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5 Reasons to Update Bedroom Windows

The bedroom should be a place of solace and relaxation. And every aspect of your room should be curated to make it feel comfortable and cozy. Getting replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ for the bedroom can have a dramatic impact. They can give you a great view, but still, protect your privacy when you need it. They can also let invaluable daylight, but also help you sleep soundly at night. If windows have worn out and deteriorated over the years, then these might be a few reasons why you should update your bedroom windows:

1. Energy Efficiency

Insulation and efficiency are some of the leading reasons why homeowners choose to update their windows. During winter you want your windows to allow radiant heat from the sun to warm your home. But in summer you want windows that keep the cool air inside where it belongs. Modern window technologies improve the insulation on new windows. A few advancements include insulated frames, double or triple glazing, inert gas fills, and special coatings on the glass. These combine to keep your room comfortable while reducing the cost of heating and cooling.

2. Enhance Design

Windows contribute to the overall design of a room as well as the aesthetics of the outside. Outdated and dilapidated windows can make the room and the rest of the home look shabby. An upgrade can help improve aesthetics and design. You can experiment with different frame materials, window styles, and glazing options. But when choosing new windows it is important to blend them with the architectural style of the home.

3. Weather Resistance

Extreme weather, like intense heat, can accelerate the deterioration of windows. This could put you and your family at risk. Upgrading will restore the weather resistance of windows and equip your home with the highest standards of protection. In this area, it is important to not take weather conditions lightly and be sure to watch your home windows for signs of damage.

4. Promote Better Sleeping

The thermal environment of the bedroom dramatically impacts sleep. As you sleep, your body temperature drops as your body loses heat to reach an ideal temperature. Most experts say an ideal room temperature for sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees. Well-insulated windows will help ensure your bedroom maintains the optimal temperatures for sleeping.

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5. Improve Ventilation

Natural ventilation is good for your health and well-being. This is why it is important to have windows that help promote ventilation. It keeps moisture and pollutants at bay and helps lessen the risk of dust mites, bacteria, and mold growth. Upgrading to larger windows or window styles that promote better ventilation can have a big impact on comfort and humidity in the bedroom.

To help find the right replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ contact Freelite Inc. Our experts have over 30 years of experience. We can help you find the right product at the right price with a hassle-free way to buy.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Get to Know Different Types of Replacement Windows

Do you need new windows in your home? Not sure where to start? You are not alone. When shopping for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ it is important to get familiar with the basic options. Armed with knowledge then you can start designing the perfect replacement window project for your home. So to help you out here is a quick and informative guide to some of the most popular window styles:

1. Picture Windows

Picture windows are fixed, meaning they do not open and close. They come in a variety of sizes and almost any shape. These windows are useful for getting more daylight in a room and opening up a more expansive view. They can work well in almost any area of the home.

2. Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are vertical windows with two sashes. One stays fixed while the other slides up and down inside the frame. These windows are good for ventilation and natural light. They work well alone, or in combination with other window styles. Homeowners often install these windows in common living spaces because they are easy to operate and do not take up any extra room to open and close.

3. Double-Hung Windows

These are much like single-hung windows, except both of the sashes move up and down inside the frame. These windows are ideal for ventilation because you can open both the top and bottom simultaneously. This forces warm, stale air out the top while drawing fresh air in through the bottom. Again, these windows can work in almost any area of the home, but homeowners often choose them for living spaces, kitchens, and bedrooms.

4. Horizontal Sliding Windows

These are some of the most traditional window styles. They are also a bit more affordable because there are not as many mechanical parts to worry about. On sliding windows, one sash moves back and forth across a fixed sash. They are good for light and ventilation and are often large enough to function as an egress window. For these reasons, homeowners often install sliding windows in bedrooms and other living spaces.

5. Casement Windows

Casement windows do not slide open, but rather swing open. These windows have hinges to one side and the window often swings outward with the use of a hand crank. These windows are ideal for ventilation, and can even catch breezes that blow along the side of the house. And because of the easy operation with the hand crank, homeowners can install casement windows in hard to reach places like above the kitchen sink or behind the sofa.

6. Awning Windows

Awning windows are similar to casement windows. While casements have hinges to the side, awning windows actually hinge at the top. They push out to open and the sash creates a little roof over the window opening. Again, these windows are great for ventilation because you can still open them on rainy days and not worry about water getting inside. That said, because these windows do a project outside to open, they are not the best to install along with patios, porches, and walkways.

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7. Bay and Bow Windows

Speaking of projection windows, bay and bow windows are popular installations that add space and character to a home. These are actually a set of windows installed as a single unit. Bay windows feature three windows set on an angle and bow windows feature four or more windows set on a curve. These larger window installations are often reserved for formal sitting rooms, master bedrooms, and breakfast nooks.

For more information about finding the right replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ and the different window styles, do not hesitate to contact the experts at Freelite Inc.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Common Problems with Vinyl Replacement Windows

Homeowners in the market for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ often go with vinyl windows because they are one of the most popular and affordable options on the market. They are durable, weather resistant, and easy to install. But while vinyl windows come with several benefits, there are some issues homeowners will need to be prepared to watch out for. These are some of the most common problems with vinyl windows:

1. Less Glass Area

One thing homeowners might not consider is the glass area on their windows, especially if they are changing materials. Aluminum and fiberglass windows have more strength and can hold larger panes on narrower frames. This makes windows look slimmer and more modern, and also opens up the view. But vinyl windows often have wider frames so homeowners lose some of their viewing areas.

