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8 Serious Dangers of Window Leaks

Leaky windows should always be cause for concern. Not only do air leaks cost you a lot in energy efficiency, but those small gaps often pave the way for bigger problems. If you have moisture leaks you will want to consider new Phoenix, AZ windows. Otherwise, you could be looking at some of these serious dangers.

1. Musty Odors

The first sign of a moisture leak is often musty smells or stale odors, like those you might notice on a new construction building before the work is complete. This is because water is coming in contact with the dry materials. The stale smell will only get worse over time and indicates you need to inspect your windows for leaks.

2. Stains & Discoloration

Signs of moisture leaks will start small. Discoloration, for example, will be hardly noticeable unless you know what to watch for. It might start as spotting or some yellow or brown discoloration. Eventually, the patch will spread and get darker and more noticeable.

3. Peeling Paint

Peeling and bubbling paint or wallpaper is another indicator of a window leak. The moisture seeps into the drywall and the paint loses adhesion. It will bubble up at first, but then, as it dries out the paint will start cracking and flaking.

4. Sagging Drywall

Paint provides a small layer of protection for the drywall. But if paint peels away and the drywall seeps up too much water it will begin to sag and fall apart. So in addition to replacing the window, you might also have to replace part of the wall.

5. Warping Frames

Wood frames are especially susceptible to moisture damage. Old wood frames will start to warp with too much moisture. And there isn’t anything homeowners can do for repairs aside from getting a new window.

6. Mold, Mildew, & Rot

Speaking of rot – moisture and warm conditions often produce mold and mildew. If a window leak lasts long enough, the mold can travel behind the walls and out of sight. And with the growth of molds also comes the production of mold spores that can impact the health and well-being of occupants in your home.

7. Shifting Flooring

Moisture moves downward, flowing towards the lowest possible point. So a leak that originates at the window will eventually progress down the walls and into the floor. So you might notice damage to carpets, vinyl, linoleum, hardwood, and more.

8. Damaged Foundations

Once water passes the flooring, it seeps into the substructures of the home. This could cause serious damage that will result in costly repairs. And this is just another reason why should not wait to replace leaky windows.

Window leaks are dangerous. Not only do you have to worry about discoloration, peeling paint, and mold, but also damage to flooring or rotted foundations. If you notice signs of a window leakc, you will want to get new Phoenix, AZ windows as soon as possible.