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Ready for a Home Office Renovation?

Slowly things are starting to open up around the nation. But still, a lot of people have grown accustomed to working from home and are not ready to get back to commuting five days a week. If you have the option to permanently work from home, it might be time for an office renovation. From choosing the right room to installing replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ, here are some tips to get the most out of your new home office:

Choose the Right Location

Home offices come in a variety of shapes and sizes. But if you have been working out of a closet for the last few months, it is probably time for an upgrade. You need more room to work. And choosing the right room for a home office is fairly simple. You want somewhere that is out of the way of the flow of traffic. That will help keep the room quiet and free of frequent distractions. You also want something big enough that gives you room to work. An unused bedroom or front living space usually works nicely.

Utilize Form and Function

Even though the office is a highly functional space, you don’t want to sacrifice aesthetics. The last thing you want is to create an in-home cubicle. So keep storage and work-flow in mind while selecting office furniture, but also be sure you find an aesthetic that works well for you and suits your personal tastes.

Bring in Some Color

There is no reason to stick with office beige. You are the one in charge and can paint your office any color you choose. You want to find a color palette that brings you energy, but is also calm and helps you concentrate. You can even just paint one statement wall, whether it is yellow, blue, sage, or sand—you can find something that will influence the vibe in the room.

Accessorize and Personalize

With a home office, you have complete control over your space. Art and décor are some great ways to personalize your office. You can choose items that reflect your profession or type of work, or you can choose anything that simply appeals to your taste. Plants are a good option to add life and brightness to your office. You could do one large print or a gallery wall—whatever you choose should make you feel at home. After all, that is where you are and your office is part of your living space.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Enjoy Light and a View

Natural light is important in a workspace. Sunlight can improve focus, increase productivity, and reduce eyestrain. But not every room in the home will have an accommodating window. With an office renovation, you should consider using the project as an opportunity to get replacement windows. It will help open up space and give you a view to focus on when your eyes need a break from staring at a screen.

Interested in more information about replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ? Contact the experts at Freelite Inc. to get a hassle-free quote on your project.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Benefits of Replacement Windows with More Natural Light

People spend about 90% of their day inside, even before the restrictions from the pandemic. This means less fresh air, less time in nature, and less natural light. That isn’t good for your health and well-being. Sunlight is especially important because it is essential in so many ways and comes with a range of benefits. And replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ may be the only way to get the natural light you need in your home. Here are just some of the amazing benefits of getting the right amount of sunshine every day:

Natural Light Helps with Circadian Rhythms

It seems contrary, but more exposure to daylight can actually improve sleep. Research shows that exposure to sunlight improves circadian rhythms, the body’s internal clock that controls hormone release for sleeping and waking. On average, those who get the right amount of sunshine also have a more restful sleep.

Natural Light Boosts the Immune System

Skin absorbs sunlight and produces vitamin D in the body. It is necessary for healthy bones, muscles, organs, brain function and so much more. It also helps wake up the T-cells in the body, which are the white blood cells that activate to fight off infection. Without enough vitamin D the T-cells would remain dormant and leave the body more prone to disease and infection. Approximately 15 to 30 minutes of sunlight a day is adequate.

Natural Light Increases Focus

If you work from home and happen to feel foggy and unproductive throughout the day, it could be from a lack of natural sunlight. Research shows that exposure to daylight improves concentration and focus to help boost productivity. This explains why so many modern office buildings have expansive windows. Natural light can also reduce eye strain and will help prevent permanent eye damage.

Natural Light Reduces Stress

Many people have been feeling an uncommon amount of anxiety and stress due to the challenges of the last year. Again, sunlight can help provide some relief. When the skin absorbs sunlight it stimulates the production of beta-endorphins and regulates the production of melatonin. These hormones help reduce stress.

Natural Light Improves Your Mood

It isn’t only in your head. Science proves that sunshine also works to improve your emotional well-being because it helps boost the levels of serotonin. This is why exposure to natural light helps ease the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Natural Light Saves Energy

Last, but not least, sunlight means you do not need as much artificial light to illuminate your home. More than 10% of the electrical bill often goes towards artificial lighting. It may not seem like much, but savings will add up. And getting more natural sunlight can even help boost the value of your home. Replacement windows may be a good investment if you are looking to sell in the next couple of years.

Contact Freelite Inc. for more information about getting the best replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ for natural light. Our design experts can help you choose the best window style, frame material, and glazing options on your new windows.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Using Replacement Windows to Reduce Noise Pollution

Living near a busy street or in proximity to train tracks can mean a lot of unwanted noise pollution in your home. Doors and walls do a lot to eat up the sound, but windows are often the weakest link. Soundproof windows won’t completely block sound, but they can help make the home quieter. And fortunately, manufacturers have developed several technologies for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ that will reduce noise and make the home a peaceful and calming place.

Measurement Used for Noise Reduction

Just as the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) provides ratings on energy efficiency, there is also a measurement for noise reduction so consumers can compare products. It is known as the Sound Transmission Class (STC). Numbers usually range between 18 and 40. The higher the rating, the more sound the windows can block.

5 Features that Contribute to Noise Reduction

Acoustic control often works in tandem with technologies that improve insulation. Here are some of the most important features for noise reduction:

1. Window Style
Just as certain window types block air and heat transfer better than others, certain window types are also better at blocking noise. Picture windows provide the tightest seal with little room for the infiltration of air and noise. Next come casement windows, hopper windows, and awning windows. These window styles will provide the most noise reduction. Single-hung windows, double-hung windows, and horizontal sliding windows have more gaps in the assembly—which usually equates to more noise.