2. Seal Failure

Vinyl windows are not as rigid as other materials. All windows will shrink in cold and expand in heat, but vinyl windows expand more than seven times as much as the glass of the windowpane. This can cause the seal between the glass and the vinyl frame to fail early. And with vinyl windows, the likelihood of this problem increases with larger window sizes. And once a seal fails on a vinyl window it cannot be repaired.

3. Warping

Certain window materials are prone to warping, like vinyl. High-quality vinyl windows can withstand warping for almost ten years. But even the best vinyl windows will begin to soften and distort when temperatures reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit. That is not an unfeasible temperature between the panes and the drapes on a hot, sunny day in Arizona. And when windows warp they start to sag and can become more difficult to open and close. It is certainly something to watch for when purchasing vinyl windows.

4. Neglected Maintenance

Vinyl windows are low maintenance, but that does not mean zero maintenance. It is still important for homeowners to routinely inspect, clean, and maintain vinyl windows. But this doesn’t mean using harsh cleaners, abrasives, or power washers. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when cleaning and maintaining windows to prolong the life of the products and keep the warranty intact.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

5. Stripped Window Cranks

On casement and awning windows it is possible to strip the cranks if homeowners tighten the vinyl window too much. Tightening the crank does not make a tighter seal. That is what the locks and latches do as they pull the sash against the frame and secure it in place. Instead, tightening the crank too much will only strip the mechanism, and eventually, it will stop performing properly. This is even more common on vinyl windows.

Not all vinyl windows are created equal. This is important for homeowners to keep in mind. There are different products on the market, at different price points. The higher quality products will cost more but also provide better insulation and last longer. If the installation is good, vinyl replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ can last for 20 years or more.

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Tips for Getting a Brighter Home

Many Arizona residents worry that more daylight in the home also means more heat. That is why so many homes have small windows that often get covered with blinds or drapes. This can make the inside of the home feel dark, cramped, and dreary. A lack of daylight can also decrease productivity, reduce focus, impact mood, and disrupt healthy sleeping patterns. Fortunately, with a few updates like replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ, you can get more daylight in the home without the added temperature.

Why is a Bright Home More Beautiful?

Natural light is very appealing, especially in the home. Light from windows gives the perception of added height and space. It makes a room feel larger, cleaner, and more welcoming. It also helps reduce the need for artificial lighting. This is why homes with plenty of daylight often have a higher value and are more appealing to prospective buyers. If your home feels a bit dark, here are some tips you can use to make it feel brighter.

Try Lighter Color Palates

Lighter colors reflect light instead of absorbing it. That is why homes painted and furnished in lighter colors often feel brighter even though they might have less natural light. So you should use lighter colors wherever possible—on walls, floors, furnishings, etc. This does not mean to make everything white. Instead, consider light neutrals that will still bring interest and variety to the space. Even furniture in lighter hues can help brighten up a room.

Less Opaque Window Treatments

Many homeowners in Arizona favor thicker window treatments to help absorb unwanted heat gains from the windows. In turn, they lose a lot of natural light. Fortunately, there are so many window treatments on the market that give you better control over both light and heat. One example is solar shades. The unique honeycomb shape of these windows helps trap heat so it does not enter the home. But the shades themselves can be sheer and filter in plenty of natural light.

Cut Glass Solutions

Etched glass is another design option to consider. These products filter in a lot of light, but still obscure the view inside so you can maintain privacy. And with so many styles and design options, it is easy to find a solution that complements the style of your home.

Smoother or Lighter Flooring

Traditional dark flooring absorbs a lot of light. It also tends to draw the eye downward. A better solution is smoother flooring in lighter colors. But it is important to find a solution that does not show the dirt and works well for your personal cleaning and maintenance routines.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Replacement Windows

Modern windows have new insulating technologies so you can get larger windows and larger panes of glass without the concern for added heat. The technologies include more panes of glass, inert gas fills, and special glass coatings that repel heat but still allow plenty of visible light to shine through.

For help finding the best replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ contact the experts at Freelite, Inc.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

When Should I Consider Replacement Windows?

Replacing windows in your home is a big investment, and most homeowners hold off on the project as long as they can. What they may not realize is that keeping old windows too long can be just as expensive. It is better to get new windows when the timing is right. The following circumstances are when you should think about getting replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ:

1. Windows are More than 20 Years Old

Windows do not last forever. Most have a 15 to 20-year lifespan before it is time for replacements. Around this age, they start to develop leaks, cracks, dents, or warped frames. You might notice condensation between the panes or distorted glass. All of these indicate it is time for new windows.

2. You Want a More Comfortable House

Outdated windows could be the reason you are so uncomfortable in your home. As windows age, the weather-stripping wears out, seals break down, and gaps develop in the assembly. These leaks can really drive up your heating and cooling costs as the HVAC system runs constantly to keep up with the energy losses. Modern windows have new technologies that provide superior protection against leaks and heat transfer.

3. Windows are Difficult to Operate

Old windows made of wood, vinyl, or aluminum tend to swell, rot, or warp with age which can interfere with window operation. If windows are sticky on the tracks or do not swing open on the hinges, it is more than just an inconvenience. An inoperable window can also be a safety hazard. Brand new windows will restore full functionality.

4. You Want to Boost Security

Old windows do not have many features to speak of when it comes to safety and security. They are more likely to dent, break, rust, or be forced open from the outside. New windows have advanced technologies like reinforced frames, multi-point locking systems, and safety glass. These features combine to make windows safer and more secure than ever.

5. Windows are Outdated and Out of Style

Aesthetics may not be a top priority, but they are still something to consider. Outdated windows can make the rest of the home look drab and out of style. But updating windows can give the entire home a facelift, both inside and out. The updated style will make the home feel new again.

