company.

Who are Your Installers?

A reliable window company will not hire a third party for window installation. They will accomplish the entire project, from start to finish, in-house. This means they will have their own crews of trained installers who get their education directly from the manufacturers.

Do I Get a Detailed Quote?

Every window company will send you home with a quote. But not every company will outline all of the detailed costs of the project. You don’t want to be surprised later by hidden fees for labor and old window disposal. Instead, ask for a detailed quote upfront.

How Long will the Project Take?

Most professional companies will be able to give you an estimate on how the long project will take. Usually, you can expect about 12-18 weeks for custom windows to arrive from the manufacturer. There may be unforeseen circumstances that arise, but for the most part, you should be able to get a reasonably accurate timetable.

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What is Your Warranty Coverage?

Want to know if a company stands by its products and service? Check out their warranty. A true lifetime warranty on products and services will tell you all you need to know about a Phoenix, AZ windows company. Contact us today to find out more about our products and service.

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7 Benefits of Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a standard in many homes. They are a good choice because of the potential benefits of this type of Phoenix, AZ windows. Not sure if sliding windows are the right choice for your home? Here are just some of the essential advantages to keep in mind while shopping.

What is a Sliding Window?

A sliding window features two sashes—a fixed sash and a movable sash. The moveable sash slides back and forth on window tracks. The mechanics are fairly simple, but sliding windows come with several different benefits.

1. Easy to Install

Sliding windows are easy to install. They are easy to maneuver and do not project outside of the wall. Installers will be able to get the old window out and the new window in rather quickly without much fuss.

2. Easy to Use

Sliding windows are also known as gliding windows or horizontal sliders. This is because one sash glides back and forth. The easy operation makes these windows super easy to use without the risk of more advanced mechanical parts.

3. Easy to Clean

Most modern sliding windows have a removable sash. This means you can take it out of the frame for cleaning and maintenance. Not only is it easier but it is also safer because you won’t have to haul out the ladder to clean your second-story windows.

4. Plenty of Natural Light

Natural light will make a room feel larger and more welcoming. Sliding windows are a great option for natural light because they are usually larger installations. The expansive glass panels will also open up a beautiful view.

5. Lots of Ventilation

You have full control over ventilation when you choose sliding windows. You can open them just a crack, or open them all the way. And because sliding windows are so large, they provide plenty of ventilation.

6. Good Energy Efficiency

The most energy-efficient window styles are picture windows. The next most efficient are single sash windows like casement windows, awning windows, and hopper windows. But sliding windows are still energy efficient. They will help protect the home against air and moisture leaks. And with the right glazing options, they will block plenty of thermal transmittances.

7. Longer Lasting

Eventually, the hinges and pulleys and springs on other window styles will wear out and break down. The sliding mechanism on sliding windows is more durable. These components are less likely to break down and are something to consider if you are looking to get new windows that will last.

Where Should You Install Sliding Windows?

Sliding windows can be an asset in almost any room in the house. You can install larger picture windows in the family room, living area, or kitchen to maximize natural light. They work great in areas that require ventilation like the kitchen and bathroom. They are also a good installation in bedrooms and basements because the right size will qualify as an egress window.

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Tips for Choosing Bathroom Windows

The home is one of the most valuable assets you own. And there are so many ways to enhance curb appeal, increase value, update functionality, and create the house you envision. You can make updates to the kitchen, bedrooms, living areas, and bathrooms. But most people forget to think about getting Phoenix, AZ windows and what that simple update can do for the home. Ready to renovate your bathroom? Here are a few tips to consider when choosing new windows for this area in the home.

Remember Ventilation

Does your bathroom continue to have a dank, damp smell? This is because the bathroom provides the best conditions for mold growth. And this is why natural ventilation is key. You want to be sure you install an operable window at least somewhere in the bathroom to let out excess moisture and humidity. And choosing a window style that provides maximum airflow will help keep mold away and the bathroom smell fresh. Some of the best windows for ventilation include casement windows, awning windows, and double-hung windows.

