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Aluminum vs Vinyl Windows for a Hot Climate

In Mesa, AZ, we have some of the harshest environments—bright light, high heat, and low humidity. Few materials hold up well in those conditions, which can make it feel like you have super limited options for replacement windows. The truth is, there are window frames that work well in hot, dry climates. And the frame material you choose will have a huge impact on aesthetics, function, and energy efficiency. But which is the better choice? Vinyl and aluminum windows are both very popular, and each has distinct pros and cons, especially in hot climates. This is what you should know:

Pros of Aluminum Windows
Aluminum windows are very light, but still strong. They can hold larger panes of glass without the need for mullions. This can open up breathtaking views and bring a more modern appeal to your home. And because they are so durable, these windows do not require a lot of maintenance. This is especially true if you chose windows with a factory-baked or anodized finish. They are also versatile and you can get both pre-set and custom windows you can paint almost any color.

Cons of Aluminum Windows
One of the greatest problems with aluminum is thermal transference. These windows do not hold in or keep out heat very well. Fortunately, you can improve the energy efficiency of aluminum windows by fitting a non-conductive material between the frames and choosing low-e glass panes. And because the windows are so durable, many homeowners will compromise on energy efficiency to get the larger window openings and longer lasting material. That said, these windows have mid-range pricing and will be more expensive than vinyl.

Pros of Vinyl Windows
Vinyl windows Mesa, AZ is another popular choice. These windows are highly energy efficient and do not conduct as much heat. They are also practically maintenance free and will not scratch, dent, or rust. And while choices are not as varied, you do get several color and style options. Vinyl windows are also some of the most affordable options on the market and can be recycled. It is no wonder they are in such high demand, but they do come with some setbacks.

Cons of Vinyl Windows
These windows have a fairly low melting point. The material can start to soften at just 147 degrees. So if your vinyl window is exposed to the sun and gets excessively hot, it can start to warp and sag. Then, once it cools, there is no way to get it back to the original shape. PVC also expands and contracts more than glass. As a result, seal failure is also more common with vinyl windows. In that same vein, caulking and sealants can often separate from vinyl windows. Both air and water can get between the window and the house framing, causing any number of problems.

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