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7 Benefits of Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a standard in many homes. They are a good choice because of the potential benefits of this type of Phoenix, AZ windows. Not sure if sliding windows are the right choice for your home? Here are just some of the essential advantages to keep in mind while shopping.

What is a Sliding Window?

A sliding window features two sashes—a fixed sash and a movable sash. The moveable sash slides back and forth on window tracks. The mechanics are fairly simple, but sliding windows come with several different benefits.

1. Easy to Install

Sliding windows are easy to install. They are easy to maneuver and do not project outside of the wall. Installers will be able to get the old window out and the new window in rather quickly without much fuss.

2. Easy to Use

Sliding windows are also known as gliding windows or horizontal sliders. This is because one sash glides back and forth. The easy operation makes these windows super easy to use without the risk of more advanced mechanical parts.

3. Easy to Clean

Most modern sliding windows have a removable sash. This means you can take it out of the frame for cleaning and maintenance. Not only is it easier but it is also safer because you won’t have to haul out the ladder to clean your second-story windows.

4. Plenty of Natural Light

Natural light will make a room feel larger and more welcoming. Sliding windows are a great option for natural light because they are usually larger installations. The expansive glass panels will also open up a beautiful view.

5. Lots of Ventilation

You have full control over ventilation when you choose sliding windows. You can open them just a crack, or open them all the way. And because sliding windows are so large, they provide plenty of ventilation.

6. Good Energy Efficiency

The most energy-efficient window styles are picture windows. The next most efficient are single sash windows like casement windows, awning windows, and hopper windows. But sliding windows are still energy efficient. They will help protect the home against air and moisture leaks. And with the right glazing options, they will block plenty of thermal transmittances.

7. Longer Lasting

Eventually, the hinges and pulleys and springs on other window styles will wear out and break down. The sliding mechanism on sliding windows is more durable. These components are less likely to break down and are something to consider if you are looking to get new windows that will last.

Where Should You Install Sliding Windows?

Sliding windows can be an asset in almost any room in the house. You can install larger picture windows in the family room, living area, or kitchen to maximize natural light. They work great in areas that require ventilation like the kitchen and bathroom. They are also a good installation in bedrooms and basements because the right size will qualify as an egress window.

Phoenix, AZ windows

Looking to get new Phoenix, AZ windows? Start by contacting our window professionals today. We can set up an appointment for a hassle-free consultation and help you find the right kind of windows for the right price.

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Tips for Choosing Bathroom Windows

The home is one of the most valuable assets you own. And there are so many ways to enhance curb appeal, increase value, update functionality, and create the house you envision. You can make updates to the kitchen, bedrooms, living areas, and bathrooms. But most people forget to think about getting Phoenix, AZ windows and what that simple update can do for the home. Ready to renovate your bathroom? Here are a few tips to consider when choosing new windows for this area in the home.

Remember Ventilation

Does your bathroom continue to have a dank, damp smell? This is because the bathroom provides the best conditions for mold growth. And this is why natural ventilation is key. You want to be sure you install an operable window at least somewhere in the bathroom to let out excess moisture and humidity. And choosing a window style that provides maximum airflow will help keep mold away and the bathroom smell fresh. Some of the best windows for ventilation include casement windows, awning windows, and double-hung windows.

Consider the Right Frame Material

Not every window frame material can work well in the bathroom. The moist and humid conditions could ruin wood because even with appropriate seals it is so prone to water damage. You need to think about frame materials with higher resistance to water. These materials are durable, efficient, and will not warp or rot under humid conditions. Some of the best options for bathroom windows include vinyl and fiberglass.

Measure for the Proper Size

Most bathrooms are small and there is not a ton of allotted space for larger windows. And the size of the window can directly impact the perceived size and space of the room. You definitely want to choose a window that is large enough to let in natural light and provide plenty of ventilation. But you don’t want it too big where it takes up all of the space on the wall.

Check on Privacy

The size of the window you choose can also have an impact on privacy. And privacy in the bathroom is not something you want to sacrifice for the sake of style. Every single bathroom window should take privacy into account. And if you do choose larger window installations for the bathroom, you might want to think about etched glass or window coverings. There are so many ways to maintain privacy while still filtering in plenty of natural sunlight.

Choose the Right Window Style

The style has a lot to do with how the window looks. Do you want tall, vertically oriented windows? Or do you want wider, horizontally oriented windows? Do you want windows with multiple sashes? Or windows with just one sash? With new windows, the sky is the limit. And when figuring out what window style you want you should think about the décor, the design, and the functionality.

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Choosing the right Phoenix, AZ windows for the bathroom means knowing your needs and your style. Not sure how to navigate all of the products and technologies on the market? Our experts can help!

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Why Hire Professionals to Install New Windows?

The DIY movement is growing in popularity as a rising number of homeowners turn to tutorials and videos to help tackle their home improvement projects. Instead of hiring a professional, they are trying to get the job done on their own, from small updates to large-scale renovations. The truth is, hiring an expert for the replacement of Phoenix, AZ windows will save money in the long run. Here are just a few reasons why homeowners should hire professionals.

Years of Experience

Replacing windows is complex. It is a task that requires the right skills and training to get the job done right. Hiring a professional means benefiting from direct training from the manufacturer and their years of experience doing the same thing, day in and day out.

Updated on Industry Advancements

Windows constantly evolve. Through the years new technologies and advancements come to light, especially with installation procedures. Professionals don’t just stop at learning to install certain windows. They continually update their skills based on what is happening with the latest trends and standards in the industry.

Prepared for the Job

It would take a laundry list of supplies and several trips to the home improvement store to gather all the proper tools and supplies for window installation. This isn’t the best investment for homeowners who will only tackle this project once in a lifetime. Hiring professionals means they already have the right tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Spot Pre-Existing Issues

On the job site, professional window crews know exactly what to look for to spot potential problems. This includes any pre-existing problems like cracks in the outer wall or broken seals that could cause windows to leak. They can identify the underlying issue and resolve any potential problems before they become an issue for the homeowner.

