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Best Window Treatments to Block the Summer Sun

Residents of Scottsdale, AZ are always looking for better ways to keep their home cool. And with temperatures creeping up with each passing day, these solutions are probably at the forefront of your mind. Here are just a few things you can do with your windows to keep your home more comfortable June through August:

1. Heavy Drapes
Over the past few years tastes have changed dramatically, especially in how homeowners “treat” their windows. Heavy drapes are less common now. Instead a lot of designers favor light, bright, open spaces full of natural light and windows that offer expansive views. But what most people forget is unwanted heat gains. Heavy blackout drapes and those with the white plastic backings can reduce heat gains by 33 percent. Those energy savings can add up quickly. The downside is you compromise, shutting out natural light along with the heat.

2. Window Shutters
These old-style window coverings are actually making a solid comeback in the last decade. Many homeowners, especially in desert climates, love the traditional and timeless aesthetic of plantation shutters. These feature louvers that allow you to adjust how much light you want to block. And because these are typically made of vinyl or wood materials, you get the added benefit of energy saving insulation. Shutters are a long lasting solution that are easy to use. But a few drawbacks are that they are permanent installations and also quite expensive.

3. Roller Shades
Also known as solar shades, these window treatments can mount directly inside the window frame and come in various levels of transparency and opaqueness. Many homeowners choose these options for their windows because they have a more streamlined, modern aesthetic. You can also get specialty fabrics that block unwanted UV rays, but will still filter in a lot of natural light. If you are looking for versatility, these really are a great window treatment option.

4. Cellular or Honeycomb Shades
Similar to roll down shades, these options can pull down on chains, cords, or motors. But these are even better for insulation against the heat. The more dimensional shape of these window covers have an even higher insulating factor because of the airspace in the rows of cells. If your top priority is controlling heat, you will want to give these window coverings a closer look.

5. Reflective Films and Low-E Coatings
There are ways to insulate your windows without the use of drapes, shutters or shades. Instead you can choose to install new windows with special reflective coatings. These mirror-like, ultra-thin applications keep UV rays out of your home. There are different options to choose from, and each will come with pros and cons. Perhaps the most popular is low emissivity (low-e) windows that can mitigate unwanted heat but also allow in ample natural light.

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