2. Frame Material
The window frame material is not just an aesthetic choice. It has more to do with insulation and soundproofing than you might think. Aluminum windows transmit the most sound. Wood and vinyl windows will do more to block sound. But the window style and frame material are not the most important factors in soundproofing. The glazing is much more important.

3. Number of Panes

More window panes mean more acoustic control. Two panels of glass are the standard for insulated glazing units. Three panels of glass provide more insulation and soundproofing. But it is costly to add more glass to a window, and sometimes the price does not justify the benefits.

4. Glass Thickness

Thicker glass will also help reduce sound. Most panels of glass come in 3mm widths. But some come as thick as 5mm. Most IGUs have glass panels of the same thickness, but you can get windows with glass in different thicknesses. Each panel will block noise at different frequencies, which is helpful at reducing noise without the cost of an extra panel of glass.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

5. Laminated Glass

Impact-resistant glass is perhaps the best way to soundproof windows. The laminated glass features a plastic interlayer with a density that helps break up sound. The laminated glass alone can provide an STC of 35. And the rating only gets better when partnered with other insulating features.

If you want to learn more about soundproofing features on replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ contact the experts at Freelite Inc. We can help you find products that will turn your home into an oasis of peace and quiet.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Considerations to Keep in Mind When Budgeting for Replacement Windows

Replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ are a costly home improvement project. It takes careful preparation and planning, and deciding on the budget is the first step. Unfortunately, estimates can be wide-ranging depending on the types of windows and the upgrades you choose. Planning can be difficult. So here are the things to consider when budgeting for replacement windows.

Window Size and Window Style

A lot of homeowners opt for an equal upgrade, choosing new windows that are the same size and style as their old ones. This makes budgeting a little easier because you know exactly what type of windows you want. But getting replacement windows is also an opportunity to change things up. This means choosing the size and style of your new windows, which will be a little more difficult to price if you don’t have exact measurements.

Window Frame Material

The frame material will have a significant impact on the final cost of new windows. The most affordable option is usually vinyl windows. These windows are weatherproof, durable, and energy efficient. But they may not last as long as other, more durable materials. Fiberglass windows are usually the most expensive. But they are strong, lightweight, durable, energy efficient, and long-lasting.

Glazing Technologies and Upgrades

There are a lot of glazing options to consider. First, you have to decide on the number of panes you want. Then you must select the inert gas fills you want between the panes. Then there are the special applications on the glass to control heat transfer, light transmission, and noise pollution.

Labor and Installation Cost

Ambitious homeowners might think that installing their own windows is a good way to save money. What they forget to consider are the hidden costs and risks of DIY installation. Hiring certified installers is a much better investment. Factory-trained installation crews will have the proper tools and skills to get the job done right. The factory warranty will remain intact, and their installation usually comes with its own warranty as well.

Window Removal, Disposal, and Other Contingencies

Another unaccounted cost most homeowners forget to plan for is the removal and disposal of their old windows. It isn’t a huge expense, but still something to keep in mind why trying to budget for a replacement window project. It is also a good idea to add 10% to the bottom line of a final quote. This can help cover contingencies like water damage or other repairs that might come to light when the old windows are removed.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

How Much Can You Afford?

The first step of a home improvement project is to look at your finances and figure out how much you can afford. If you have been saving for replacement windows, then deciding on a budget will be easy. But if you don’t have a set amount, planning your budget will prove to be more challenging. You will have to decide how much money you can set aside each month to pay off your project. Need help setting a budget for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ? Get a detailed quote from Freelite Inc.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

9 Ways Windows Impact the Interior of Your Home

Designing the perfect interior often centers on the right sizing, style, and placement of windows. Why? Because windows are often the focal point of any room and impact interior design in several different ways. Here is what you need to know if you are thinking about getting replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ.

1. Natural Light

Unsurprisingly, windows are the main source of natural light in the home. Size is usually the most important, but so is orientation. Larger windows will bring in the most light. And windows that face south and west will give you the most natural light throughout the day.

2. Design and Style

Most windows complement the architectural style of the home. They also often take into account the ceiling height, size, and purpose of the room. And the right style of window will easily become one of the best features in the room.

3. Color Possibilities

Different window frame materials have certain color limitations. Perhaps the most limited are vinyl windows. These usually come in less than a dozen neutral color options. And because vinyl windows are not paintable, the color of the window frame is what you have to live with. Wood windows, fiberglass windows, and even aluminum windows come in a wider range of colors. And because these are paintable materials, you can update your windows down the road with a fresh coat of paint.

4. Spacing

Windows also influence the available space in a room. The living room is a great place for larger window installations because there isn’t much need for privacy or storage. But a wall of windows will limit where you can place a television to avoid glare. Windows in the kitchen are another example. They are also strategic and often don’t take up much wall space. This is because much of the kitchen needs to be reserved for cabinets, appliances, and storage.

5. View of the Outdoors

Windows are a great way to connect the indoors and outdoors. And the scenic view outside is perfectly framed by your window, making it a unique piece of art. And you don’t have to have a million-dollar view to still enjoy your windows.

6. Fresh Air

Speaking of the outdoors, windows also provide natural ventilation. This is important in areas of the home with high humidity or odors like the kitchen and bathroom. Ventilation will pull the stale air out and replace it with fresh air which is beneficial for your health and well as the comfort of the home.

7. UV Rays

Ultraviolet (UV) light is potentially harmful and can fade fabrics, floors, and furnishings. Windows with solar glazing can reduce the amount of UV light that gets inside to help protect your furnishings from the damaging effects.

