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The Benefits of Installing Vinyl Windows

Many Phoenix homeowners are turning their attention to a vital design factor in their home, their windows. Not only can your windows tie together the look of your home, but they can also save you money and help keep your family safe. In fact, your windows are one of the most important investments you can make in your home. Still, with so many window options available, you may find it a challenge to decide which material is right for you. One material that continues to be popular with homeowners around the country is vinyl. Here we will be discussing some of the many benefits associated with vinyl windows in Phoenix, AZ, so you can decide if this material is the right option for your home.

  1. Vinyl Windows Come in a Wide Variety of Styles. Due to the continuously rising popularity of vinyl windows, they can be found in a wide variety of styles and colors. In the event that a homeowner cannot find what they are looking for, they can easily be custom ordered to fit their needs.
  1. Vinyl Windows are incredibly Energy Efficient. Vinyl windows have two major factors that have earned them their energy efficient reputation. First, the material of these windows expands and contracts according to the weather around them, helping to ensure a snug fit and proper insulation for your home. Second, vinyl windows typically come with double or triple pane glass, which does a more efficient job of insulation than traditional single pane glass.
  1. Vinyl Windows Require Less Maintenance. Other window options, like wooden windows, can require a fair amount of upkeep like peeling, sanding, and painting to maintain a quality look. With vinyl windows, the only maintenance required is the occasional cleaning that can simply be done with soap and water.
  1. Vinyl Windows are More Affordable. Despite their long list of benefits, vinyl windows come with one of the lowest price tags on show room floors. In addition to saving you money during their purchase, they can also make you money when it comes to the market value of your home. Real-estate agents are now reporting that vinyl windows can significantly increase your resale value and can give you up to an 80% return on their original cost.
  1. Vinyl Windows are more durable. When compared to other window materials on the market, vinyl windows are substantially more durable, and can hold up well against harsh weather conditions. Not only does this help protect your home, but it also extends the lifetime of your windows.

Speaking with a windows and doors professional is the perfect way to decide which window material is the right choice for your home. At Freelite Inc, our team of window and door experts can introduce you to the many materials currently available on the market, and can even provide you with a free in-home quote. To discuss your windows and receive your free quote simply call 602-233-1981, or visit us at our showroom located at 331 West McDowell Road, Phoenix, Arizona 85003.