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replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

Best Windows to Install in the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house. And occupants tend to spend the majority of their time cooking, cleaning, working, or just gathering and hanging out. As such, the kitchen windows serve several important purposes. And selecting the best replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ for the kitchen is paramount.

Important Features for Kitchen Windows

Kitchen windows should be easy to use. Many of the windows in the kitchen will be slightly out of reach, either above the kitchen sink or the counters. So it is important for homeowners to be able to open and close windows easily, sometimes with just one hand. Windows in the kitchen also need to provide adequate ventilation. That way homeowners can clear out any excess heat, moisture, smoke, or odors from cooking. Natural light is another important feature to keep in mind. More daylight will help make the kitchen appear larger, but can also improve visibility without the reliance on artificial lighting. And finally, homeowners should find kitchen windows that are aesthetically pleasing and a good complement to the architectural style of the home.

Best Window Styles for the Kitchen

Here are some of the best windows to install in the kitchen:

Casement Windows

Casement windows hinge at one side of the window frame. They operate on a crank and swing out to open. These windows are great for above the kitchen sink because the handle makes them easy to reach and operate. Casement windows give the homeowner a lot of control over ventilation and can open to catch breezes that blow sidelong across the house.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are very similar to casement windows, except these styles have hinges at the top of the frame. They also operate on a crank and swing out to open. But the sashes on these windows create a small roof over the window opening. This means homeowners can open awning windows, even on rainy days. It is a good way to still get ventilation, no matter the weather.

Garden Windows

These can also be the perfect addition to any kitchen. Garden windows are projection windows with a roof and walls also made of glass. And the shelves often included with garden windows are the perfect place to grow indoor herbs for cooking. Many also have side panels that open and close for ventilation.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are some of the most popular window styles on the market. They have a simple operation where one sash slides back and forth on a track. These windows are great for natural light and ventilation. And these windows do not take up any extra space outside, so they work well along patios and walkways.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are more traditional. These windows open at both the top and the bottom, the sashes sliding up and down inside the frame. These windows are good if homeowners want more natural ventilation because hot air escapes out the top while fresh air comes in through the bottom.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

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