Take Precise Measurements

Much of window installation involves precision—precise measurements for fitting the window, precise measurements for balancing and squaring the window, and precise measurements for the amount of caulk and insulation. The slightest miscalculation could be disastrous.

Ensure Proper Installation

Poor window installation will lead to premature window failure. In fact, improper installation is the leading cause of leaks, seal failure, moisture damage, and worse. Poorly installed windows can even become entirely dislodged. Not something a homeowner ever wants to come home to.

Complete the Whole Project in Less Time

Expert installation crews can work quickly. It only takes them about 45 minutes to an hour to remove an old window and replace it with the new one. Most projects only take two days to complete. And the homeowner isn’t left with any of the old windows or the mess.

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Provide Installation Warranties

Perhaps most importantly, professionals can guarantee their work. A solid warranty remains intact if the windows are installed by factory-trained crews. That way, if something does go wrong, the homeowners are saved from the cost of replacements or repairs.

Hiring a professional for the installation of new windows is important, even crucial. It is the only way to get the job done right for new Phoenix, AZ windows. Want help with your project? Contact our window experts today for a hassle-free quote.

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Best Window Styles for Modern Homes

Modern architecture is constantly evolving. And too often there isn’t a consensus on what constitutes modern design. That said, most contemporary styles seem to always share a focus on balancing functionality, simplicity, and boldness. With modern design, you can often expect clean lines, geometric shapes, natural elements, and simplicity. How can you implement a modern design with Phoenix, AZ windows? Here are a few of the most popular styles to consider:

Casement Windows

The clean lines and minimalistic look of casement windows make them perfect for modern design. These windows have a single sash. The sash hinges at one side of the window frame and opens outward with the turning of a crank. Casement windows provide plenty of natural light as well as ventilation. These windows work well in living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. They are also easy to pair with other windows for a more expansive outside view.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are very similar to casement windows. The main difference is awning windows hinge at the top of the frame and the bottom pushes out to open. They get their name because the sash creates a little roof over the window opening. This allows the occupants to open awning windows even on rainy days. This makes them great for ventilation. Awning windows can be installed in basements, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. They can also partner with other window styles for larger installations.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows have two sashes instead of just one. One, or both of the sashes can slide back and forth on a track to open and close for ventilation. The simple operation and design of these windows make them perfect for modern design. And these windows do not require any additional space to open and close. These windows are popular in living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. And because they can come in larger styles, these windows are perfect for expansive views and natural light.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are usually considered some of the more traditional styles on the market. But they can also work well in modern and contemporary architecture. To give these windows a more modern aesthetic simply get rid of any grids and grilles. This will open up the glass for more daylight and a better view of the outdoors.

Picture Windows

Picture windows can be simple or ornate, depending on the features you choose. For modern design, it is better to focus on larger windows and smaller frames. Pairing large picture windows with casement or awning windows will give you the best light and ventilation.

Corner Windows

Want windows that make a statement? A more unique option for replacement windows would be installing a corner window. These offer up an even more expansive view and let in light from both sides. Corner windows work well in offices, libraries, and living spaces.

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There are so many different styles and combinations you can use to make Phoenix, AZ windows more modern. Call our experts today for help finding the right products for your home.

Phoenix, AZ windows

Big Window Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Are you ready for some new Phoenix, AZ windows? Investing in replacement windows is exciting, but also stressful. There are so many things that could go wrong. If you want your project to be seamless, here are a few of the big window buying mistakes you should do everything you can to avoid.

Buying the Same Exact Windows

Do not fall into the trap of thinking you need to replace your old windows with new products in the exact same style. If you do not like the way an old window looks or operates, take this as an opportunity to make some changes. You can update the style and make the window opening smaller or larger depending on your needs and tastes. And with so many options available, you are sure to find a replacement window that works best for you.

DIY Installation

Many homeowners see DIY home improvement projects as a great way to save money. But no amount of tutorials or videos will make you an expert in window installation. Not to mention, installing your old windows will likely void the product warranty. Removing old windows and replacing them with new ones is complex work. And there is no margin for error. This is one home improvement project best left to the experts. Their training, skill, and experience are the only ways to guarantee the proper installation of replacement windows.

Forgetting about Safety and Security

When upgrading your windows it is important to consult the local building codes. Certain areas of the home require specific types of windows for safety. For example, all bedrooms must have an egress window that operates as an exit in case of an emergency. Thus, these windows need to open and also be a certain size. Another thing to remember is the safety and security upgrades on modern windows. These technologies include reinforced window frames, multiple panes, and special coatings that make the glass impact resistant. You don’t want to forget to think about any of these important window features.

Making Decisions Based Solely on Cost

When shopping for replacement windows, low-cost options may seem like the most attractive. After all, who doesn’t want to save money? But the fact of the matter is, you get exactly what you pay for. And if the price seems too good to be true, then it most likely is. Cheaper windows are likely a lower-quality product that will not last. So while you may save some money upfront, these types of products will end up costing you more in the long run when you have to get them replaced in just five years. It is better to spend a little more on a higher-quality product that provides you with a lot more value. Things to consider include energy savings, durability, security, and longevity. All of these add up to better quality and greater value.

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Buying new Phoenix, AZ windows should be exciting. It can change the way your home looks, feels, and functions. Not only are you improving curb appeal but also increasing the value of your home. But you need to find the right windows and get them installed correctly. Luckily, our window experts can help.

