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Can’t-Miss Benefits of Sliding Patio Doors in Phoenix, AZ

Choosing the right patio doors in Phoenix, AZ is a big decision. Homeowners don’t want to commit to products that won’t hold up or give them high energy savings. Because patio doors are such an important feature they need to be functional, beautiful, and energy efficient. Sliding patio doors are a great option to consider because of these can’t miss advantages.

Easy Access
Sliding doors are easy to operate. They slide back and forth on a track. As long as homeowners take the time to clean and maintain their patio doors these products will continue to operate smoothly for years to come. All it takes is a little washing, vacuuming, and lubrication.

Indoor/Outdoor Living
Blurring the lines between inside and out is another key benefit of sliding patio doors. Simple operation means it easy for homeowners and guests to move from inside to out during events and gatherings. The door remains open and will not constantly swing open and closed.

Energy Efficiency
In the past sliding patio doors were a huge energy drain. The breaks in the system caused air and moisture leaks that drove up energy costs and resulted in mold or rot. Modern sliding patio doors feature tighter seals, double or triple glazing options, and specialized coatings to lower heat gains. Homes can stay cooler in the desert heat.

Expansive View
The huge panes of glass on sliding windows give homeowners the ability to enjoy a grand view of their backyard. These installations quickly become the focal point of any room.

Optimal Natural Light
More glass also means more natural light. This makes a room feel more open and welcoming. More daylight also improves natural circadian rhythms for better productivity during the day and more restful sleep at night.

Space Saving
Homeowners don’t lose valuable space because these doors do not swing inward or outward. So there is no need to worry about indoor or outdoor obstructions getting in their path. Having that extra space can make a huge difference.

Simple Aesthetics
Sliding windows offer a more minimalist appeal when it comes to style. The sleek lines and lack of gridlines really caters to the more modern aesthetic.

Improved Security
In the past sliding patio doors only featured a single locking point, making them less secure than other patio door designs. Today products can feature multi-point locking systems to improve security and a homeowner’s peace of mind. Other safety features include laminated glass, aluminum seals, gaskets, and reach-out locks.

Where Can I Install Sliding Patio Doors?
In Phoenix, AZ sliding patio doors work well in almost any room in the house. Bedroom, living room, kitchen—wherever a homeowner wants easy access to the outside is a great spot for sliding door. If you are looking for a quote on installing a patio door contact (602) 233-1981. The experts at Freelite offer a free, in-home consultation to assess your needs and expectations. Then they can help find the right products at the right price. Visit 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003 to check out sliding patio doors today.