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replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

6 Root Causes of Leaky Windows

If you live in a home long enough, then you will eventually need to get replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ. Most windows only last about 10 to 15 years. How do you know if a window is failing? One of the most common aggravations is window leaks. Windows are meant to keep out the air and elements. When it stops doing that, then it is time for new windows. But what causes window leaks? Here are the most common culprits:

1. Broken Window Seals

Seal failure is the most common. As windows age, the caulk and weatherstripping will thin and wear out. If it cracks or breaks down it can leave the home vulnerable to leaks. In most cases, you can simply remove the old caulk and weatherstripping, then replace it with supplies from the hardware store. However, in some cases, the gaps will have become too large for repair. Here is where you will need to get replacement windows.

2. Soft Frames

Age and exposure to the elements can also soften window frames. This is most common with wood windows. Homeowners need to sand and repaint wood window frames every few years to keep them protected. If not, the wood will begin to soften and rot, leaving the home more susceptible to leaks. Leaks can then seep down into the substructures of the home, causing significant damage.

3. Warped Windows

Heat is another problem. Continued exposure to heat and harmful ultraviolet rays can cause window frames to warp. And the constant expansion and contraction from temperature fluctuations will only get worse. Soon windows will fall out of the square and gaps will form in the assembly. This will make operation difficult and increase the risk of leaks. And the trouble is, once a window is warped it cannot be reversed.

4. Windows No Longer Level

Windows have to be set level inside the frame to allow for the water to properly drain away. But if a window falls out of the square and is no longer plum and flush, water can start to leak inside.

5. Improper Maintenance

Few homeowners know how to properly clean and maintain their windows. Mild detergent and water are all you need to keep windows looking new. If you ever use harsh chemicals, abrasives, or power washers in your windows it can cause some serious damage. And eventually poorly maintained windows will start to develop leaks.

6. Poor Installation

Poorly installed windows allow for moisture infiltration. This is why DIY replacement windows may not be the best idea. Professionals know how to get windows plumb and flush so that water drains away. One small miscalculation during installation will not only cause leaks but could also permanently damage your new windows or your home. No one wants to be responsible for those types of costly mistakes.

replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

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