6. You Plan to Sell Your Home

Because old windows are often faded, fogged, or dilapidated they can impede curb appeal and have a huge impact on the perceived value of your home. If you plan on selling your home in the next few years, getting replacement windows is an advisable investment. New windows will grab the attention of prospective buyers and get you one of the best returns on your investment.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

If the timing is right for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ then contact Freelite, Inc. Our experts provide an easy, no-hassle way to purchase new windows. We carry top of the line products and provide installation with the highest standards of excellence. Complete customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Unique Replacement Windows that Make a Statement

One way to immediately add value to your home is with replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. And experimenting with unique window designs can help enhance the look of your home and bring new life into your space. Here are a few unique options you might not have considered for your replacement window project:

1. Corner Window Placement

Cramped bedrooms are a common problem for homeowners. This is because most bedrooms are located in the back corners of the house, especially homes with an open floorplan living space. One way to make a bedroom feel brighter and larger is by taking advantage of corner windows. It will add the illusion of more space and bring more light and fresh air into the room. Double-hung windows or sliding windows are great options for this type of installation.

2. Awning Windows

Need more air circulation in some rooms but don’t want to sacrifice a lot of wall space? Awning windows are a great option for added ventilation because they can open, even on rainy days. They are also great windows for hard to reach places like above the cabinets or above other windows. You can place awning windows higher up on the wall and still have access to light and ventilation. Looking to make a statement? Install an oversized awning window from the kitchen along the porch or patio for an outdoor serving area.

3. Wall of Windows

A wall of floor-to-ceiling windows is stunning and dramatic, but it can also be intimidating and expensive to install. A simpler alternative is to partner windows, either lining them up side by side or stacking them. The result is an impressive window display at a more affordable price point and simpler installation.

4. Row of Casement Windows

These window styles hinge to one side and like a door, they swing inward or outward to open. They are a vastly popular window style because they work well with almost any home design. But most people don’t consider installing a row of casement windows. Lining them up in a two-lite, three-lite, four-lite configuration will bring a lot of needed light and ventilation into space. Homeowners can even install two casement windows inside a single frame for windows that open like French doors for additional interest.

5. Cut Glass Designs

Cut glass is an old-world design that is making a steady comeback. These are great for windows where you want plenty of light, but still want to maintain privacy. The etched or cut glass comes in several different designs, some simple and modern, others more elaborate. It is a great way to enhance the look of your windows both inside and out.

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Replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ are highly customizable. And adding unique designs and window details to your home can have a dramatic effect. If you are ready to bring new light and life to your space, start by contacting the experts at Freelite Inc. They can help you find the best window solutions for your home and for your budget.

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Advantages of Casement Replacement Windows

When choosing replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ it is important to pin down the right window style. The operational style of the window will impact the form and function of new windows. But there are so many options on the market. Deciding can feel impossible. The best solution is to learn as much as you can about popular window styles so you can make an informed decision. So here are all the things you need to know about casement windows.

What are Casement Windows?

Casement windows have a unique hinged design that is as popular today as it was a hundred years ago. In the past, they were held open with a casement stay. Today, these windows usually operate on a crank and swing completely open, much like a door. Most have a single window design, but some feature two casement windows inside a single frame. Casement windows can be installed almost anywhere in the home. They are especially common in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom. Both awning and hopper windows are very similar to casement windows.

Advantages of Casement Windows

Here are a few reasons to consider casement windows in your home:

Unobstructed View

Casement windows are usually large panes of glass encased in the sash. They do not have meeting rails like sliding or sing hung windows. There is also no need for grilles between the panes. This means large, unobstructed views of the outside and plenty of natural light filtering in.


Sliding and single hung windows only give you half of the window for ventilation. Most casement windows can open up to 180 degrees leaving the entire window opening unobstructed. This is great for natural ventilation. And another unique feature of casement windows that swing outward is even partial openings can help capture the sidelong breeze that may blow across the exterior of the home.

Energy Efficiency

Among all operable windows, casement windows are the most energy efficient. This is because casement windows close and latch tight against the frame. And if the wind blows against the glass it only works to tighten the seal. The only windows with more energy efficiency are fixed windows because they do not open and close.

Easy Maintenance

Casement windows are easy to operate. Most open and close easily with just one hand. They are also great for hard to reach areas like higher up on the wall, behind the sink, or behind a couch. These windows are also fairly easy to clean, especially if you invest in casement windows that open inward.

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Modern casement windows have multi-point, anti-theft locks. Those paired with the stronger frames, double pane windows, and safety glass make casement windows safer and more secure than ever before. These are not easy windows to break, dent, or force open.

Freelite Inc. specializes in helping our customers find the perfect replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. With over 30 years in the business, we make sure you get the right products at the right price.

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Finding the Right Window Size for a Room

When homeowners shop for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ they often decide to get products that are the exact same size as the old windows. That way, the replacement windows will fit in the existing opening with very little fuss and bother. And homeowners won’t have to change anything else about the room. But what happens if a homeowner wants to resize their new windows, making them larger or smaller than the existing opening?

In older homes, doors, and windows tend to follow standard sizing. Most ceilings rest at eight feet and the standard height of doors is six feet, eight inches. Thus, windows match that same height to allow ample space for things like frames, moldings, and window treatments. And getting replacements would be fairly straightforward. But modern homes often have ceilings nine to ten feet tall, or more. And increasing the size and height of replacement windows is common. But how can homeowners determine the appropriate size for a new window? While there are no hard rules about sizing a window, here are some guidelines that can help:

1. Structure of the Home

Building codes and the structural design of the home should always be the first consideration when thinking about resizing the windows in a home. The skeleton of the home might prevent certain changes, especially for the load-bearing exterior walls. When choosing replacement windows it is important for homeowners to be realistic about their expectations and safely stay within the guidelines of the city codes.

