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5 Tips for Finding the Right Windows and Doors

Imagine sitting inside your home enjoying the expansive view and beautiful natural light without the cloying heat of Mesa, AZ sunshine. Your windows and doors keep your home secure against intruders, pests, and weather elements. They also contribute to the character and style of you home. Because they are so vastly important, choosing the right new windows and doors is not a simple task. Here are just a few tips to help you find the right style window and doors for your home.

1. Consider the Home’s Architecture

All homes, whether you know it or not, have a unique design and esthetic. Pinning down the style of your home is the first step in choosing new windows and doors. Some of the more common architectural styles in Mesa, AZ include Spanish, Pueblo, Ranch, and Contemporary. For guidance, you want to adhere to your home’s characteristics. Otherwise the windows and doors will seem entirely out of place.

2. Think about the Functionality

What main purposes are your windows and doors going to serve? The basic functions often include letting in light and fresh air, or giving you access to the home or outdoors. Is the view essential and will windows simply serve an esthetic and ornamental purpose? Do you need to light a dark place, but a regular window isn’t feasible? Do you want to expand your kitchen to your deck or patio? All these are major considerations in choosing your updated doors and windows. You also want to consider how your windows will operate. Do you prefer sliders or panes that open with the use of a crank? The design choices are almost limitless. You are sure to find the right functionality for your needs and wants.

3. Find the Right Material

Different materials have their own sets of pros and cons. Metal windows and doors are durable and long lasting, but they do not insulate as well and are often hot to the touch. Wood is classic and versatile, but is also often the most expensive and requires the most maintenance. The best materials for doors and windows are usually fiberglass and vinyl. These materials have exceptional insulating capabilities. You can also choose various style and design options. Lastly, they will hold up well against the harshest heat.

4. Choose the Right Colors

Because windows also serve as major esthetic properties for your home, making the right material and color choices are also important. You want to find the right shades that lend style and color to the exterior and interior. Many manufacturers offer a variety of color choices infused in the frame and mullion material. This is especially true for metal and vinyl. If you decide on wood windows and doors you can sand them down and repaint if you get tired of the style. Contrasting colors will draw the eye, but anything to garish or bold might be a deterrent if you try to sell in the near future. The best advice is to stick with neutral colors instead of your personal favorite.

5. Determine the Orientation of the Sun

This is especially important for Mesa, AZ home where heat from the sun has major staying power. You want to consider how your home sits and where the sun travels throughout the day. You do not want excessive late day sun shining in your family or TV room. You also don’t want unwelcome early morning sun waking you in your bedroom. So track the sun, and choose certain coatings and inert gas for your windows based on the type of light you want and heat transfer you want to avoid. This planning will help save on your energy bills and make living in your home more enjoyable.

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