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How to Find the Right Window Provider

Replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ are an investment. They contribute to the safety, security, and comfort of your home. And when looking for new windows, you want a product that will look good, perform, and last. Finding a company that provides the right products is just the first step. And perhaps more important than the cost is the value of your new windows. Not only do you want quality windows but also a company you can trust to help you through the entire process from choosing products all the way through installation. To find the right provider, consider these criteria.

1. Credibility

Finding the right company starts with some research. How long has the company been in business? Do they have a brick-and-mortar store you can visit? What do their customer testimonials say about them? What is their status on the Better Business Bureau? Will they provide references you can check? All of these questions can help you get started in the process of finding a solid, reliable company for windows.

2. Installation

Proper window installation is vital to the success of new windows. Even the highest quality window will be worth nothing without proper installation practices. Because window installation is meticulous work. You don’t want to hire any old contractor for the job. You want to find a company that has been installing windows for a long time and gets direct training from the manufacturers.

3. Certifications

It isn’t going too far to check the certifications and accreditations of your window company. And don’t just take their word for it. Ask to see the documentation. These documents show the window company has gone through the proper training and business channels to become a credible business. You also want to check for insurance documentation to verify you and the company are covered just in case anything goes wrong on the job site—aka at your home.

4. Cost

Cost should not be the determining factor when choosing a window provider, but it is still a factor to consider. Most window professionals operate in a standard range of prices for products and labor. As a consumer, you should be suspicious of any company that has a price point too high or too far below those median costs. Sure, you can find deals and bargains, but just make sure you are not sacrificing quality. You want your new windows to last.

5. Warranty

As with any large investment, you want to be sure your new windows are covered by a verifiable warranty. And a reliable window company will provide coverage on both products and services. During the initial phases of your window shopping experience, you should verify who is responsible for the warranty and what the process is for scheduling service if an issue arises.

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For more tips on how to find the right replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ contact our office. Our team of experts is eager to help you find the solutions you need for your home.

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Reasons to Get Replacement Windows this Fall

A lot of homeowners ask the question: when is the best season to get replacement windows? Truthfully, you can get replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ any time of the year. Our trained professionals are able to work under almost any conditions and nothing should stop you from getting new windows if you need them. That said, there is an ideal window of opportunity in the fall that makes it one of the better times to get new windows. Here is why.

Flexible Scheduling

The busy season for replacement windows is usually springtime and summertime. This is when a lot of homeowners plan to do their home improvement projects and work on upgrades. That can make scheduling very difficult. But in fall things start to slow down in the window industry. And with fewer clients jockeying for times and installations during the fall months, you are able to find a timeslot that works best for your schedule.

Better Weather

Windows do so much more than let in light and provide a great view. They also help regulate indoor temperatures. Unfortunately, window installation does come with some exposure to the outside. The opening will be window-free for at least part of the day. That means exposing your home to whatever the weather has in store for that day. In fall, the weather tends to be mild and temperatures are a bit more comfortable.

Mild Temperatures

Speaking of temperatures, warm weather makes the materials of homes expand and cold weather makes them contract. This is natural but can cause some problems during window installation. During the fall, local temperatures are not as extreme. And installers can get windows in place when the home is neither expanding nor contracting. That means you get the best fit for your windows.

Promotions and Deals

Fall is when a lot of companies and manufacturers start listing their deals and promotions. This is so they can help clear away their stock and move their merchandise for the end of the year. Looking for ways to save money on your replacement windows? Consider taking advantage of the fall specials when companies need to clear their inventory.

Ready for Winter

While the cooler temperatures don’t get too extreme in our area, it is still a good idea to get new windows in before the winter chill. Temperatures do drop pretty low at night and the last thing you want to do is be battling drafty windows and a chilly house.

Start Saving Right Away

The moment new windows are installed you can start saving on your energy bills. That first month you might see just a slight decrease. But once your windows have been in for a full month you will know exactly what your energy savings will look like. And you can save every month for years to come.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Still not sure if fall is the right time to get your replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ? Don’t worry. There is still time to decide. If you are ready, you can schedule a hassle-free consultation with one of our window experts today to get the ball rolling.

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5 Ways New Windows Save Money

Home improvement projects can be costly—especially, replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. But how many other upgrades to your home will also help save you money? It is a pretty short list. Here are just five of the main ways new windows can help you recoup the cost of your investment.

1. Efficiency Boost

The main reason homeowners want to get new windows is for better energy savings. This is very important in a hot climate like ours. Cooling expenses skyrocket in the summer. And with energy efficient options in your new windows, you can really decrease the cost of your cooling bills. Some of the most efficient options for new windows include multiple panes, inert gas fills, and window glazing to help reduce solar heat gains. Any or all of these windows technologies can help improve the efficiency of your new windows.

2. Prolongs HVAC System

Speaking of heating and cooling, the more insulation your windows provide, the less reliance on your HVAC system to keep the home comfortable. And if the heating and cooling aren’t running as often, this can help limit the amount of wear and tear on your system. Prolonging the life of your HVAC system is a great way windows can help to save money.

3. UV Protection

Do you have spots on your couches or chairs that have faded from prolonged exposure to the sun? Harmful UV rays can cause damage to flooring, fabrics, furnishings, and more. Luckily, low-E glazing on new windows can limit the amount of UV light seeping in through the windows. These special coatings will help protect the occupants inside your home as well as your home’s furnishings.

4. Less Maintenance

Maintenance of old windows often requires a lot of time, effort, and money. And as windows get older they become even more expensive to repair. Not to mention, many old window designs are not easily accessible from the outside. Wood windows are especially costly because you will need to sand and repaint them every few years to keep them in top shape. New windows require very little in the way of maintenance. And the windows with tilt-in or removable sashes are even easier to clean from the inside. Think of what you could be doing with all that extra money and time.

