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Best Replacement Windows for Small Homes in Phoenix, AZ

Living in less square footage has countless advantages. It means a smaller carbon footprint, more energy savings, and less cleaning and maintenance. It also fosters more communal living and encourages a minimalist lifestyle. That said, no matter how much you enjoy downsizing, there is one feeling to smaller living spaces that is hard to ignore—claustrophobia. Luckily you can use replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ to really open up space so it feels larger and more comfortable.

1. Awning Windows
These windows were most popular after WWII and often used in many public buildings. They hinge at the top and swing out at the bottom. In small spaces, ventilation is important. With awning windows you can open them even if it is raining. Having the ability to open your windows, even on poor weather days, can make a world of difference in a small space. That said, you will not be able to use window-mounted air conditioners in awning style windows.

2. Horizontal Sliding Windows
As the name suggests, these windows have two sashes that operate in a sliding motion. One pane moves across the front of the other. These are nice, contemporary windows are easy to use and do not take up any extra space outside or inside the home. That said, they are easier to manipulate from the outside which can be a safety concern.

3. Transom Windows
Looking for more natural light? These are typically non-operable windows located high up on a wall or above a door. For rooms in your small home that need more natural light while still giving you privacy, these could be a great option.

4. Picture Windows
If view and light is the key purpose of a window, and not ventilation, then picture windows are something to consider. While not particularly functional, these windows are still versatile and beautiful. You can get picture windows in almost any shape and size. Want a ceiling to floor show stopper? Or is a row of smaller picture windows more your style?

5. Skylights
These windows get installed in the ceiling. They let in light and give you a view of the sky. A lot of small homeowners choose to install these windows in bedrooms and bathrooms, but they also work well in higher traffic living areas as well. You can minimize the need for artificial light and let your imagination run wild.

6. Interior Windows
Windows aren’t just for outside your home. You can also install a wall of windows as a room divider or between rooms you want to feel more connected. With interior windows, more light can pass through your small home and really open it up.

With Phoenix, AZ replacement windows in small homes you want to be extra careful deciding on a style, the way they open (if they open), and which material and color you want. To help you make the right choices call Freelite at (602) 233-1981. One of our experts can walk you through orientation, ventilation, natural light, and premium quality windows that will work best. Schedule your appointment today or visit us at 331 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85003.