8. Mood

Windows can also impact the mood of a room. Natural light is one way, but more specifically the type of natural light. East-facing windows bring in the bright morning light that can be energizing. West-facing windows let in warmer evening light that is comfortable and calming.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

9. Privacy

Windows provide another important function—privacy. Most people love natural light but don’t want to worry about prying eyes in the bathroom or bedroom. Fortunately, you can invest in some etched glass. This will allow plenty of light to filter through while still protecting privacy. You can also use window placement to your advantage. Windows higher up on the wall will also give you privacy while providing plenty of sunshine.

Looking to enhance the interior design of your home with replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ? Do not hesitate to contact the experts at Freelite Inc.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Projects that Improve the Look of Your Windows

Windows are an important feature in the home. They add to the aesthetic both inside and out. But what can you do if you are tired of looking at your windows? You could invest in replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. But first, you might consider a few of these tips and tricks to improve the look of your home windows.

Clean and Inspect

The first step is to clean and inspect your windows. All you need is a mild detergent, warm water, a towel, and a soft cloth to clean the frames. And for the glass just use a combination of water and vinegar or a generic glass cleaner and a lint free cloth. You can even polish the glass with a microfiber cloth for added shine. Don’t ever use heavy-duty chemicals, abrasives, or power washers on your windows. These will do more harm than good. You will be surprised how much a good cleaning will improve the appearance of your windows.

Paint the Frames

Another way to revamp your windows is with a fresh coat of paint. But not all window frames are easy to repaint. Wood frames are the easiest. Simply sand and refinish. Fiberglass frames are similar. They will take a new coat of paint just like wood. Aluminum frames can be tricky to repaint. It is important to prime the material first before adding the color of your choice. But vinyl windows are not paintable, so the color you choose is the one you are stuck with until you decide to get replacement windows.

Improve Window Treatments

Other ways to update the style of your windows are with window treatments. You can streamline your design or mix and match window coverings. Looking for a more modern aesthetic? Consider simple window shades. Want to push the farmhouse design? Layer a natural textured shade underneath long, light-colored curtains. Because the window is the focal point in almost every room, the right window treatment will go a long way.

Add Casings

Another way to make your windows pop is to add some trim. You can get molding pieces in different widths and designs from almost any home improvement store. Casings and crown molding might be just the thing you need to elevate the style of your windows.

Add a Window Box

To update the exterior of your windows you could try adding a planter box. These are both stylish and functional. They also work to give you a place to add seasonal decorations if you really want to boost your curb appeal.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Install Decorative Shutters

Shutters are another great way to enhance the look of your windows. You can use them inside or outside. They will help give the bulk and interest of your window. And there are so many different design options and materials to choose from, you are sure to find a solution that will complement the style and décor of your home.

Little tips and tricks can only get you so far. At some point, your old windows will outlive their usefulness. They will begin to fade, leak, warp, and fall into disrepair. When that happens, it is time to seriously think about getting replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. For a quote on some of the top window, brands contact Freelite Inc. Our experts can help you find the right window for the design of your home at the right price.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Tips for Making a Small Window Look Bigger

Large-scale windows are attractive. They provide plenty of natural light and an expansive view of the outdoors. But not all rooms and not all homes have these large architectural installations. In fact, a lot of homes built in the 60s and 70s feature multiple small windows that can be difficult to work around. You could get replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. Or you can use some of these tips to make smaller windows look bigger.

Strategically Place Mirrors

Small windows don’t let in a lot of daylight. But one way to capitalize on the light you do get is with mirrors. Place mirrors across from or alongside small windows. This will help make the windows appear larger and bounce more sunlight around the rest of the room.

Ditch Heavy Shades and Curtains

When it comes to small windows, you want to maximize daylight, not diminish it with heavy drapes, shades, and curtains. Dark curtains block and absorb light. Swap these for sheer or lighter-colored curtains.

Play with Pattern

People who want to look tall and slender usually avoid wearing horizontal stripes. The same goes for windows. If you want windows to appear wider you can employ horizontal stripes to your advantage. But if you want windows to look taller, try vertically-oriented patterns to help draw the eye upward.

Manipulate Height and Width

Another trick to making windows seem larger is by hanging the curtain rod above the frame, closer to where the wall meets the ceiling. And you can add width by using a rod that is longer than the windows and hanging the drapes from the edge of the window to the edge of the rod. This tricks the eye into thinking there is glass behind the fabric instead of just the wall.

Cover with Plantation Shutters

Interior shutters are another elegant solution that can help add bulk to smaller windows. Again, installers can place shutters that are larger than the opening to make a window appear larger than it really is.

Add Trim and Embellishments

One way to add bulk to smaller windows is by installing window trim. You can choose decorative trim and an entablature if you like a more Victorian style. Or you can use wide, flat trim pieces for a more modern look. And casings that are larger than standard sizes are sure to make a window stand out.

Match the Trim to the Wall

Contrasting trim was a popular aesthetic for a long time. But unfortunately, this trend can make small windows look even tinier. For a more streamlined look that makes windows appear larger try matching the color of the trim to the color of the wall.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Rearrange the Furniture

A small window can look out of place on a blank wall. But placing a sideboard or desk underneath the window can help frame it so it no longer looks out of place.

In some cases, the best option might be upgrading to a larger window. Installers can expand almost any window opening to accommodate a larger installation. For help choosing the right replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ contact the experts at Freelite Inc.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

5 Reasons Replacement Windows are Worth the Investment

Replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ are not a frequent upgrade for most homeowners. That’s a good thing. But eventually, old windows will wear out beyond repair and need to be replaced. When that happens, homeowners need to be ready to invest. Will new windows be worth it? Yes! Here are a few reasons why.