2. Aesthetics

Initially, the size of new windows will largely depend on how homeowners want them to look from both the inside and outside of the home. Large, expansive windows have a more modern aesthetic. They can open up the space inside the home, filling it with light and warmth. And few things are more eye-catching than a wall of windows. On the flip side, smaller windows do have their place. They have a more unique and artistic aesthetic. They can help control light and heat as well as protect the privacy of occupants inside the home. And they can fit in more places, allowing for greater flexibility when it comes to placement.

3. Window Style

Another thing to consider is the operational style of the window. Certain styles lend themselves better to the larger sizes, like sliding windows, picture windows, and bay windows. But other styles would not be functional if the window is too large, like casement, single-hung, and double-hung windows.

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4. Sill Height and Head Height

The last thing to think about is the amount of space on the wall. Most building codes require an egress window to be no more than 44 inches from the floor. This is because an egress window, often required in bedrooms and common living spaces, should be able to function as an escape during an emergency. For non-egress windows, homeowners have more leeway with the sill height. And for the head height, it is important to leave enough space at the top of the window for curtain rods.

These are just some of the basics to keep in mind when shopping or replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. For more help finding the best size for replacement windows, contact Freelite Inc.

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Fall Maintenance for Replacement Windows

Fall has arrived, and while 2020 has brought a lot of unexpected surprises, one thing you can count on is things cooling down in the upcoming months. And because you are probably spending more time at home than usual, you might be ready for some fall projects around the house to help make it as comfortable as possible. Here are some of the most common maintenance items to perform on replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ in the autumn:

1. Remove and Clean Window Treatments

The first place to start is with the window treatments. Over the course of the summer they have collected a lot of dust and grime, and it won’t do any good cleaning your windows if the window coverings are just going to dirty them up again. Most fabric window treatments are easy to launder and re-hang. Blinds and shutters will take more meticulous work but will be worth the effort if it helps keep your windows looking clean longer.

2. Wash the Window Frame and Glass

Summer breezes and thunderstorms can throw a lot of dirt at your windows and cause damage. So at the end of the summer season, it is important to thoroughly clear away all dirt and debris. But be sure you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions for your replacement windows otherwise, you could do more harm than good. You will want to avoid harsh chemicals and abrasives. You also do NOT want to wash your windows with a power washer. Usually, a soft cloth and some mild detergent are all you really need to get the job done right. You also want to clean and lubricate the tracks.

3. Check for Signs of Damage

It is easy to check for damage while you are cleaning your windows. Specifically look for cracked glass, scratches, rust, rot, or damaged components. Anyone of these problems can result in the window not working properly. So if you notice something amiss, you will want to get it fixed right away.

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4. Seal up Leaks

Air and moisture leaks are not common on replacement windows as long as they are installed by a window professional. Signs of leaks include drafts, an increase in energy bills, water damage, and condensation trapped between the panes of the window. If you notice any of these signs it is important to address the issue immediately before a more serious problem arises. For minor gaps, you may be able to use weather-stripping or caulk to seal them up. For more extensive damage you will need to contact the installers or a window professional.

If you have windows that are more than 15 years old, it might be time to consider investing in replacements. And fall is an ideal time to start the process for new windows as most companies head into the slower months and the temperatures become mild. For more information about replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ contact Freelite Inc.

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7 Things to Expect During the Installation of Replacement Windows

Once you have screened local contractors, picked out your products, and scheduled your appointment you are ready for the installation of replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. But that doesn’t mean the worry is over. The entire process is something homeowners only go through once or twice in their lifetime. It is natural to have questions about the process and want to know what to expect on the installation day. Here are the things to know:

1. Site Check

Upon arrival, the job foreman will meet with the homeowners to confirm the details of the job and make sure the installers have access to all the necessary areas of the home. Homeowners should have already moved all blinds, furniture items, decorations, and other obstructions away from the windows so the installation crew has room to work.

2. Preparation

While they will do what they can to minimize the mess, window removal and installation does produce some debris. So the crew will start the project by putting down drop cloths and barriers to help mitigate some of the mess. They will also set up a worksite with all the tools and supplies they will need.

3. Remove Old Window

Once everything is prepped and ready they will get down to the real work. The next step of the process is to start physically removing the old windows. Depending on the age and style, old windows can be torn out from the inside or the outside.

4. Prepare the Opening.

Next, the crew will make sure the window opening is the correct size and use a shim to make sure it is level. They will also fix rot, modify window stops, or cut mull posts.

5. Install the New Window

Before fixing the new window in place, installers will loosely attach it to the frame to make sure it is plumb and square. This is crucial in making sure the window is level and that it will operate properly. Once they ensure the operation they will secure the new window in place, reinstall the stops, and calk the gaps and edges of the windows.

6. Clad the Exterior

To finish installation the crews will install the exterior trim. The cladding will help provide a tight seal and protect the window against moisture leaks.

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7. Inspection and Clean Up

Last, but not least, the foreman will perform an inspection when the installation is completely finished. This is a good time for homeowners to ask any lingering questions they have about window cleaning, maintenance, or warranty. The crew will gather up the drop cloths and clean up the site so homeowners can start enjoying their new windows. And that is all there is to it!

Most seasoned professionals can complete window installation projects in just one or two days. Larger homes or more complex window installations might bleed into a third day for finish work, but it isn’t common. If you are ready to invest in replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ, and get the process started call Freelite Inc. today for a hassle-free quote.

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Is Fall the Best Time for Replacement Windows? 