5. Increased Home Value

Are you planning to list your home in the next few years? If so, you will want to know that replacement windows are one of the main home improvements that get you an amazing return on your investment. Not only do new windows draw the eye of prospective buyers but also increase the overall value of the home. This is why so many real estate agents encourage homeowners to get replacement windows before listing their home.

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Yes, new windows are expensive. But they are also one of the few home improvements that can help you save money for years to come. Looking to get replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ for your home? Contact our team of window professionals today.

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Choosing the Right Colors for New Windows

Color choices on new windows will set the tone for the rest of the exterior and interior design. This is why choosing the right color for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ is such an important decision. Unfortunately, after all the other decisions homeowners have to make about replacement windows they start to feel overwhelmed at this point. So here are some of the main guidelines you should use when choosing the colors on your new windows.

Use Color to Enhance

If you want your new, beautiful windows to stand out you can use color as a way to draw attention. This is especially elegant on homes with architectural interest and windows meant to draw the eye. Bolder hues will showcase the windows in a way neutral colors might get lost. There is something to be said about going a different direction and choosing an option that is a little bit different from everyone else. So if you aren’t afraid of a little color, go ahead and go bold.

Work With Architectural Style

Does the exterior of your home tend to be more traditional in appearance? If so, you will want to consider window trims that contrast with the rest of the home. But if you have a more contemporary home you want to go with widow frames that blend in and look less busy against the surrounding wall color.

Choose Bold Hues Wisely

Not everyone appreciates bold hues for home windows. It is often wise then, to choose a paintable window frame material. These include most aluminum, fiberglass, and wood window frames. The paintable surface means you can mix things up and change the color of the window frames whenever you like. Vinyl is not paintable, and once you choose a color for vinyl windows you are stuck with it. So be wise in your color choice if you decide to go with vinyl window frames.

Consider Neutrals

Up until just a few years ago, tan and beige were considered the go-to neutrals for window frames. Now, cooler hues have become much more popular. Grey is such a handsome neutral to consider for replacement windows. Navy and black are also having their moment. And most window brands also feature a series of metallic colors like silver, bronze, and copper that can look amazing as a neutral hue.

Think about the Climate

The climate and local environment is also something to think about when choosing colors for replacement windows. If you live in a relatively hot and sunny area, you might consider lighter tones for your new windows. These will help reflect the light and heat rather than absorb it. And if you have a dry, or dusty climate, you want colors like grey or sandstone that will not show the dirt.

Work Within Certain Hues

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the color choices at your fingertips? Don’t worry too much. There is one foolproof way to coordinate your window frame with the rest of your home. Simply choose a color that is either a shade lighter or a shade darker than the exterior of our home. This will still make the windows pop, but guarantee the color will complement the rest of the home. You can also work within a palette of warm or cool tones.

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Get Design Assistance

Need help finding the right color for your replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ? Don’t hesitate to ask one of our design experts for help.

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Get Your Home Ready for New Windows

You have made the decision to invest in replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. You have purchased your products and they are on the way from the manufacturer. Now it is installation day! What should you do? Here are a few steps you can follow to prepare your home for window installation and help the project run smoothly.

Deactivate Your Alarms

This is an important step a lot of homeowners forget. But the first thing you want to do is call your security provider and deactivate any alarm systems you have. You can call to have them reactivated when the project is complete.

Trim the Landscaping Where Needed

Take a look around the exterior of your windows. Do you have any plants, bushes, or branches that could get in the way? You don’t want your landscaping to get completely trampled. So take the time to trim the hedges and perhaps transplant any of your prized petunias during the installation.

Plan a Workspace

The crew is going to need an area to set up shop. This often means a place for their tools and access to an electrical outlet. The driveway is usually a great area. But you may want to make room in the garage if there is a chance of rain.

Clear the Way for Installers

Remove anything around the windows to help give the installation crew easy access. This includes furniture, rugs, plants, and any other items in close proximity to the work areas. You also want to clear a path around your home. Make sure all cords, rugs, and furniture are out of the way so there is nothing to trip over.

Remove Window Coverings and Wall Decorations

Part of clearing the workspace should include removing all window coverings and wall décor. If you plan to reuse your window treatments, store them in a clean area out of the way. You also want to take down anything fragile that is in proximity to the windows. During window removal, you don’t want anything accidentally falling off the wall and breaking.

Decide What to Cover with Drop Cloths

Discuss this aspect of the job with your window contractor. The window installation team will likely plan to bring some drop cloths to use in the immediate workspace. But if you have other furniture or areas you want to cover, go ahead and put those down. It will help limit the dust on your furniture items and make clean-up go that much faster once the project is done.

Keep Children and Pets Away

Make a plan for your children and your pets so they are not underfoot during installation. This is for the safety of both the crew and your loved ones.

replacement windows Phoenix AZ

Have any questions? Talk to your window contractor about the replacement process and all that it entails. Prior to installation, you might want to plan a walkthrough to discuss preparations and ask for some suggestions. Then you will be completely ready for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ.

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New Replacement Windows for More Natural Light

Natural light is an important feature in modern homes. More natural light can make a room feel larger and more welcoming. Natural light is also good for health, mood, and well-being. Fortunately, technologies on modern windows mean you can get more natural light without unwanted heat transfer. And if you don’t have enough natural light in your home, it might be time for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are the most popular option for getting more natural light. These fixed windows come in a wide range of sizes. You can get expansive picture windows at a relatively affordable price. They can work in almost any room and are perfect for the optimization of natural light.

Awning or Casement Windows

Awning and casement windows are also good options if you are interested in more daylight. These windows feature a single sash that opens with a crank. The awning windows hinge at the top and come in wider orientations. Casement windows hinge at the top and come in taller orientations. Best of all, the awning and casement windows do not have any dividers. This means natural light can enter the window without obstruction.