1. New Windows Boost Energy Efficiency

One of the leading reasons why homeowners choose to upgrade is to cut costs on heating and cooling bills. Modern windows have updated insulation technology. The frame materials and glazing technologies are more energy efficient than ever before, providing some of the best insulation possible. This means heating and cooling runs less frequently, saving a significant amount of money on bills each month. That said, it will take several years to break even on energy savings alone. But there are plenty of other cost-saving benefits to keep in mind.

2. New Windows Fix Drafts and Leaks

Windows should insulate against more than just heat transfer. They should also protect against air and moisture leaks. Unfortunately, as windows age, the seals wear out and break down. And seal failure can lead to uncomfortable drafts and moisture damage. Investing in replacement windows will make the home more comfortable. But more importantly, new windows will have tighter seals to reduce the risk of moisture leaks and costly damage.

3. New Windows Make the Home Safe and Secure

A lack of safety and security is another unseen cost of old windows. Old windows do not have the same level of protection provided by new windows. Advanced technologies like reinforced frames, safety glass, and improved hardware make new windows more secure than ever. Not only they are a deterrent against break-ins, but they also help to keep the property and occupants safe in the event of an emergency.

4. New Windows Improve the Look of Your Home

While looks are not everything, aesthetics are still an important feature of a home. Windows that are old and worn out will make a home look dilapidated and devalue the property. New windows will have a dramatic impact on the look and feel of a home. They will update the style both inside and out. And upgrading will give the exterior a facelift and make the home more attractive.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

5. New Windows Add Value to Your Home

For homeowners looking to sell in the near future, they want to focus on projects that will add the most value to their home. According to realtors, replacement windows are often at the top of the list. Prospective buyers don’t want to worry about replacing windows the moment they move in and new windows will be a huge selling point. Best of all, they can get homeowners up to an 85% return on their investment.

Replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ are some of the most valuable home improvements you can make. But only you can decide if the time is right and if the investment is worthwhile. For fair pricing on high-quality products and service contact the experts at Freelite Inc.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

How to Get an Accurate Quote on Replacement Windows

There are countless options and add-ons when getting replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. And each upgrade and new technology will add to the final price of the product. Because replacement windows are a big investment, it is important to start the project with an accurate quote. Prepare for your consultation by asking yourself these questions:

What is the Architectural Style of Your Home?

Window style has a lot to do with price. And while some window styles will be more affordable, not all window styles will work with your home. For example, pairing modern window styles with a traditional home could look disjointed and end up devaluing the home. Fortunately, there are a lot of different window designs on the market, and finding the right style for the right price will be easier if you understand the architecture of your home.

How do You Want New Windows to Operate?

Windows are a balance of both form and function. You want them to look good, but you also want them to provide specific functions for different areas of the home. Look at the windows you need to replace and decide if you need more light, more insulation, more ventilation, or a combination of the three. For more natural sunlight, you should consider larger picture windows. Picture windows, casement windows, and awning windows work best for tighter seals and better insulation. And for ventilation, there are several operable styles including sliding windows, single-hung windows, and double-hung windows.

What Size Windows Do You Need?

The price of replacement windows also has a lot to do with the size and it will be useful to know the size of the replacement windows you want. Knowing an exact size will get you the most accurate quote. That said, you might want to replace an old window with a new one that is larger or smaller. Or you might want to install a window where you don’t have one. In these cases, the best you can do is show up to the consultation with a general idea of the size and have the experts help you choose the exact measurements.

What is Your Preferred Window Frame Material?

You can find window frame materials in anything from affordable vinyl to high-end wood. Each material comes with unique pros and cons. Where vinyl is durable, weather resistant, and energy efficient, it is not as long-lasting as other products. On the other hand, fiberglass windows are strong, efficient, durable, and long-lasting, but come at a much higher cost. These are all factors to research before your window consultation.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

What Glazing Options are Best for Your Home?

Lastly, it is important to understand the different glazing options on modern window products. This means choosing the number of panes, the inert gas fills, and any special coatings to help block light and heat. Finding the right combination for the local climate can be tricky. This is why consulting with a window professional is invaluable.

Contact the experts at Freelite Inc. for a fair price and accurate quote on replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. We offer a no-hassle, pressure-free way to buy new windows.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Replacement Windows

Homeowners often think of replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ as a last resort and put off the project as long as possible. But windows will not last forever, and the longer homeowners wait on the project, the more it will cost them in the long run. New windows will help improve insulation, ventilation, and boost the value of the home. If it is time for replacement windows, here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind:

DON’T: Just Choose the Same Window

A lot of homeowners believe they have to replace old windows with the exact same window style. That simply isn’t true. And choosing the same window isn’t always a wise move. Over the years, better window models and styles have emerged and homeowners should choose a window that keeps both form and function in mind.

DO: Explore Your Options

When shopping for new windows the window model is just the beginning. Window frame material is another major consideration. Vinyl is a popular option because it is durable, energy efficient, and cost effective. But vinyl windows don’t last as long as other window materials. It is important to also research wood, aluminum, and fiberglass window frames to find the best option for replacement.

DON’T: Overlook Energy Efficiency

Windows play a major role in protecting and insulating the exterior envelope of the home. This also means they have a lot to do with the energy consumption of the home, especially when it comes to heating and cooling costs. This is why it is important to install energy efficient windows.

DO: Remember the Details

Reading the energy labels on replacement windows is important when it comes to finding the right products for the local climate. But understanding all the numbers and acronyms can be confusing. For windows in Phoenix, homeowners should look for a low solar heat gain coefficient, a low U-factor, and a low air leakage rating.