While window installers can work any time of year, it’s never really convenient to have to get replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. Window installation is a major project that takes a lot of budgeting, planning, and money. Most homeowners want to put the project off as long as possible. That said, there are a few choice advantages that come along with getting replacement windows in the fall. Here are some reasons why right now is one of the best times to move ahead with a replacement window project:

1. Good Weather

Installers work quickly and efficiently, removing the old window and immediately replacing it with the new one. But while they work as fast as possible, there will still be a temporary hole in the wall that exposes the home to outdoor air. This can make things uncomfortable for the occupants and really drive up heating or cooling costs depending on the day. Fortunately, with a fall installation, homeowners will not have to worry as much about drafts or hot air infiltration. Temperatures are often warm, but not too warm and fall is usually less rainy than the spring and summer months.

2. Caulk Adhesion

Temperature can also have a significant impact on caulk application. Latex type caulk adheres best within a certain temperature range, specifically between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This will ensure the best application and prolong the life of the seals on replacement windows.

3. Flexible Scheduling

Most homeowners are eager to start enjoying their replacement windows. But in spring and summer, the project often gets put off several weeks because of such a busy schedule. Because fall is considered a bit of an off-season for window installation, most companies will have more flexible scheduling. This means they can often get new projects on the calendar sooner. It also means more flexibility so homeowners can find an installation time that works best with their schedule.

4. Promotional Offers

Because it is often a bit of a slow period, most companies are eager to maximize sales so they can fulfill their quotas before the real slowdown in winter. As a result, fall is an excellent time to watch for special rebates, promotional offers, and affordable financing. It may also be easier to snag deferred payments or interest-free loans.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

5. Ready for Winter

While fall is usually delightful, winter can come quickly and turn the air cold. And leaky and drafty old windows do not fare well in the wintertime. So another reason to have windows installed in the fall is to help prepare the home for the cold season. That way homeowners can maximize their enjoyment of winter and cut costs on their heating bills.

If you think fall sounds like the perfect season to get replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ then contact the experts at Freelite Inc. We have over 30 years in the business and offer our clients complete window replacement services. With our high standards of excellence, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Call to get a hassle-free quote on your new window project.

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Important Features of Replacement Windows for the Playroom

It has always been important to make your home as comfortable and livable as possible. But now, with the current pandemic, this is even more critical. Families have had to adapt as adults work from home and children learn from home. All of a sudden the playroom might have to double as a classroom, playground, library, and gymnasium. Fortunately, there are several ways to update the space to make sure it is comfortable, stimulating, and encourages learning, creativity, and play. And it can all start with replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ.

1. Sunlight

Natural light is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing replacement windows for the playroom. Of course, sunlight will brighten up the room and reduce the need for artificial lighting. But it does so much more than that. In fact, several studies show the numerous benefits of getting enough daylight.

For example, exposure to sunlight improves circadian rhythms so the body can naturally awaken during the day and sleep more soundly at night. This in turn can reduce fatigue, stress, and irritability. Sunlight also provides healthy vitamin D, a necessary nutrient that regulates calcium and phosphate in the body for healthy teeth, bones, and muscles. Sunlight also helps to reduce eye-strain and improves focus and productivity.

2. Radiant Heat

Most homeowners equate more light with more heat, but that isn’t always the case. When choosing replacement windows for the playroom you want to find products that allow in natural light while blocking radiant heat to help keep the room bright, but also comfortable. This is where window glazing technology can have a huge impact.

Most windows have double-glazing. This means two panes of glass spaced apart and sealed as a single unit. An inert gas fill between the two panes will help slow heat transfer and prolong the life of the seals around the sash. But there are also special coatings manufacturers can apply to certain surfaces of the glass. A low-E window has a thin metallic coating applied to the inside surface of the exterior pane of glass. It specifically lets visible light through while blocking radiant heat.

3. Safety

Safety is another very important factor to consider when choosing replacement windows for the playroom, especially if the playroom is located on the second floor. Most windows in bedrooms are located a little higher off the ground. That way it isn’t as easy for a child to climb up and fall out of the window. But there are also other safety and security measures that can help out as well.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Safety glass is a modern advancement used on most home windows. One option is tempered glass. This improves the strength of the glass, and if it happens to break, it shatters into smaller pieces that are less dangerous. Another option is impact-resistant glass. This includes a plastic membrane sandwiched between to pieces of glass so that if the glass breaks it may crack, but will still remain largely in place.

There are more things to consider when shopping for playroom replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. Talk to the window experts at Freelite Inc. They can help you find the best products for your home and budget.

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Protect Your Carpets from Fading

The carpets and furnishings in your home have to endure a lot of wear. Over time they will start to fade, but it isn’t always from use. Harsh, ultraviolet light from the sun causes fabrics, wood, paint, and other furnishings to fade or become brittle. These tips, including the installation of replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ, can help prolong the life of your flooring and furnishings:

1. Cleaning

Dust and dirt getting tracked in on shoes is a major contributor to these products looking worn and faded. Residue from soaps, lotion, cleaning sprays, and wipes can build up on floors, carpets, and couches can also cause them to fade. This is why it is important to routinely mop the floors, dust the furniture, and vacuum carpets and couches. Keeping the carpets, floors, and furnishings clean and conditioned will help prolong their lifespan and keep them looking new. But be careful about the products you use and always be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

2. Area Rugs

Carpets throughout the home are extremely expensive to replace. But area rugs are a bit more affordable. The strategic placement of area rugs in well-lit and high traffic areas will help protect the flooring from wear and fading.

They are easy to clean and rotate if one part of the rug begins to fade. And once a rug becomes too worn or faded, they are easy to replace or swap out to keep the styling feeling fresh.