Bay and Bow Windows

These are massive window installations made of multiple parts. A bay window is made of three parts, a central window panel with window panels to either side. The installation is set on an angle so the bay window projects outward. This creates a bit of extra space inside and allows these windows to catch light from different angles throughout the day. Bow windows are similar, but feature four or more window panels set on a curve.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are a standard in many home designs. These windows are easy to operate and have a horizontal orientation to open up the view and bring in more daylight. And because grille patterns are largely deformational, you can choose to get sliding windows without them if you want an uncompromised view.

Double-Hung Windows

These are some of the most traditional windows on the market. These windows feature two sashes, vertically oriented. And both sashes can slide up and down inside the window frame. This makes these windows ideal for ventilation because you can open both sashes simultaneously. These taller windows are also great for getting sunlight into a room.

Transom Windows

Transom windows are a great addition to a room where you want more natural light, but still want to retain some privacy. Transom windows may be smaller in design, but you can place them high up on the wall. There, the windows are out of the way, but can still let in some natural light. These work especially well in bedrooms and bathrooms.


Skylights are another option for capitalizing on daylight. They will filter light throughout the day so you won’t have to rely as much on artificial lighting. They also don’t compromise your privacy and are a good installation in living areas, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Ready to learn more about the best replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ? Contact our office today and schedule a consultation.

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Money-Saving Tips for New Windows

One of the main concerns about replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ is the cost. Getting new windows is a large investment. And most homeowners want to put off the project as long as possible. Luckily, there are several things you can do to save money on replacement windows. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

1. Know when it is Time for Replacement Windows

Windows can tell you a lot if you know what to watch for. A few signs it is time for replacement windows include: difficult operation, condensation between the glass, air leaks, moisture damage, warping frames, rot, broken glass, and outdoor noise pollution. Any one of these issues should tip you off that it is time to start planning for your new windows. Waiting too long could actually cost you more money in the long run.

2. Consider Affordable Frame Materials

There are a variety of window frame options to choose from. And the frame material will largely dictate the cost of your new windows. The most affordable solutions are usually vinyl windows, which is why they are so popular. They are energy efficient, weather resistant, and come in a variety of neutral colors. But one big drawback is that vinyl does not last as long as some other window materials. Aluminum, wood, and fiberglass windows are other options to consider. But be sure to weigh the pros and cons of each material—not just the cost.

3. Choose Standard Sizes and Styles

Manufacturers establish their processes to efficiently mass-produce common window sizes, styles, and colors. These products are often the most popular with builders and sell the most. So any other size, style, or color of window that requires a different process will not only take more time but will also be more expensive. Thus, when shopping for new windows, start with the standard offerings as a way to save money.

4. Buy More Windows

This might sound backward, but buying multiple windows for installation will save homeowners more money than buying and installing one window at a time. This is because buying more windows means you only have to pay the labor for the installation crew once instead of multiple times. Also, many window companies offer special deals when you purchase more products.

5. Only Invest in Upgrades That Make Sense

There are a lot of technologies and updates to consider. Most salespeople might try to upsell you on nice upgrades that you don’t necessarily need. There is no reason to waste money on upgrades that don’t make any sense for your home. You really don’t need all the bells and whistles to benefit from new windows.

replacement windows Phoenix AZ

These are just a few of the simple ways you can save money on replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. And these small efforts can add up in a big way. Are you ready to get a hassle-free quote on your new windows? Contact our design experts today for an in-home consultation.

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Don’t Miss These 10 Benefits of Replacement Windows

Windows are one of the most important features in your home. They perform several necessary functions while also contributing to aesthetics. And getting replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ will come with a variety of benefits you don’t want to miss.

1. More Comfort

Old windows leak and transmit a lot of unwanted heat. This can be aggravating, especially in the summer. But new windows come with advanced glazing that can protect against heat transfer. This will keep the home more comfortable without as much reliance on the HVAC system.

2. Energy Savings

Modern windows technologies have come a long way. These windows now seal and insulate the home better than ever. And with less dependence on heating and cooling, you can expect significant energy savings from season to season.

3. Low Maintenance

Outdated windows often take a lot of extra work to keep clean and operational. Not to mention the added expense of repairs on old windows. With replacement windows, you don’t have to worry as much about cleaning and maintenance. The weather-resistant frame materials are built to last. And the removable or tilt-in sashes on new windows make them safer and easier to maintain.

4. UV Protection

Many homeowners want more daylight in their home. But this can expose their interior to harmful amounts of UV light that will fade carpets, flooring, furnishings, and more. Luckily, you can choose advanced glazing technologies on new windows to help block unwanted UV rays and protect your home.

5. Better Safety

Safety is a major concern with old windows. This is especially true for emergencies. Homeowners do not want windows that do not open, close, or lock easily.

6. Improved Security

Modern windows come with reinforced frames, impact resistant glass, and more robust locking systems. These enhanced security features can bring you peace of mind when you choose to get replacement windows.

7. Soundproofing

Unwanted noise can be a common problem for homes located in busy areas. So if you live near a school, highway, or airport it might be prudent to invest in new windows. The soundproofing technologies could make a dramatic difference in the amount of noise getting into your home.

8. Reduced Allergens

Old windows leak air like a sieve. Not only is this bad for insulation, but it also lets in a lot of indoor allergens like dirt, pollen, and other pollutants. New windows have more airtight seals. This can reduce the number of allergens entering the home.

9. Better Curb Appeal

No one wants their home to look outdated and dilapidated. But unfortunately, old windows can do just that. One of the best ways to update your home is by investing in replacement windows. It is like giving your home a facelift.

10. Increased Home Value

If you are looking to put your home on the market, one of the best investments you can make is on replacement windows. This upgrade will attract prospective buyers and get you a great return on your investment.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

If you put off getting replacement windows, you are missing out on some of these valuable benefits. Don’t wait too long! Contact our window professionals today and learn more about replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ.