DON’T: Install Windows Yourself

Many homeowners think installing windows themselves will help them save money. What they may not consider is the additional cost of tools, risk, and warranty. Installing new windows without the proper training, experience and tools could be disastrous. The project will take longer and any mistake will come directly out of pocket with no guarantees. For a window to work properly, it needs to be properly installed.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

DO: Hire Professional Window Contractors

To ensure a flawless window installation it is important to hire trusted window contractors. Installers get the direct training from the manufacturer so that every window installation meets the highest standards. They will make sure you get the perfect window and the perfect fit. This will extend the life of the windows and keep any product warranty intact.

If you are thinking about getting replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ to protect and beautify your home, start by talking to our experts at Freelite Inc. We can help you find top quality products to match your style and budget. Call us or fill out a contact form to set up a consultation.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Reasons to Get Replacement Windows Early in the Home Remodeling Process

Do you have a laundry list of home remodeling projects to tackle this year? Home remodeling can be daunting. In addition to all the design options, you also have to consider the time it takes, the disruption of routines, and the cost. An important part of the process is building a project plan and delineating which home renovation projects should come first. While it may not originally be the top of the list, replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ should come first. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Windows are a Structural Element

Most homeowners know it is important to take care of structural changes before moving on to the more cosmetic changes. Windows are an important part of both the structure and the design of the home. They serve several practical purposes like protecting the home from the elements, insulating against heat gains, and providing important ventilation. And installing new windows before proceeding to other home improvements will help shore up the framework and improve stability.

2. Windows Control Indoor Climate

An entire home remodeling project is usually a series of large projects and small projects. Replacement windows are a larger project. But getting them done early on in the renovation means you will have more control over the climate inside your home. They will open easily for natural ventilation if you end up painting or finishing floors. They also can provide insulation if you need certain temperatures for caulk for mudding. They can also help keep the home comfortable while you are tackling your other projects.

3. Windows Impact Style Choices

You probably have a strong idea of what you want your home to look like when your remodeling project is finished. Depending on the design you choose, replacement windows will have a significant impact on that plan because the window design and the frame material will impact how the home looks on the inside and the outside. It is important to choose new windows that complement the architectural style of your home as well as the interior design choices you plan to make. For example, awning windows tend to a more minimalist and modern aesthetic while double-hung windows are much more traditional.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

4. Windows are Proof of Progress

Most home renovation projects can take a long time, sometimes up to a year depending on the contractors and upgrades you choose. It can be difficult to go that long without seeing any progress. With replacement windows, the installers can complete the project in just a couple of days. And by choosing to get new windows at the beginning of the remodel you get one major project out of the way. New windows can make a significant improvement in the home, and point towards progress if you end up deciding to wait on some of the other projects.

For more information about getting replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ contact the experts at Freelite, Inc. They can help you find the best replacement windows for your home improvement project so you can get the ball rolling.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

How to Ensure Replacement Windows Retain their Allure

Windows play an important role in the home. They let in light, provide ventilation, offer protection, and help insulate against the elements. This is why cheap or aging windows can have such a dramatic impact on your daily routines. That said, replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ are a big investment. You don’t want them to wear out too quickly. And the only way to make sure they retain their allure is with regular and effective maintenance. Here are a few tips and steps to follow that will keep replacement windows looking new for years to come:

1. Cleaning

Dirt is the leading enemy for home windows. Dirt collects on window tracks and window sills, and it leeches into the cracks and crevices where it can cause damage. With sliding windows, it is especially important to make sure the tracks don’t contain any grime, dead bugs, cobwebs, or debris that make the windows difficult to open. Clean windows at least once a month with a vacuum, dust cloth, or soft bristle brush. It is also important to clean the frame and the glass. Avoid using abrasive tools or harsh chemicals that can dissolve or damage the finish. A mild detergent, water, and soft cloths will be sufficient.

2. Drainage

The weeping system on new windows is aptly named. It is what allows moisture to escape through weep holes instead of gathering and collecting on the tracks or inside the frame. But it is important to check the weep holes every few months to make sure there are no obstructions.

3. Weather Stripping

Without sufficient weather stripping the windows cannot properly insulate your home. It could make certain rooms uncomfortable and drive up heating and cooling costs. So during routine cleaning and inspection, double check the weather stripping. And if necessary, purchase some supplies from the hardware store or hire a professional to reinstall the weather stripping on your windows.

4. Hardware

Another important step is inspecting and cleaning the hardware and accessories on replacement windows. The sash locks and operators are what make your windows easy to use, but also provide security and protection against break-ins from the outside. It is vital to replace these components at the first signs of damage.

Replacement windows Phoenix

5. Condensation

Condensation is normal on replacement windows. This is because windows that used to breathe because of leaks and damage are now airtight. After a couple of months, the climate of the home should regulate and condensation will only occur on occasion. However, if condensation is still a persistent problem after a couple of months you will need to take action to decrease the humidity inside your home. Otherwise, the heavy moisture in the air can start to cause damage and increase health risks.

By following these guidelines, your replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ will continue to provide peak performance and make your property as attractive as ever. For more information about regular window maintenance or to get a quote on new windows contact the experts at Freelite Inc.

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5 Reasons to Update Bedroom Windows

The bedroom should be a place of solace and relaxation. And every aspect of your room should be curated to make it feel comfortable and cozy. Getting replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ for the bedroom can have a dramatic impact. They can give you a great view, but still, protect your privacy when you need it. They can also let invaluable daylight, but also help you sleep soundly at night. If windows have worn out and deteriorated over the years, then these might be a few reasons why you should update your bedroom windows:

1. Energy Efficiency

Insulation and efficiency are some of the leading reasons why homeowners choose to update their windows. During winter you want your windows to allow radiant heat from the sun to warm your home. But in summer you want windows that keep the cool air inside where it belongs. Modern window technologies improve the insulation on new windows. A few advancements include insulated frames, double or triple glazing, inert gas fills, and special coatings on the glass. These combine to keep your room comfortable while reducing the cost of heating and cooling.