3. Curtains, Blinds, or Shades

Another great way to protect the home from too much ultraviolet light is with the right window treatments. Curtains, blinds, and shades are some of the most popular window coverings on the market. They are easy to install and come in a wide range of materials, colors, textures, and designs. It is easy to find something that provides light control and complements the style of the home. You can open window coverings for indirect daylight or close them to block out or redirect light during the brightest times of the day. That way you can still have natural light without as much worry about finding.

4. Shutters

Looking for a more permanent window treatment that can actually boost the value of your home? Window shutters are a classing addition that brings a certain level of elegance and sophistication to any room. Almost all interior shutters are designed with UV protection in mind. So not only can you protect your carpets, but the shutters themselves will not warp, yellow, or fade because of the extra exposure to sunlight. An added benefit of shutters is they help block unwanted heat from coming through the windows to help improve energy efficiency.

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5. Replacement Windows

New windows are another straightforward way to reduce exposure to UV light from the sun. Modern windows have improved technologies and glazing options that reduce the amount of radiant light and limit the UV rays entering the home.

Getting replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ will do more than just prevent the sun from fading your carpets and furnishings. New windows will boost the value of the home, improve security, and increase your energy savings. For a hassle-free quote call the experts at Freelite Inc.

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Three Main Reasons to Replace All Your Windows at Once

Most homeowners know when it is time to replace their windows because things start breaking down. They notice drafts, leaks, condensation, or broken glass. But few homeowners know if they should replace just the one troublesome window or go for the entire house. Getting replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ is a big investment. And not everyone is ready to tackle the entire project all at once. So what do you do? Replace one window, a few windows, or all of them? Here are a few reasons to choose to replace all the windows at once:


While not always a top priority, curb appeal is important. Switching only one outdated window with a brand new product will make the rest of the windows look even more dilapidated in comparison. This is one main reason why homeowners choose to replace all their windows at once. It creates a more uniformed style, updates the aesthetic of the home, and can increase the value of the home. But if that isn’t in the budget, another good idea is to replace the front-facing windows one story at a time. This can help make the transition less noticeable while you save up to finish out the project.


If most of your windows are the same age, it is often more beneficial to replace all the windows at once. Otherwise, the moment you get one window replaced, another faulty window crops up and you have to start the process all over again. This is especially true in an older home with all the original windows. Most construction-grade windows have an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years at most. And if windows are about 15 years old, it is probably time to start making plans to have them all replaced.

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Lower Cost

There are various costs associated with new windows. Two main ones include the cost of the product and the cost of installation. The price of each window won’t vary much if you are purchasing one or thirty. That said, you might get some kind of promotional discount for purchasing more windows at one time. But the bigger price difference comes down to labor costs. If you choose to get replacement windows for the whole house the company will send out a crew and they will work for two to three days until the entire project is complete. That way they can unload everything once and pack up when the job is finished. But staggering the project and only installing two or three windows at a time means the crew will have to make several trips to your home. Each installation will still take one or two days for each installation. And the cost of labor and installation is significantly higher in the long run.

If you are thinking about getting replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ you should call Freelite, Inc. We can get you a hassle-free quote for your project, whether it is one window or fifty, and help you figure out which option makes the most financial sense for your situation.

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Anatomy of Replacement Windows

At first glance, windows may not seem like much. Aren’t they basically some glass set inside of a framework? While that may have been true for some of the first windows ever made, it isn’t the case anymore. Modern replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ have a few more features and components. And the basic anatomy of a replacement window largely depends on the type and style. Many of the components will be the same, but the functionality and location will vary from window type to window type. That said, knowing the names and functions of the different components can help avoid confusion. So here are some of the various parts of replacement windows:


This is what supports the entire window. The top part of the frame is called the head. The two sides are called the jambs. And the lower part of the frame is called the sill. The window frame is usually made from four common materials: vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and aluminum. The different materials will have a lot to do with how windows look, but also how well they insulate and how long they will last. Before making a final decision on replacement windows it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each material.


Several frame constructions have hollow cores to make the windows lightweight and easy to install. And installers fill the spaces with polyurethane foam insulation to help reduce heat transfer. They also insulate and caulk around the frame for the tightest possible seal.

Window Sash

A window sash is what most people think of when they think of a window. It is the part that contains the glass and sees the most action. Parts of the sash include the stiles that run vertically and the rails at the top and bottom. Windows can have a fixed sash, an operable sash, or a combination of both. Picture windows are one fixed sash. Casement, awning, and hopper windows have one operable sash that swings on hinges to open. Sliding windows and single-hung windows have one fixed sash and one operable sash. And double-hung windows have two operable sashes.

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Modern window glazing is so much more than a couple of pieces of glass. Most feature two or more panes of glass spaced apart and sealed as a single unit. The glass is most likely tempered glass, laminated glass, or a combination of the two for added strength and stability. And most manufacturers fill the space between the glass with an inert gas that does not react to temperature fluctuations. And there are also special coatings manufacturers can apply to certain surfaces of the glass to reflect light and heat. All of these technologies combine to improve insulation and increase efficiency.

If you are shopping for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ, and have questions about window components then contact the experts at Freelite Inc. With over 30 years of experience in the window business, they can help you find the right products at the right price.

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Features of Well-Designed Replacement Windows

When it comes to choosing replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ there are a lot of options and technologies to consider. How do you know you are getting the most well-designed product for the job? These are some of the key features to keep in mind when window shopping:

1. Energy Efficiency

One of the leading reasons why homeowners choose to get replacement windows is to improve energy efficiency. Well-designed replacement windows have efficient frames and tight seals. But more than that, homeowners should pay attention to glazing technologies. How many panes does the window have? Two is the standard, but three could provide better insulation as well as protection. What is the inert gas fill between the panes? Argon is the most common and most affordable, but krypton has better energy performance in slimmer profiles. And what are the special coatings? Window tints can help block certain wavelengths of light that cause heat transmittance, but low-E coatings eliminate heat transfer without blocking visible light.

