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Phoenix, AZ replacement windows

6 Cost-Saving Advantages of Replacement Windows

So many homeowners are hesitant to get replacement windows because of the cost. And while it is true that new windows are a large investment, they come with so cost-saving advantages. And from month to month, those savings will continue to add up. So if you are looking for Phoenix, AZ replacement windows, here are some of the amazing benefits you should keep in mind.

1. Provide Energy Savings

The main reason why homeowners start looking for new windows is to improve the insulation in the home. Old windows develop leaks and drafts. And the inefficacy can account for approximately 30% of the energy bill. That is a lot of money, literally flying right out the window. But when upgrading with replacement windows, the insulation technologies are better than ever. The frame material, glazing options, and seals will help protect the home and increase energy savings. It will also mean less wear and tear on your HVAC system.

2. Require Less Maintenance

Old windows can be difficult to keep clean. And oftentimes the operation will start to fail. What happens when they break down and you can’t find the parts for repair? With new windows, maintenance is so easy. Most window frame materials are weather resistant and will not warp, fade, mold, or corrode. Homeowners only need to routinely clean the frames with water and mild detergent. And the modern designs often include removable sashes or tilt-in sashes so homeowners don’t even need to pull out the ladder.

3. Improve Safety and Security

The safety features on old windows are almost non-existent. The frames are flimsy, the glass shatters easily, and the locks and latches are broken or inoperable. New windows can change all of that. They can help secure your home with reinforced window frames. Laminated glass makes the windows stronger and less likely to break on impact. And the locks and latches are even more secure. Replacement windows can help protect your property and your loved ones.

4. Supply Natural Light

Natural light is another major benefit of new windows. Not only does this reduce dependence on artificial lighting and cut costs in that way, but also makes the home feel larger, more spacious, and more attractive.

5. Offer UV Protection

Homeowners often notice the couches, future, rugs, and flooring around the windows start to fade and break down due to exposure to the sun. Harmful UV rays can do a number on the furnishings in the home. But homeowners can upgrade to UV-resistant glazing options that will protect their furnishings so they last even longer.

6. Boost Home Value

For homeowners looking to sell their home, replacement windows can be a good investment. Not only do new windows make the home more attractive to potential buyers, but also increase the value of the home. They are one of the few home improvements that can provide over a 75% return on investment.

There are just some of the cost-saving benefits of Phoenix, AZ replacement windows. For more information about new windows and which ones will work best in your home, visit our showroom today.