2. Enhance Design

Windows contribute to the overall design of a room as well as the aesthetics of the outside. Outdated and dilapidated windows can make the room and the rest of the home look shabby. An upgrade can help improve aesthetics and design. You can experiment with different frame materials, window styles, and glazing options. But when choosing new windows it is important to blend them with the architectural style of the home.

3. Weather Resistance

Extreme weather, like intense heat, can accelerate the deterioration of windows. This could put you and your family at risk. Upgrading will restore the weather resistance of windows and equip your home with the highest standards of protection. In this area, it is important to not take weather conditions lightly and be sure to watch your home windows for signs of damage.

4. Promote Better Sleeping

The thermal environment of the bedroom dramatically impacts sleep. As you sleep, your body temperature drops as your body loses heat to reach an ideal temperature. Most experts say an ideal room temperature for sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees. Well-insulated windows will help ensure your bedroom maintains the optimal temperatures for sleeping.

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5. Improve Ventilation

Natural ventilation is good for your health and well-being. This is why it is important to have windows that help promote ventilation. It keeps moisture and pollutants at bay and helps lessen the risk of dust mites, bacteria, and mold growth. Upgrading to larger windows or window styles that promote better ventilation can have a big impact on comfort and humidity in the bedroom.

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replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Get to Know Different Types of Replacement Windows

Do you need new windows in your home? Not sure where to start? You are not alone. When shopping for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ it is important to get familiar with the basic options. Armed with knowledge then you can start designing the perfect replacement window project for your home. So to help you out here is a quick and informative guide to some of the most popular window styles:

1. Picture Windows

Picture windows are fixed, meaning they do not open and close. They come in a variety of sizes and almost any shape. These windows are useful for getting more daylight in a room and opening up a more expansive view. They can work well in almost any area of the home.

2. Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are vertical windows with two sashes. One stays fixed while the other slides up and down inside the frame. These windows are good for ventilation and natural light. They work well alone, or in combination with other window styles. Homeowners often install these windows in common living spaces because they are easy to operate and do not take up any extra room to open and close.

3. Double-Hung Windows

These are much like single-hung windows, except both of the sashes move up and down inside the frame. These windows are ideal for ventilation because you can open both the top and bottom simultaneously. This forces warm, stale air out the top while drawing fresh air in through the bottom. Again, these windows can work in almost any area of the home, but homeowners often choose them for living spaces, kitchens, and bedrooms.

4. Horizontal Sliding Windows

These are some of the most traditional window styles. They are also a bit more affordable because there are not as many mechanical parts to worry about. On sliding windows, one sash moves back and forth across a fixed sash. They are good for light and ventilation and are often large enough to function as an egress window. For these reasons, homeowners often install sliding windows in bedrooms and other living spaces.

5. Casement Windows

Casement windows do not slide open, but rather swing open. These windows have hinges to one side and the window often swings outward with the use of a hand crank. These windows are ideal for ventilation, and can even catch breezes that blow along the side of the house. And because of the easy operation with the hand crank, homeowners can install casement windows in hard to reach places like above the kitchen sink or behind the sofa.

6. Awning Windows

Awning windows are similar to casement windows. While casements have hinges to the side, awning windows actually hinge at the top. They push out to open and the sash creates a little roof over the window opening. Again, these windows are great for ventilation because you can still open them on rainy days and not worry about water getting inside. That said, because these windows do a project outside to open, they are not the best to install along with patios, porches, and walkways.

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7. Bay and Bow Windows

Speaking of projection windows, bay and bow windows are popular installations that add space and character to a home. These are actually a set of windows installed as a single unit. Bay windows feature three windows set on an angle and bow windows feature four or more windows set on a curve. These larger window installations are often reserved for formal sitting rooms, master bedrooms, and breakfast nooks.

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Common Problems with Vinyl Replacement Windows

Homeowners in the market for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ often go with vinyl windows because they are one of the most popular and affordable options on the market. They are durable, weather resistant, and easy to install. But while vinyl windows come with several benefits, there are some issues homeowners will need to be prepared to watch out for. These are some of the most common problems with vinyl windows:

1. Less Glass Area

One thing homeowners might not consider is the glass area on their windows, especially if they are changing materials. Aluminum and fiberglass windows have more strength and can hold larger panes on narrower frames. This makes windows look slimmer and more modern, and also opens up the view. But vinyl windows often have wider frames so homeowners lose some of their viewing areas.

2. Seal Failure

Vinyl windows are not as rigid as other materials. All windows will shrink in cold and expand in heat, but vinyl windows expand more than seven times as much as the glass of the windowpane. This can cause the seal between the glass and the vinyl frame to fail early. And with vinyl windows, the likelihood of this problem increases with larger window sizes. And once a seal fails on a vinyl window it cannot be repaired.

3. Warping

Certain window materials are prone to warping, like vinyl. High-quality vinyl windows can withstand warping for almost ten years. But even the best vinyl windows will begin to soften and distort when temperatures reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit. That is not an unfeasible temperature between the panes and the drapes on a hot, sunny day in Arizona. And when windows warp they start to sag and can become more difficult to open and close. It is certainly something to watch for when purchasing vinyl windows.

4. Neglected Maintenance

Vinyl windows are low maintenance, but that does not mean zero maintenance. It is still important for homeowners to routinely inspect, clean, and maintain vinyl windows. But this doesn’t mean using harsh cleaners, abrasives, or power washers. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when cleaning and maintaining windows to prolong the life of the products and keep the warranty intact.