2. Low Maintenance

In the past windows would warp, dent, chip, scratch, and fade. They required a lot more care and maintenance to keep them looking new. Modern frame materials and glazing options are better than ever. And most require very little in the way of maintenance. Most windows only need routine washing with mild detergent and water. As for maintenance, simply clearing out debris and lubricating the moving parts with a silicone spray will ensure easy operation for years to come. Some windows also go as far as featuring tilt-in or removable sashes for convenient and safe cleaning.

3. Durability

Strength and durability are other important features of well-designed replacement windows. Modern frame materials are structurally sound and will not warp, rot, dent, or rust. The non-corrosive materials are also weather resistant. Modern replacement windows are built to last. Vinyl products can last from 15 to 20 years or more. And fiberglass replacement windows can last as long as 40 or more years with proper maintenance.

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4. Aesthetics

Style and beauty are not aspects of a window that can be discounted. Curb appeal is another reason why homeowners decide to get replacement windows. Upgrading can enhance the aesthetics of the home both inside and out. The key is in choosing the right window style, frame material, and color combination to complement the home. And don’t forget the hardware. It is a detail often overlooked, but just as important as any other feature and homeowners will want to invest in the best hardware their budget will allow.

These are the main features to look for in replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. If you still are not sure which replacement windows are best for your home it can be beneficial to schedule a consultation with window design professionals. The experts at Freelite Inc. can evaluate the conditions, size, and functionality of your old windows and help you choose the most well-designed products.

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Replacement Windows for Maximum Ventilation

Windows are an important aspect of the home and play a key role in regulating and controlling air flow. And with the current pandemic and fall quickly approaching, there is no better time to let fresh ventilation through the home. So when choosing replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ it is important to pick the right style to help foster natural ventilation. Here are some of the best windows for maximum airflow:

Casement Windows

Casement windows are some of the best for ventilation because homeowners have access to the entire window opening. These windows hinge at one side. They latch closed tight against the sash and if window blows against them it forms an even tighter seal. They open with a hand crank for easy and smooth operation. And they can open just slightly for a little bit of airflow or to catch sidelong breezes that blow across exterior surfaces. Or homeowners can crank them fully open for maximum ventilation.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are some of the most traditional window styles on the market. They are often the windows people picture when they first thing of a window. The two sashes move up and down inside the frame. As such, double-hung windows have a unique feature. Homeowners can open both the top and bottom of the window to foster more ventilation. The warm air flows out the top while cooler, fresh air comes in through the bottom.

Sliding Windows

Also known as gliding windows or horizontal sliders, these windows feature one fixed sash and one operable sash. The operable one moves side to side on a track. These windows typically have a wider design which is perfect for maximum ventilation as well as the filtration of natural light. And the design meshes well with almost every style of home. They do not project outside or require any extra space to open and close. So they are also a good option to install along exterior walkways or patios.

Awning Windows

Awning windows hang from hinges at the top of the frame. They push outward at the bottom to open and the glass panel creates a roof over the window opening. They are smaller windows but are particularly useful in rooms where wall space is limited and other, more standard-sized windows simply will not fit. They may not be ideal for catching cross-breezes, but one distinct advantage is homeowners can open these windows on stormy days.

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Bay and Bow Windows

Bay windows are a series of three windows arranged side by side and project away from the exterior of the home at an angle. The central window is often fixed, but the two side panels are often operable and a great option for ventilation. Bow windows feature four or more windows arranged in a series and project outside the home on a curve. These can be fixed windows or a series of operable windows like casement, single-hung, or double-hung windows for maximum ventilation.

If you are looking to improve the air quality inside your home and reduce the risk of germs and pollutants consider replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. Contact the experts at Freelite Inc. today.

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Best Replacement Windows for Over the Kitchen Sink

Most homes have a fairly cramped space above the kitchen sink which is a great spot for a window. Unfortunately, because of the confines of the wall space, you are limited to the types of windows you are able to install there. That said, there are still several great styles to choose from if you are looking for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ to go above the kitchen sink.

Key Qualities for Replacement Windows above the Kitchen Sink

Here is what you should look for in kitchen windows:

1. Ease of Use

Kitchen windows should be easy to open and close with very little fuss. And when they are above the sink or counter they are already difficult to reach. The last thing you need is for them to be difficult to open.

2. Air Circulation

One of the main purposes of the kitchen is to prepare food which often creates steam and smoke. It can also get very warm in the kitchen while you are cooking. This is why it is important to have good air circulation.

3. Ample Light

Because the kitchen is a workspace, it is important to have plenty of natural light. Not only will more daylight make the kitchen feel larger and more welcoming, but

4. Aesthetics

Lastly, the kitchen window should add to the aesthetics of the room with the right frame color, hardware style, shape, and grille-pattern.

Common Window Styles for above the Kitchen Sink

These are the window styles used most often in the space above the kitchen sink:

Sliding Windows

These are a standard for many reasons and can work well in most rooms in the house. They are easy to operate, easy to clean, and easy to install. Sliding windows can be wider installations for plenty of light and ventilation. They also do not project outside or take up any extra space.

Double Hung Windows

These are some of the most traditional windows in the country. They are like sliding windows, except the sashes slide up and down inside the frame. They are especially good for ventilation because homeowners can open both the top and the bottom of the window simultaneously.

Casement Windows

Casement windows hinge at one side. Homeowners use latches and a crank to open and close these windows. They have a wide opening for ventilation and natural light. And another option is double-sash casement windows that operate much like French doors.

