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Phoenix, AZ replacement windows

9 Signs You Need Replacement Windows

Phoenix, AZ replacement windows might not be at the top of your to-do list. But if you are looking to transform your home, new windows will go a long way. New windows will add more light and ventilation. They will update the aesthetics of your home. They will save you money on energy bills. So while you could put off this home improvement, here are some signs it might be time for new windows:

Your Frames are Weathered & Cracked

If you inspect your window frames, you might see rust, rot, cracking, warping, or other signs of damage. Dilapidated window frames will make your home look older and more run down. New windows will refresh the exterior of your home, like giving your house a facelift.

You Can’t Open & Close Them

As windows age, the operation can get a little sticky. In some cases, you can clean and lubricate the operable parts for easier operation. But if a window is warped or has fallen out of the square, replacement windows are the only way to restore easy window operation.

You Feel a Draft

Air leaks are a common problem for old windows. And drafty rooms in the home are often the result of leaky windows. No matter how hard your HVAC system works, these areas will never be as comfortable as they should be.

Your Energy Bills Skyrocket

As your HVAC system works double-time, you will notice your energy bills shooting through the roof. Not only do you have to worry about paying your bills, but it will also cause more wear and tear on your heating and cooling. With excessive use, you will face more HVAC breakdowns and repairs.

You Have Fogging Between the Glass

Intermittent condensation on the exterior surfaces of your windows isn’t a concern. But fogging between the glass indicates a loss of the inert gas. These windows will no longer insulate as they should.

You Notice Moisture Leaks

Is water coming in through your windows? This is a major cause for concern. You might only notice slight discoloration at first. But without repair, the leak will eventually peel paint from the ways, dampen the drywall, seep down into the floors, and compromise the substructures of your home.

You Need Better Soundproofing

Do you live in a noisy area or on a busy street? The sound can be obnoxious. But with replacement windows, you have the unique opportunity to improve the soundproofing of your home.

You Lack Curb Appeal

Does your home just look old? This could be the direct result of outdated windows. Upgrading to more modern products will boost curb appeal and make your home more appealing.

You Need to Increase Home Value

Are you hoping to list your home in the next couple of years? One of the best improvements you can make is replacement windows. This project will attract prospective buyers and get you a great return on your investment.

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