Consider the Right Frame Material

Not every window frame material can work well in the bathroom. The moist and humid conditions could ruin wood because even with appropriate seals it is so prone to water damage. You need to think about frame materials with higher resistance to water. These materials are durable, efficient, and will not warp or rot under humid conditions. Some of the best options for bathroom windows include vinyl and fiberglass.

Measure for the Proper Size

Most bathrooms are small and there is not a ton of allotted space for larger windows. And the size of the window can directly impact the perceived size and space of the room. You definitely want to choose a window that is large enough to let in natural light and provide plenty of ventilation. But you don’t want it too big where it takes up all of the space on the wall.

Check on Privacy

The size of the window you choose can also have an impact on privacy. And privacy in the bathroom is not something you want to sacrifice for the sake of style. Every single bathroom window should take privacy into account. And if you do choose larger window installations for the bathroom, you might want to think about etched glass or window coverings. There are so many ways to maintain privacy while still filtering in plenty of natural sunlight.

Choose the Right Window Style

The style has a lot to do with how the window looks. Do you want tall, vertically oriented windows? Or do you want wider, horizontally oriented windows? Do you want windows with multiple sashes? Or windows with just one sash? With new windows, the sky is the limit. And when figuring out what window style you want you should think about the décor, the design, and the functionality.

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Choosing the right Phoenix, AZ windows for the bathroom means knowing your needs and your style. Not sure how to navigate all of the products and technologies on the market? Our experts can help!

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Why Hire Professionals to Install New Windows?

The DIY movement is growing in popularity as a rising number of homeowners turn to tutorials and videos to help tackle their home improvement projects. Instead of hiring a professional, they are trying to get the job done on their own, from small updates to large-scale renovations. The truth is, hiring an expert for the replacement of Phoenix, AZ windows will save money in the long run. Here are just a few reasons why homeowners should hire professionals.

Years of Experience

Replacing windows is complex. It is a task that requires the right skills and training to get the job done right. Hiring a professional means benefiting from direct training from the manufacturer and their years of experience doing the same thing, day in and day out.

Updated on Industry Advancements

Windows constantly evolve. Through the years new technologies and advancements come to light, especially with installation procedures. Professionals don’t just stop at learning to install certain windows. They continually update their skills based on what is happening with the latest trends and standards in the industry.

Prepared for the Job

It would take a laundry list of supplies and several trips to the home improvement store to gather all the proper tools and supplies for window installation. This isn’t the best investment for homeowners who will only tackle this project once in a lifetime. Hiring professionals means they already have the right tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Spot Pre-Existing Issues

On the job site, professional window crews know exactly what to look for to spot potential problems. This includes any pre-existing problems like cracks in the outer wall or broken seals that could cause windows to leak. They can identify the underlying issue and resolve any potential problems before they become an issue for the homeowner.

Take Precise Measurements

Much of window installation involves precision—precise measurements for fitting the window, precise measurements for balancing and squaring the window, and precise measurements for the amount of caulk and insulation. The slightest miscalculation could be disastrous.

Ensure Proper Installation

Poor window installation will lead to premature window failure. In fact, improper installation is the leading cause of leaks, seal failure, moisture damage, and worse. Poorly installed windows can even become entirely dislodged. Not something a homeowner ever wants to come home to.

Complete the Whole Project in Less Time

Expert installation crews can work quickly. It only takes them about 45 minutes to an hour to remove an old window and replace it with the new one. Most projects only take two days to complete. And the homeowner isn’t left with any of the old windows or the mess.

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Provide Installation Warranties

Perhaps most importantly, professionals can guarantee their work. A solid warranty remains intact if the windows are installed by factory-trained crews. That way, if something does go wrong, the homeowners are saved from the cost of replacements or repairs.

Hiring a professional for the installation of new windows is important, even crucial. It is the only way to get the job done right for new Phoenix, AZ windows. Want help with your project? Contact our window experts today for a hassle-free quote.