Garden Windows

These windows allow homeowners to have a small greenhouse attached to their kitchen. Garden windows come in various sizes and projects outside and the glass casing provides a perfect space for herbs or other types of potted plants.

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Service Window

Does the window above the kitchen sink overlook that back patio? If so, it might be fun to connect the kitchen with the patio via a diner-style service window or awning window. This is perfect for passing plates or drinks out to guests on the patio during summer barbecues or cozy autumn gatherings.

If you are looking to get replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ contact Freelite Inc. We can give you a free consultation to help you find the best new window above the kitchen sink.

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Most Common Causes of Window Seal Failure

Energy-efficient windows prevent cooled or heated air from escaping the home. They also eliminate drafts so outside air cannot get in. They also the inert gas fills between the panes help prevent thermal transmittance through the glass panes. Unfortunately, a broken seal will reduce the efficiency of your windows in a number of ways and drive up the cost of heating and cooling. Eventually, you will need replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. What causes seal failure on windows? Here are a few of the most common contributing factors:

1. Age

Even the best products don’t last forever. Over time the seals on all windows will start to wear out. Caulking will crack and weather stripping will rub off and the inert gas will slowly dissipate. Eventually, you will need to make repairs by replacing the damaged caulk or weather stripping. But at some point, the damage will be beyond repair and you will need to invest in replacement windows.

2. Harsh Elements

Window seals are made to resist most weather conditions. That said, they do have limitations. Some seals will lift away when constantly exposed to water. Failure is made worse if a seal is not flush with the frame, so dirt and moisture can get behind it.

3. Mold

Moisture can also lead to mold growth. And mold growing on the seal can cause discoloration, weaken it, and cause it to fail. If you happen to notice mold growing on your windows try cleaning it away with a diluted mixture of water and vinegar or other antibacterial soap. Just be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions so you do not unintentionally damage the finish on your windows.

4. Solar Pumping

Solar pumping is another common factor in seal failure on older windows. During the day the sun heats the air between the glass and it expands causing the glass to convex and putting added pressure on the seals. And cold weather causes the opposite, where the air contracts and the panes concave inward. Eventually, the seal will fail and allow natural air into the space between the panes and brining unwanted moisture with it. This is why windows tend to fail more quickly in climates with extreme temperature fluctuations.

5. Poor Maintenance

On windows, low maintenance does not mean no maintenance. Cleaning and maintaining windows should be a regular part of every homeowner’s routine. For the most part, it is easy to wash frames with mild detergent, clean the glass, and clean and lubricate the tracks and moving parts. This will help keep your windows in good repair and prevent dirt from leading to seal failure.

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6. Improper Installation

Window installation is meticulous work. But unfortunately, it isn’t always performed by a qualified window professional. And when a window is not manufactured or installed properly it can lead to premature window failure. And nothing is more frustrating than having to install new windows only a few years after replacing them. This is why it is important to find a window contractor you can trust to get the job done right.

If you are worried about seal failure and think it might be time for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ, contact the experts at Freelite Inc. We will take every precaution to keep you safe and provide hassle-free quotes for your replacement window project.

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Choosing Functional Features on Replacement Windows

When choosing replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ there are a lot of different features and details to consider. The process can be a little overwhelming. That is why it is so important to think through as many window functions as possible before making your final decision. Here are some of the most important functions to keep in mind:

1. Seal Against Air and Moisture Leaks

One of the leading reasons homeowners get replacement windows is to prevent leaks and boost the energy efficiency of their homes. New windows should seal tight when closed and prevent heat transfer. Replacement window styles with the tightest seal include picture widows because they are non-operable. They stay fixed and should not have any air or moisture leaks. The best operable windows that seal tight include casement windows, awning windows, and hopper windows. Theses pull against the frame and latch shut. And if the wind blows against these windows it only works to tighten the seal.

2. Provide Plenty of Natural Ventilation

Airflow is another important function of replacement windows. Natural ventilation will help circulate the air and reduce the number of pollutants building up inside the home. But not all windows provide the same level of ventilation. Some good options include horizontal sliding windows and single-hung windows. But the best option for ventilation is double-hung windows. These windows open at both the top and the bottom. They force warm, humid air out the top while drawing cool, fresh air in through the bottom. And for maximum airflow, you want to make sure you have operable windows on opposite sides of the home, as well as on the upper and lower levels.

3. Allow Daylight to Filter Inside

Natural light is an important aspect of most modern houses, especially those with open floorplans. It makes the home feel larger and more welcoming. It can also help with productivity and foster natural circadian rhythms. Certain replacement windows will provide more natural light. Larger windows or rows of windows are two options, for sure. But projection windows like bay, bow, and garden windows are also good choices. These will catch the light from different angles throughout the day.

4. Keep the home Safe and Secure

Windows are also meant to protect a homeowner’s family and property. One important safety feature is impact resistant glass. This has a polyvinyl butyral interlayer. The glass adheres to it when it shatters, and much of the pane will remain intact. Another important safety feature on modern windows is heavy-duty hardware. Upgrading will make it more difficult for people to break in from the outside.

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5. Maintain Privacy

Windows are portals to the outside, but there are certain areas of the home where privacy is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice daylight or ventilation for the sake of privacy. You can install large windows in the bedroom and bathroom, and still maintain plenty of privacy with etched or decorative glass. Most manufactures provide different types of etching with different levels of opacity so you can find the right combination for the amount of privacy you want.

If you are ready to invest in replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ then contact Freelite Inc. Our experienced staff can help you find windows that provide the right levels of insulation, ventilation, daylight, and security.