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5. Stripped Window Cranks

On casement and awning windows it is possible to strip the cranks if homeowners tighten the vinyl window too much. Tightening the crank does not make a tighter seal. That is what the locks and latches do as they pull the sash against the frame and secure it in place. Instead, tightening the crank too much will only strip the mechanism, and eventually, it will stop performing properly. This is even more common on vinyl windows.

Not all vinyl windows are created equal. This is important for homeowners to keep in mind. There are different products on the market, at different price points. The higher quality products will cost more but also provide better insulation and last longer. If the installation is good, vinyl replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ can last for 20 years or more.

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Tips for Getting a Brighter Home

Many Arizona residents worry that more daylight in the home also means more heat. That is why so many homes have small windows that often get covered with blinds or drapes. This can make the inside of the home feel dark, cramped, and dreary. A lack of daylight can also decrease productivity, reduce focus, impact mood, and disrupt healthy sleeping patterns. Fortunately, with a few updates like replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ, you can get more daylight in the home without the added temperature.

Why is a Bright Home More Beautiful?

Natural light is very appealing, especially in the home. Light from windows gives the perception of added height and space. It makes a room feel larger, cleaner, and more welcoming. It also helps reduce the need for artificial lighting. This is why homes with plenty of daylight often have a higher value and are more appealing to prospective buyers. If your home feels a bit dark, here are some tips you can use to make it feel brighter.

Try Lighter Color Palates

Lighter colors reflect light instead of absorbing it. That is why homes painted and furnished in lighter colors often feel brighter even though they might have less natural light. So you should use lighter colors wherever possible—on walls, floors, furnishings, etc. This does not mean to make everything white. Instead, consider light neutrals that will still bring interest and variety to the space. Even furniture in lighter hues can help brighten up a room.

Less Opaque Window Treatments

Many homeowners in Arizona favor thicker window treatments to help absorb unwanted heat gains from the windows. In turn, they lose a lot of natural light. Fortunately, there are so many window treatments on the market that give you better control over both light and heat. One example is solar shades. The unique honeycomb shape of these windows helps trap heat so it does not enter the home. But the shades themselves can be sheer and filter in plenty of natural light.

Cut Glass Solutions

Etched glass is another design option to consider. These products filter in a lot of light, but still obscure the view inside so you can maintain privacy. And with so many styles and design options, it is easy to find a solution that complements the style of your home.

Smoother or Lighter Flooring

Traditional dark flooring absorbs a lot of light. It also tends to draw the eye downward. A better solution is smoother flooring in lighter colors. But it is important to find a solution that does not show the dirt and works well for your personal cleaning and maintenance routines.

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Replacement Windows

Modern windows have new insulating technologies so you can get larger windows and larger panes of glass without the concern for added heat. The technologies include more panes of glass, inert gas fills, and special glass coatings that repel heat but still allow plenty of visible light to shine through.

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When Should I Consider Replacement Windows?

Replacing windows in your home is a big investment, and most homeowners hold off on the project as long as they can. What they may not realize is that keeping old windows too long can be just as expensive. It is better to get new windows when the timing is right. The following circumstances are when you should think about getting replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ:

1. Windows are More than 20 Years Old

Windows do not last forever. Most have a 15 to 20-year lifespan before it is time for replacements. Around this age, they start to develop leaks, cracks, dents, or warped frames. You might notice condensation between the panes or distorted glass. All of these indicate it is time for new windows.

2. You Want a More Comfortable House

Outdated windows could be the reason you are so uncomfortable in your home. As windows age, the weather-stripping wears out, seals break down, and gaps develop in the assembly. These leaks can really drive up your heating and cooling costs as the HVAC system runs constantly to keep up with the energy losses. Modern windows have new technologies that provide superior protection against leaks and heat transfer.

3. Windows are Difficult to Operate

Old windows made of wood, vinyl, or aluminum tend to swell, rot, or warp with age which can interfere with window operation. If windows are sticky on the tracks or do not swing open on the hinges, it is more than just an inconvenience. An inoperable window can also be a safety hazard. Brand new windows will restore full functionality.

4. You Want to Boost Security

Old windows do not have many features to speak of when it comes to safety and security. They are more likely to dent, break, rust, or be forced open from the outside. New windows have advanced technologies like reinforced frames, multi-point locking systems, and safety glass. These features combine to make windows safer and more secure than ever.

5. Windows are Outdated and Out of Style

Aesthetics may not be a top priority, but they are still something to consider. Outdated windows can make the rest of the home look drab and out of style. But updating windows can give the entire home a facelift, both inside and out. The updated style will make the home feel new again.

6. You Plan to Sell Your Home

Because old windows are often faded, fogged, or dilapidated they can impede curb appeal and have a huge impact on the perceived value of your home. If you plan on selling your home in the next few years, getting replacement windows is an advisable investment. New windows will grab the attention of prospective buyers and get you one of the best returns on your investment.

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Unique Replacement Windows that Make a Statement

One way to immediately add value to your home is with replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. And experimenting with unique window designs can help enhance the look of your home and bring new life into your space. Here are a few unique options you might not have considered for your replacement window project:

1. Corner Window Placement

Cramped bedrooms are a common problem for homeowners. This is because most bedrooms are located in the back corners of the house, especially homes with an open floorplan living space. One way to make a bedroom feel brighter and larger is by taking advantage of corner windows. It will add the illusion of more space and bring more light and fresh air into the room. Double-hung windows or sliding windows are great options for this type of installation.