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Benefits of Natural Ventilation in the Home

Natural ventilation is important in buildings, most especially in homes. And when shopping for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ it is important to keep this feature in mind. Here are just a few of the benefits of getting more natural ventilation in your home.

Energy Savings

Running the cooling system in the summer is one of the largest energy expenses in the home. Luckily, natural ventilation in the home means less reliance on the HVAC system. Simply open the windows in the early morning and late evening to capitalize on cooler temperatures. It is an easy way to save energy and keep cooling costs down.

Lower Maintenance and Equipment Costs

All mechanical systems used for ventilation will require routine checks and repairs. More use often means more expensive repairs and premature system replacement. But opening and closing the windows for natural ventilation can help reduce these costs. Less reliance on heating and cooling will also mean these systems will require fewer repairs and last even longer.

Humidity Control

Natural ventilation can help rid the home of excess moisture and humidity. This is important in areas like the kitchen and bathroom where heat and moisture build up quickly. Too much moisture in the air can lead to mold growth. Not only can this produce a musty smell around the home, but it can also deteriorate the structures of the home. Mold can also produce spores that cause various respiratory illnesses.

Improve Air Quality

Without natural ventilation, the indoor air can quickly become polluted with Radon and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). In fact, some indoor air quality is worse than outdoor pollution. These pollutants originate from a range of sources including cleaning chemicals, aerosols, carpet fibers, dust mites, and paint fumes. So, if occupants spend a lot of time indoors, it is important to make sure the air gets plenty of ventilation to help improve air quality. This will help clear the air and lessen the impact of VOCs.

Better Health and Well-Being

Improving humidity and eliminating pollutants in the home are important for overall health and well-being. Clearing the air can help reduce asthma and respiratory illness. That said, opening the windows can increase the number of pollens and introduce allergens into the home. That is something to keep in mind for occupants who might have more severe reactions to pollen.

Easy Access to Daylight

More windows for ventilation also come with the added benefit of more natural light. Daylight is a great way to make a home feel larger and more spacious. Daylight can also limit reliance on artificial lighting sources and work as another way to save on energy bills. Natural light is also known to improve productivity

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Not every home is maximized for natural ventilation. And while it isn’t the perfect solution for everything, sometimes getting replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ is a good time to make improvements to natural ventilation. Changing the size and style of windows can have a major impact. For help finding the right solutions for your home, contact our window professionals.

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Are Horizontal Sliding Windows Right for Your Home?

When deciding on replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ there are so many options to consider. And with the right maintenance and care, new windows can last for 20 years or more. That is a long time to be stuck if you choose the wrong windows. Here is what you need to know about sliding windows and whether or not they are the right product for your home.

What are Horizontal Sliding Windows?

When deciding on replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ there are so many options to consider. And with the right maintenance and care, new windows can last for 20 years or more. That is a long time to be stuck if you choose the wrong windows. Here is what you need to know about sliding windows and whether or not they are the right product for your home.
As the name suggests, horizontal sliding windows open horizontally. In the standard form, one sash moves back and forth across a fixed sash. They are one of the simplest designs when it comes to replacement windows. These windows are also referred to as slider windows, sliding windows, or glider windows.

What are the Types of Sliding Windows?

When deciding on replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ there are so many options to consider. And with the right maintenance and care, new windows can last for 20 years or more. That is a long time to be stuck if you choose the wrong windows. Here is what you need to know about sliding windows and whether or not they are the right product for your home.
The three most common types of sliding windows include single sliders, double sliders, and three-paned sliders. Single sliders have one fixed sash and one movable sash. Double sliders feature two panes that move so you can open either side of the window. And three-pane sliders usually have a large picture window in the center and smaller sliding windows to either side.

When Should You Install a Sliding Window?

When deciding on replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ there are so many options to consider. And with the right maintenance and care, new windows can last for 20 years or more. That is a long time to be stuck if you choose the wrong windows. Here is what you need to know about sliding windows and whether or not they are the right product for your home.
Sliding windows are great for fitting a wide space. Many people choose to install these windows in smaller homes with smaller rooms and lower ceilings because they can go lower on the wall and still let in plenty of light and ventilation. But they also come in larger configurations and work well in larger rooms. Sliding windows are also a good fit for modern homes and bungalows because of the simple design and operation.

Advantages of Horizontal Sliding Windows

When deciding on replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ there are so many options to consider. And with the right maintenance and care, new windows can last for 20 years or more. That is a long time to be stuck if you choose the wrong windows. Here is what you need to know about sliding windows and whether or not they are the right product for your home.
Sliding windows come with a long list of advantages. These windows come in a variety of sizes and offer up beautiful, unobstructed views. And because sliding windows are often on the larger side, they are an ideal style for more natural light and ventilation. The simple design and ease of installation also make these windows some of the most affordable styles on the market. They are also easy to use and maintain.

Disadvantages of Horizontal Sliding Windows

When deciding on replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ there are so many options to consider. And with the right maintenance and care, new windows can last for 20 years or more. That is a long time to be stuck if you choose the wrong windows. Here is what you need to know about sliding windows and whether or not they are the right product for your home.

Along with the list of advantages, sliding windows do have a few disadvantages to keep in mind. These windows are not as easy to clean. One sash is often removable, but it can still be difficult to clean the exterior surface of the fixed pane. And if sliding windows have rollers as part of the mechanism, these parts might need to get replaced every few years for proper operation. Sliding windows also come with potential drainage issues and debris tends to get stuck in the window track. Lastly, sliding windows are not as airtight because they have weaker seals between the sashes.

