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Bring More Natural Light into Your Home

In Scottsdale, AZ many homes are built more like caves to help control the heat. But getting light into those dark spaces is important to many homeowners. If you have some dark rooms you want to lighten up, just keep reading! This post has several tips to help you increase natural light and capitalize on the light you already have, without having to tear down the walls of your home. The first place to start? Fenestrations (aka windows and doors).

Benefits of More Natural Light

More sunlight will:

•    Boost vitamin D

•    Increase productivity

•    Benefit vision

•    Improve your mood

•    Help you sleep better at night

Ways to Let in More Natural Light

Here are some tips to get more light in your home:

Clean the Windows

The dust and dirt on your windows can block a lot of daylight. So make sure you clean and wash all your windows seasonally.

Replace your Window Treatments

If you have dark, heavy window treatments they not only make your home darker but can also absorb unwanted heat. Instead dress your windows in lighter fabrics that give you privacy, but still, let in ample amounts of natural light.

Add More Windows

In spaces where you don’t have enough natural light coming in, think about adding some windows. Transom windows work especially well in places like bathrooms, above doors, or even above existing windows. They will let in more light, and help you maintain your privacy. And if you are adding more windows, choose energy efficient glass and frame material to cut done on unnecessary heat gains.

Change your Doors

If your front entry is dim and dark, you might think about adding glass doors. And if privacy is a concern, you can always choose etched or reeded glass. These options maintain privacy, but still, allow light in. You can even use this tip for interior doors, replacing solid doors with glass or French doors so rooms can share the light.

Trim Your Trees

Yes, they are great for shade, but you don’t want to cast shadows in the wrong places. Plant trees where they will block out the hot, afternoon sun. But then trim the trees to allow in the cooler, morning light.

Maximize your Space

You can’t put heavy pieces of furniture near or in front of your windows and expect to still let in loads of natural light. So instead think about downsizing and simplifying your furniture.

Paint with a Softer or Deeper Palette

Light white, gray, and beige will help to reflect light instead of absorbing it. However, in some cases, it is better to choose cooler, darker colors to put a spotlight on the natural light you do have. Deep and moody greens are especially popular in 2017.

Hang a Well Placed Mirror

Mirrors are another, beautiful way to reflect existing light and open up your home. Try hanging them on walls adjoining or opposing your windows.

Accent with Light Embellishments

Another trick for capitalizing on natural light is by using more crystals, glass, mirrors, and reflective pieces in your home décor. This refracted light will bounce around the room and lighten up the space making it feel brighter and larger. And it adds a touch of style, which doesn’t hurt.

Use Freelite to Get More Natural Light

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