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replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

7 Things to Expect During the Installation of Replacement Windows

Once you have screened local contractors, picked out your products, and scheduled your appointment you are ready for the installation of replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. But that doesn’t mean the worry is over. The entire process is something homeowners only go through once or twice in their lifetime. It is natural to have questions about the process and want to know what to expect on the installation day. Here are the things to know:

1. Site Check

Upon arrival, the job foreman will meet with the homeowners to confirm the details of the job and make sure the installers have access to all the necessary areas of the home. Homeowners should have already moved all blinds, furniture items, decorations, and other obstructions away from the windows so the installation crew has room to work.

2. Preparation

While they will do what they can to minimize the mess, window removal and installation does produce some debris. So the crew will start the project by putting down drop cloths and barriers to help mitigate some of the mess. They will also set up a worksite with all the tools and supplies they will need.

3. Remove Old Window

Once everything is prepped and ready they will get down to the real work. The next step of the process is to start physically removing the old windows. Depending on the age and style, old windows can be torn out from the inside or the outside.

4. Prepare the Opening.

Next, the crew will make sure the window opening is the correct size and use a shim to make sure it is level. They will also fix rot, modify window stops, or cut mull posts.

5. Install the New Window

Before fixing the new window in place, installers will loosely attach it to the frame to make sure it is plumb and square. This is crucial in making sure the window is level and that it will operate properly. Once they ensure the operation they will secure the new window in place, reinstall the stops, and calk the gaps and edges of the windows.

6. Clad the Exterior

To finish installation the crews will install the exterior trim. The cladding will help provide a tight seal and protect the window against moisture leaks.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

7. Inspection and Clean Up

Last, but not least, the foreman will perform an inspection when the installation is completely finished. This is a good time for homeowners to ask any lingering questions they have about window cleaning, maintenance, or warranty. The crew will gather up the drop cloths and clean up the site so homeowners can start enjoying their new windows. And that is all there is to it!

Most seasoned professionals can complete window installation projects in just one or two days. Larger homes or more complex window installations might bleed into a third day for finish work, but it isn’t common. If you are ready to invest in replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ, and get the process started call Freelite Inc. today for a hassle-free quote.