Best Locations for Sliding Windows

When deciding on replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ there are so many options to consider. And with the right maintenance and care, new windows can last for 20 years or more. That is a long time to be stuck if you choose the wrong windows. Here is what you need to know about sliding windows and whether or not they are the right product for your home.

The great thing about simple sliding windows is they tend to work well in almost any style of home and any room in the home. They have clean lines and can be of great use in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and basements. The bathroom is the only place that is not ideal for sliding windows, and even then there are some exceptions.

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Best Windows to Install in the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house. And occupants tend to spend the majority of their time cooking, cleaning, working, or just gathering and hanging out. As such, the kitchen windows serve several important purposes. And selecting the best replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ for the kitchen is paramount.

Important Features for Kitchen Windows

Kitchen windows should be easy to use. Many of the windows in the kitchen will be slightly out of reach, either above the kitchen sink or the counters. So it is important for homeowners to be able to open and close windows easily, sometimes with just one hand. Windows in the kitchen also need to provide adequate ventilation. That way homeowners can clear out any excess heat, moisture, smoke, or odors from cooking. Natural light is another important feature to keep in mind. More daylight will help make the kitchen appear larger, but can also improve visibility without the reliance on artificial lighting. And finally, homeowners should find kitchen windows that are aesthetically pleasing and a good complement to the architectural style of the home.

Best Window Styles for the Kitchen

Here are some of the best windows to install in the kitchen:

Casement Windows

Casement windows hinge at one side of the window frame. They operate on a crank and swing out to open. These windows are great for above the kitchen sink because the handle makes them easy to reach and operate. Casement windows give the homeowner a lot of control over ventilation and can open to catch breezes that blow sidelong across the house.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are very similar to casement windows, except these styles have hinges at the top of the frame. They also operate on a crank and swing out to open. But the sashes on these windows create a small roof over the window opening. This means homeowners can open awning windows, even on rainy days. It is a good way to still get ventilation, no matter the weather.

Garden Windows

These can also be the perfect addition to any kitchen. Garden windows are projection windows with a roof and walls also made of glass. And the shelves often included with garden windows are the perfect place to grow indoor herbs for cooking. Many also have side panels that open and close for ventilation.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are some of the most popular window styles on the market. They have a simple operation where one sash slides back and forth on a track. These windows are great for natural light and ventilation. And these windows do not take up any extra space outside, so they work well along patios and walkways.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are more traditional. These windows open at both the top and the bottom, the sashes sliding up and down inside the frame. These windows are good if homeowners want more natural ventilation because hot air escapes out the top while fresh air comes in through the bottom.

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What Causes Window Seal Failure?

Energy efficient windows have insulated frames, multiple panes of glass, special coatings, and inert gas fills to help protect against heat transfer. They also have seals designed to hold everything in place and prevent air and moisture leaks. Unfortunately, even the best seals do not last forever. And if a window seal fails, it is time to start thinking about replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. But what causes seal failure? Here are some of the leading culprits:

Improper Window Installation

Poor window installation is a common problem, especially for homeowners who attempt to do the project themselves. One mistake in sizing or placement could result in premature seal failure. Window installation is meticulous work. It takes proper training and skill as well as the right tools. And most window professionals receive training directly from the manufacturer. This is why it is so important to hire a window professional for installation.

Extreme Temperature Fluctuations

All materials undergo thermal expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations. Unfortunately, not every material expands and contracts at the same rate. And temperature extremes are brutal on window seals. Because window and frame materials are rigid, the window seals are made from a less rigid material meant to stretch and contract to help make up the difference. But repeated exposure to extreme fluctuations can cause the seal to crack, peel away, or even disintegrate.

Natural Elements

Window seals are meant to withstand the natural elements—at least to a certain point. But even the best window seal has limits. Harsh wind and rain carved out the Grand Canyon, and prolonged exposure to these harsher elements can do the same to window seals.

Moisture Damage and Corrosion

Certain windows in the home invite more condensation. Areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room are prime examples. And if condensation continues to pool it can lead to mold growth along the frame, the sill, and even the window seal. If not promptly cleaned and dried the mold will begin to obliterate the integrity of finishes, surfaces, and even the adhesives. Even window seals are vulnerable to the impact of mold growth.

Neglected Maintenance

Keeping windows in top condition means following the manufacturers’ guidelines for proper care and maintenance. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t even get a chance to look over the care instructions for their windows. As a result, they often use the wrong products or neglect window maintenance altogether. The use of abrasives, harsh chemicals, and power washers can all damage the window seals.

Age and Use

With time and use the seals on all windows will eventually wear out and break down. As caulk ages it becomes brittle and cracked. In some cases, it is simply a matter of removing and replacing the damaged caulk. But seal failure on the insulated glazing unit (IGU) is more serious. If the inert gas leaks out there is no way to restore the insulation on the window. The only option is to invest in window replacement.

For more information about seal failure and replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ contact our experts today. They can help you find the right product at the right price.

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Using Windows to Make Ceilings Look Taller

There are many tricks homeowners use to give the perception of a larger room or a taller ceiling. Some of these tips involve painting, decorating, using mirrors, installing furniture, placing molding, and more. But people often forget that windows do a lot to contribute to the aesthetic of a space. And using windows, even replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ, can go a long way in making a room feel larger, taller, and more spacious. Here are a few tips you can use that will help make the ceilings in your home look even taller.

1. Hang Floor to Ceiling Drapes

When trying to make a room look larger and taller it is important to use vertical lines where you can. One way to do this is by hanging floor to ceiling drapes around the windows. This will help give the illusion of taller windows and naturally draw the eye upward.

2. Hang Curtains Higher

Hanging a curtain rod right at the top of a window will break the visual flow and make ceilings seem even lower. This will be even more noticeable in rooms with eight-foot ceilings. To help elevate the eyes and give the illusion of taller ceilings try hanging the window treatments above the window frame. The closer they hang to the ceiling, the taller the room will feel.

