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9 Signs You Need Replacement Windows

If a baseball smashes through a window pane, naturally you would replace it. However, few people realize there are other reasons why you should consider replacement windows. In fact, many homeowners don’t even know the condition of their current windows. So, here are a few things to look for that show it may be time for new windows.

1. Poor Performance

Are your windows hard to operate? Do they refuse to open and close properly? Do you have to “Jerry rig” them to keep them shut? These might seem like small nuisances, but they are a clear sign you should start considering replacement windows. Windows that do not open properly are a hazard to your family because they eliminate a possible exit in case of fire or other emergency.

2. Broken Seals

Is there condensation between the window panes? This is unacceptable and means the window seals have failed. It also means the insulating value and energy efficiency of your window is greatly reduced.

3. Too Much Effort

Old windows are harder to clean and maintain especially wood windows that are a chore to refinish every couple of years. Also, it can be difficult, or even impossible, to find the right replacement parts for your windows. If you are tired of constantly fixing and maintaining you old windows, then new replacement vinyl windows might be just the ticket.

4. Hidden Dangers

Many leading reasons to get replacements windows revolve around the hidden dangers of your old ones. Older model windows do not have shatter proof glass. Some have lead weights or lead-based paint, which are highly toxic.

5. Poor Insulation

Do you annually cover your windows with plastic during the colder months? Or, black out windows during the summer? Or, feel a draft when it gets windy? All of these common issues come from a lack of insulation. New windows do not require special measures to cut down on the invasive elements. Manufacturers have made new windows more energy efficient than ever before. You have them installed in your home and the savings start immediately. Your energy bills will drop and your wallet will thank you.

6. Noisy

Old, single pane windows barely block the outside noise. Double-paned, insulated windows not only keep the elements out but also the noise of traffic and neighbors. The acoustic control of new vinyl replacement windows is measurable.

7. Signs of Wear

Windows take a beating and the wear will start to show after years of frequent use. Sometimes the wear is not something a nice coat of paint can fix. Chips, cracks, and rot—are all the things that betray the age of your windows and can lead to more significant problems.

8. Don’t Lock

This is a safety concern. Your windows are not only barriers against the elements, but also protect you and your belongings from intruders. If the locking mechanism is not intact, your home is at risk.

9. New Style

Sometimes the time for replacement windows is whenever you decide you are ready for an update. Windows can define your home’s character and can have a huge impact on design. Broken, mismatched, and faded windows detract from the beauty of your home. New windows come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. You have countless options and replacement windows can suit any style you choose.

Don’t wait too long to get your Tempe replacement windows. With professional help, you can get new windows installed in as little time and inconvenience as possible. They will give you the updated style you are looking for, increase your comfort, and increase your home’s value.