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replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ

5 Ways Replacement Windows Benefit Your Life

Many homeowners put off getting replacement windows because it is an expensive home improvement. They think they can continue to put up with the frustrations of old windows without it impacting their daily life. But few homeowners realize new windows are more than just a way to update the style and aesthetic of the home. Here are just a few of the ways replacement windows in Phoenix, AZ can benefit homeowners:

1. More Natural Light

Choosing larger replacement windows will increase daylight. Natural light does so much for the aesthetics of a home. It opens up the space making it look larger and more welcoming. It also does so much for the health and wellbeing of the occupants in the home. It reduces eye strain and improves productivity. It promotes natural circadian rhythms to improve sleeping habits. It can even influence moods for the better.

2. Better Insulation

The home should be comfortable no matter what is going on outside. But old windows leak and transfer heat, making indoor temperatures hard to maintain. New windows will reduce heat transfer and keep the warm air out on hot days. Rooms in the home will be more comfortable with fewer drafts and air leaks.

3. Reduce Energy Bills

Natural light is one way new windows can reduce energy bills. More daylight means less reliance on artificial light and electricity. But that is not all. New windows have better technology to reduce heat transfer. With less heat leaking in and less energy leaking out, homeowners will also save money on cooling costs. The savings can be as much as 30 percent and will add up from year to year.

4. Increase Security

Unlocked or broken windows are the number one way for intruders to enter the home. And the longer homeowners allow faulty windows to remain in place, the more they put their home at risk. New windows have stronger frames, latches. That boost in security can bring great peace of mind. There are also options for additional locks and security bars.

5. Boost Curb Appeal

If homeowners are looking to sell, replacement windows are one of the best investments to boost curb appeal and increase the value of the home. New windows will draw the attention of prospective buyers. And homeowners can often expect as much as 85% return on their investment.

When Should I Get Replacement Windows?

Many homeowners do not know what to watch for. But as windows age and wear out they will begin to show signs of disrepair. So if you are not sure if the time is right for replacement windows, consider these signs. If windows are leaky, drafty, noisy, or difficult to operate then it is likely time for new ones. And putting off the project can cost you in more ways than you might think.

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