3. Keep Window Treatments Simple

Using curtains or drapes with bold patterns, tiers, or frills causes the focus to stop part way up the window. This halting makes windows and walls feel shorter and more cluttered. It is better to use simple window treatments in light, solid colors. The natural lines of the panels will help pull the eye upward. And the lighter colors will make the room feel brighter and more welcoming.

4. Replace a Small Window with a Larger One

Natural light is one of the best ways to make a room appear larger. So if there are rooms in the home with small windows, it might be a good idea to replace them with larger window installations. For example, homeowners can replace a small casement window with a larger horizontal sliding window. It will draw in plenty of natural light and still allow for versatile ventilation.

5. Install Transom Windows or Skylights

Another way to make a ceiling look taller is by installing windows higher up on the wall or in the ceiling. Manufactures install transom windows high up on the wall to make use of some normally unused space. And skylights installed in the ceiling are another great way to elevate the eye and open the room up with more natural light. Best of all, these windows will help make a room feel larger while still maintaining plenty of privacy.

6. Add More Replacement Windows

The last way to make a room look taller is by installing more windows. Many homeowners choose to pair different window styles as a single unit. They install a transom window above a sliding window or an awning window below a picture window. Adding more windows will add more light, ventilation, and space to a room.

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For more tips about getting replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ contact our experts. With over 30 years of experience in the business we can help you find the best products for the best price.

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Comparing Window Styles: Awning Replacement Windows

The window replacement process can be complex with so many products and options to choose from. Many homeowners feel overwhelmed by all the new features and technologies. All of the styles start to blur together and it is difficult to differentiate one style from another. So to help break things up, this article focuses on just one window style—awning replacement windows. Here are the basic features of these amazing windows and a few pros and cons to keep in mind when shopping for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ.

What are Awning Windows?

Awning windows are best suited for openings that are wider than they are tall. These windows hinge at the top of the sash and push outward to open. The window sash helps create a small roof over the window opening, like an awning. These windows often operate on a crank system. They also latch and close tight against the frame.

Awning Window Pros

Awning windows are great for ventilation, especially during seasons of rainfall. This is because you can open the window and still keep rain and debris outside. And because awning windows often operate with a crank system, they are perfect for hard to reach places like above the sink or higher up on the wall. As long as homeowners can reach the crank they can open these windows with very little effort. Awning windows also seal tight against the frame, and when the wind blows against these windows it works to make the seal even tighter. And because awning windows have a single sash with no dividers they are great for an uncompromised view and plenty of natural light.

Awning Window Cons

There are some drawbacks associated with awning windows. One of the big ones is the size limitation. While these windows are often wider than they are tall, the installation cannot be too big or the weight will compromise the hinges. If you want larger windows you might need a different style. It is also possible to over-torque the crank system and deform the sash so the window no longer closes and locks tightly. Awning windows are more difficult to clean and maintain. The exterior surface must be cleaned from the outside, which would make these a less than ideal option for second story windows. And because these open outward, they require room outside and will take up space along walkways or patios. As such, they are not the best option to install along heavy traffic areas.

Where to Install Awning Windows?

Awning windows have a more modern design aesthetic and work well with modern and contemporary style homes. But because they have a simple design, they also work well in more traditional style homes. Many homeowners choose to install awning windows in the kitchen where they require ventilation no matter the weather. As stated, awing windows work well above the kitchen sink. They are also a great installation if you want to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Want a pass-through window or outdoor bar connected to the kitchen? A large awning window is a perfect solution.

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Common Questions about Replacement Windows

As with many home improvement projects, sometimes the hardest part is to simply begin. The same can be said for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. This is a project most homeowners only encounter once or twice in a lifetime. And with all the improvements and technologies, the process can be a little overwhelming and they may not know how to get started. And questions come with the territory. Here are just a few common questions we get from homeowners starting the process.

Do I Really Need New Windows?

Windows don’t last forever. When they start to wear out and break down there are several signs to watch for. Homeowners might notice sticky window operation or a significant increase in energy bills. Old windows can also start to sag, rot, warp, fade, or rust. And moisture damage or fogging between the panes are also clear signs it is time for new windows. Any of these issues indicate it is time to consider purchasing replacement windows.

What are Frame Material Options on Replacement Windows?

Most manufacturers make windows with four main materials: vinyl, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. Each one of these window materials comes with unique pros and cons. Vinyl windows are durable, efficient, recyclable, and affordable. But vinyl windows will not last as long as other materials. Fiberglass windows are strong, durable, weather resistant,e and long-lasting. But it is important to know these windows come at a much higher price tag.

What are the Different Types of Windows?

Windows come in different materials and different styles. Finding the right operational style is often the main event when it comes to shopping for replacement windows. Some of the more common window styles include picture windows, sliding windows, casement windows, awning windows, single-hung windows, double-hung windows, and bay or bow windows. Any one of these styles could be a good fit.

Will New Windows Match the Design of the House?

It isn’t necessary to match window for window with the exact same style. Sitting down with a design professional means homeowners have all the help they need to figure out which material, color, and style options work best with the architectural design of the home. Single or double-hung windows are a perfect match for more traditional design while casement and awning windows match a more modern or contemporary style.

Can Replacement Windows Produce Energy Savings?

Energy-saving technologies have come a long way in the last few decades. Upgrades like glazing, tints, gas fills, and protective coatings will go a long way to improving the comfort and efficiency of the home.

When is the Best Time to Buy Replacement Windows?

Many people like to reserve home improvement projects for the spring or summer. But really, anytime is a good time for replacement windows. Homeowners do not have to wait or put off a project. In fact, choosing to get new windows in the “off-season” comes with several different benefits.

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