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Best Window Styles for Modern Homes

Modern architecture is constantly evolving. And too often there isn’t a consensus on what constitutes modern design. That said, most contemporary styles seem to always share a focus on balancing functionality, simplicity, and boldness. With modern design, you can often expect clean lines, geometric shapes, natural elements, and simplicity. How can you implement a modern design with Phoenix, AZ windows? Here are a few of the most popular styles to consider:

Casement Windows

The clean lines and minimalistic look of casement windows make them perfect for modern design. These windows have a single sash. The sash hinges at one side of the window frame and opens outward with the turning of a crank. Casement windows provide plenty of natural light as well as ventilation. These windows work well in living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. They are also easy to pair with other windows for a more expansive outside view.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are very similar to casement windows. The main difference is awning windows hinge at the top of the frame and the bottom pushes out to open. They get their name because the sash creates a little roof over the window opening. This allows the occupants to open awning windows even on rainy days. This makes them great for ventilation. Awning windows can be installed in basements, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. They can also partner with other window styles for larger installations.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows have two sashes instead of just one. One, or both of the sashes can slide back and forth on a track to open and close for ventilation. The simple operation and design of these windows make them perfect for modern design. And these windows do not require any additional space to open and close. These windows are popular in living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. And because they can come in larger styles, these windows are perfect for expansive views and natural light.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are usually considered some of the more traditional styles on the market. But they can also work well in modern and contemporary architecture. To give these windows a more modern aesthetic simply get rid of any grids and grilles. This will open up the glass for more daylight and a better view of the outdoors.

Picture Windows

Picture windows can be simple or ornate, depending on the features you choose. For modern design, it is better to focus on larger windows and smaller frames. Pairing large picture windows with casement or awning windows will give you the best light and ventilation.

Corner Windows

Want windows that make a statement? A more unique option for replacement windows would be installing a corner window. These offer up an even more expansive view and let in light from both sides. Corner windows work well in offices, libraries, and living spaces.

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There are so many different styles and combinations you can use to make Phoenix, AZ windows more modern. Call our experts today for help finding the right products for your home.

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Big Window Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Are you ready for some new Phoenix, AZ windows? Investing in replacement windows is exciting, but also stressful. There are so many things that could go wrong. If you want your project to be seamless, here are a few of the big window buying mistakes you should do everything you can to avoid.

Buying the Same Exact Windows

Do not fall into the trap of thinking you need to replace your old windows with new products in the exact same style. If you do not like the way an old window looks or operates, take this as an opportunity to make some changes. You can update the style and make the window opening smaller or larger depending on your needs and tastes. And with so many options available, you are sure to find a replacement window that works best for you.

DIY Installation

Many homeowners see DIY home improvement projects as a great way to save money. But no amount of tutorials or videos will make you an expert in window installation. Not to mention, installing your old windows will likely void the product warranty. Removing old windows and replacing them with new ones is complex work. And there is no margin for error. This is one home improvement project best left to the experts. Their training, skill, and experience are the only ways to guarantee the proper installation of replacement windows.

Forgetting about Safety and Security

When upgrading your windows it is important to consult the local building codes. Certain areas of the home require specific types of windows for safety. For example, all bedrooms must have an egress window that operates as an exit in case of an emergency. Thus, these windows need to open and also be a certain size. Another thing to remember is the safety and security upgrades on modern windows. These technologies include reinforced window frames, multiple panes, and special coatings that make the glass impact resistant. You don’t want to forget to think about any of these important window features.

Making Decisions Based Solely on Cost

When shopping for replacement windows, low-cost options may seem like the most attractive. After all, who doesn’t want to save money? But the fact of the matter is, you get exactly what you pay for. And if the price seems too good to be true, then it most likely is. Cheaper windows are likely a lower-quality product that will not last. So while you may save some money upfront, these types of products will end up costing you more in the long run when you have to get them replaced in just five years. It is better to spend a little more on a higher-quality product that provides you with a lot more value. Things to consider include energy savings, durability, security, and longevity. All of these add up to better quality and greater value.

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Buying new Phoenix, AZ windows should be exciting. It can change the way your home looks, feels, and functions. Not only are you improving curb appeal but also increasing the value of your home. But you need to find the right windows and get them installed correctly. Luckily, our window experts can help.