2. Awning Windows

Need more air circulation in some rooms but don’t want to sacrifice a lot of wall space? Awning windows are a great option for added ventilation because they can open, even on rainy days. They are also great windows for hard to reach places like above the cabinets or above other windows. You can place awning windows higher up on the wall and still have access to light and ventilation. Looking to make a statement? Install an oversized awning window from the kitchen along the porch or patio for an outdoor serving area.

3. Wall of Windows

A wall of floor-to-ceiling windows is stunning and dramatic, but it can also be intimidating and expensive to install. A simpler alternative is to partner windows, either lining them up side by side or stacking them. The result is an impressive window display at a more affordable price point and simpler installation.

4. Row of Casement Windows

These window styles hinge to one side and like a door, they swing inward or outward to open. They are a vastly popular window style because they work well with almost any home design. But most people don’t consider installing a row of casement windows. Lining them up in a two-lite, three-lite, four-lite configuration will bring a lot of needed light and ventilation into space. Homeowners can even install two casement windows inside a single frame for windows that open like French doors for additional interest.

5. Cut Glass Designs

Cut glass is an old-world design that is making a steady comeback. These are great for windows where you want plenty of light, but still want to maintain privacy. The etched or cut glass comes in several different designs, some simple and modern, others more elaborate. It is a great way to enhance the look of your windows both inside and out.

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Replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ are highly customizable. And adding unique designs and window details to your home can have a dramatic effect. If you are ready to bring new light and life to your space, start by contacting the experts at Freelite Inc. They can help you find the best window solutions for your home and for your budget.

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Advantages of Casement Replacement Windows

When choosing replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ it is important to pin down the right window style. The operational style of the window will impact the form and function of new windows. But there are so many options on the market. Deciding can feel impossible. The best solution is to learn as much as you can about popular window styles so you can make an informed decision. So here are all the things you need to know about casement windows.

What are Casement Windows?

Casement windows have a unique hinged design that is as popular today as it was a hundred years ago. In the past, they were held open with a casement stay. Today, these windows usually operate on a crank and swing completely open, much like a door. Most have a single window design, but some feature two casement windows inside a single frame. Casement windows can be installed almost anywhere in the home. They are especially common in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom. Both awning and hopper windows are very similar to casement windows.

Advantages of Casement Windows

Here are a few reasons to consider casement windows in your home:

Unobstructed View

Casement windows are usually large panes of glass encased in the sash. They do not have meeting rails like sliding or sing hung windows. There is also no need for grilles between the panes. This means large, unobstructed views of the outside and plenty of natural light filtering in.


Sliding and single hung windows only give you half of the window for ventilation. Most casement windows can open up to 180 degrees leaving the entire window opening unobstructed. This is great for natural ventilation. And another unique feature of casement windows that swing outward is even partial openings can help capture the sidelong breeze that may blow across the exterior of the home.

Energy Efficiency

Among all operable windows, casement windows are the most energy efficient. This is because casement windows close and latch tight against the frame. And if the wind blows against the glass it only works to tighten the seal. The only windows with more energy efficiency are fixed windows because they do not open and close.

Easy Maintenance

Casement windows are easy to operate. Most open and close easily with just one hand. They are also great for hard to reach areas like higher up on the wall, behind the sink, or behind a couch. These windows are also fairly easy to clean, especially if you invest in casement windows that open inward.

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Modern casement windows have multi-point, anti-theft locks. Those paired with the stronger frames, double pane windows, and safety glass make casement windows safer and more secure than ever before. These are not easy windows to break, dent, or force open.

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Finding the Right Window Size for a Room

When homeowners shop for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ they often decide to get products that are the exact same size as the old windows. That way, the replacement windows will fit in the existing opening with very little fuss and bother. And homeowners won’t have to change anything else about the room. But what happens if a homeowner wants to resize their new windows, making them larger or smaller than the existing opening?

In older homes, doors, and windows tend to follow standard sizing. Most ceilings rest at eight feet and the standard height of doors is six feet, eight inches. Thus, windows match that same height to allow ample space for things like frames, moldings, and window treatments. And getting replacements would be fairly straightforward. But modern homes often have ceilings nine to ten feet tall, or more. And increasing the size and height of replacement windows is common. But how can homeowners determine the appropriate size for a new window? While there are no hard rules about sizing a window, here are some guidelines that can help:

1. Structure of the Home

Building codes and the structural design of the home should always be the first consideration when thinking about resizing the windows in a home. The skeleton of the home might prevent certain changes, especially for the load-bearing exterior walls. When choosing replacement windows it is important for homeowners to be realistic about their expectations and safely stay within the guidelines of the city codes.

2. Aesthetics

Initially, the size of new windows will largely depend on how homeowners want them to look from both the inside and outside of the home. Large, expansive windows have a more modern aesthetic. They can open up the space inside the home, filling it with light and warmth. And few things are more eye-catching than a wall of windows. On the flip side, smaller windows do have their place. They have a more unique and artistic aesthetic. They can help control light and heat as well as protect the privacy of occupants inside the home. And they can fit in more places, allowing for greater flexibility when it comes to placement.

3. Window Style

Another thing to consider is the operational style of the window. Certain styles lend themselves better to the larger sizes, like sliding windows, picture windows, and bay windows. But other styles would not be functional if the window is too large, like casement, single-hung, and double-hung windows.

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4. Sill Height and Head Height

The last thing to think about is the amount of space on the wall. Most building codes require an egress window to be no more than 44 inches from the floor. This is because an egress window, often required in bedrooms and common living spaces, should be able to function as an escape during an emergency. For non-egress windows, homeowners have more leeway with the sill height. And for the head height, it is important to leave enough space at the top of the window for curtain rods.

These are just some of the basics to keep in mind when shopping or replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. For more help finding the best size for replacement windows, contact Freelite Inc.