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6 Types of Windows Used by Builders

Windows are an essential part of the home. All of them let in light and most of them provide some level of ventilation. But there are so many different window types to consider when shopping for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. Some are ideal for expansive views. Some offer better airflow. Some are better for protecting and securing the home. Which replacement windows are right for your home? Here are the top seven different window styles builders prefer:

1. Awning Windows

Awning windows pivot from the top of the frame to open. The sash creates a small roof or “awning” over the opening to keep out rain and debris while still providing plenty of ventilation. While they can work as a stand-alone installation, homeowners can also use awning windows in tandem with other window styles or install them above doors. They work well in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. However, keep in mind that because they do open out, these windows are not ideal installations near patios, walkways, or other outdoor traffic areas.

2. Casement Windows

Casement windows pivot from the side and open outward like a door. Because the entire sash opens these windows have a greater ventilation area than other window styles. Also, most casement windows do not have muntin bars, allowing for more light and uninterrupted views. And because these windows close tight against the frame, they provide a more effective seal against energy leaks They are more secure than other window styles as well. These windows work well in any area of the home, but again should not be installed where they open out into traffic lanes.

3. Sliding Windows

Horizontal sliding windows are another staple for home builders. These windows feature a simple operation with no mechanical parts. One pane slides back and forth on a track across a fixed pane. Due to their large opening, these windows often satisfy the need for egress windows in the basement or below-grade bedrooms. Unfortunately, these windows do not seal as well as casement and awning windows, but they are also a more affordable window style.

4. Single and Double Hung Windows

Single and double hung windows are perhaps the most familiar window types with their traditional, yet decorative aesthetic. Single hung windows have one sash that slides up and down over a fixed sash. Double hung windows have two movable sashes. The advantage of double hung windows is better ventilation when opening both the upper and lower sash halfway. That allows warm air to escape out the top while naturally drawing in the cooler air from the bottom. It is also easier to clean double hung windows from inside with no need for a ladder.

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5. Picture Windows

Picture windows are fixed windows that do not open and close. They are the simplest design and the most airtight. And picture windows also offer a lot of versatility. They come in a wide range of shapes and styles so homeowners have plenty of options when choosing replacement windows to suit their home.

6. Bay Windows

Bay windows have a central window flanked by two other windows set on an angle. They project outside creating a nook of extra space inside. While bay windows are a larger installation they are also extremely common for use in living rooms or other formal areas of the home.

These windows often have the simplest design, work in a variety of places, and are usually more affordable. That is why builders often prefer them. For more information about types of windows often used by builders, or if you are shopping for replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ contact Freelite Inc.